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Families covered: Herbert of Cahirnane, Herbert of Currens, Herbert of Kilcaugh, Herbert of Muckruss (Muckross)

BLGI1912 identifies the following Sir Matthew as "of Colebrook, the lineal descendant from the eldest son of Sir Richard Herbert of Colebrooke, only brother of the Earl of Pembroke of the first creation" and claims that "the family of Muckross and Kilcaugh now remains the existing and legitimate male representative of the famous name of Herbert." The connection we show for Sir Matthew is wholly speculative as we have not yet seen how he fitted into that family.
Sir Matthew Herbert 'of Colebrook'
1. Sir William Herbert
  A. Sir John Herbert
i. Matthew Herbert
  a. Thomas Herbert of Kilcaugh, Sheriff of co. Kerry, 'of Muckross' (a 1659)
  m. Mary Kenny (dau of Edward Kenny of Cullen)
  (1) Edward Herbert of Muckruss, Sheriff of Kerry
m. (1684) Agnes Crosbie (dau of Patrick Crosbie of Tubrid)
  (A) Edward Herbert 'of Kilcow' (Kilcaugh) of Muckruss (a 1756)
  m. Frances Browne (dau of Nicholas, 2nd Viscount Kenmare)
(i) Thomas Herbert of Muckruss
  m1. Anne Martin (dau of John Martin of Overbury)
  (a) Henry Arthur Herbert of Muckruss
  m. Elizabeth Sackville (dau of George Sackville, sister of Duke of Dorset)
  ((1)) Charles John Herbert of Muckruss (d 1836) had issue
  m. (1814) Louisa Middleton
(b) Edward Herbert (Rev.) had issue
  m. Mary Herbert of Brewsterfield (dau of Bastable Herbert by Barbara Fitzgerald) @1@ below
  (c) Frances Herbert
  m. Rev. Edward Kenny
  (d) Catherine Herbert
  m. Rev. _ Dawson
  (e) Mary Herbert
  m. Rev. Arthur Herbert (brother of R.T.) @2@ below
(f) Anne Herbert
  m. James Kearney (Colonel)
  (g) Emily Herbert
  m. Richard Townsend Herbert of Cahirname @3@ below
  m2. Agnes Bland (dau of Rev. Francis Bland of Killarney)
  (h)+ other issue - Thomas (dsp 1798), Francis (d 1797), Cherry (d unm), Elizabeth
  (ii) Nicholas Herbert (d 1800, minister of Carrick and Knockgraggan)
  m. (08.04.1766) Martha Cuffe (d 1808, dau of John, 1st Lord Desart)
  (a) John Otway Herbert (d 1800, Rev.)
  m. (1796) Honoria Anne Russell (dau of Capt. James Russell)
  ((1)) Walter Otway Herbert of Pill House, co. Tipperary (b 10.1798) had issue
m. (19.09.1822) Mary Miles (d 26.06.1848, dau of John Miles of Dameren House, Dorset)
  (b) Thomas Herbert
  m. Lucinda Cuffe (dau of Hon. Rev. Hamilton Cuffe)
  (c) Lucinda Herbert
  m. William Bradshaw
  (d) Sophia Herbert
  m. John Mandeville of Anner Castle
  (e)+ other issue - Nicholas (Rev.), 3 daughters (d unm)
  (iii) Edward Herbert (d 02.03.1770, MP)
  m. (21.07.1749) Nicholas Sophia Cuffe (dau of John, 1st Lord Desart)
  (a) Edward Herbert (d 1814, Archdeacon of Aghadoe)
  m. (1789) Frances Diana Standish (dau of R. Standish)
  ((1)) Edward Thomas Herbert (b 1793, d 1860, rector of Kilpeacon) had issue
  m. (1815) Alice Wybrants (d 07.04.1763, dau of Rev. Augustus Wybrant, half-sister of Rev. Arthur Champagne
  ((2)) Henry Herbert (b 12.09.1795, d 14.12.1874, rector of Rathdowney) had issue
  m1. (25.03.1822) Harriet Pope (d 1861, dau of Thomas Pope of Popefield, widow of William Pitt Blunden, cousin)
  m2. (20.04.1865, sp) Catherine Thompson (dau of Rev. M.N. Thompson)
  ((3)) Otway John Herbert (b 1800, d 1853, Rev.) had issue
  m. (1831) Anne Stoker (dau of W. Stoker)
  ((4)) Frances Diana Herbert (dsp 1850)
  m. (1821) Maurice Collus
  ((5)) Nichola Sophia Herbert (dsp 1829)
  m. (1820) Robert Staveley
  ((6)) Olivia Herbert
  m. (1827) Rev. E. Bourke of Kingsfort
  ((7)) Thomasine Herbert
  m. (1831) William Taylor
  (b) Frances Maria Herbert
  m. (1784) Richard Chaloner of Kingsfort
  (c) Dorothea Herbert
  m. (1776) Francis Warren Bonham of Ballintaggart
  (d)+ other issue (d unm) - Nicola Sophia, Catherine
(iv) Agnes Herbert
  m1. Florence McCartie More
  m2. (sp) Edward Herbert of Currens
  (v) Helena Herbert
  m. (Richard) Hedges (or Hedges Eyre) of Macroom Castle
  (v) Frances Herbert
  m. John Blennerhassett of Ballyseedy (b 15.06.1715, dvp 1763)
  (vi) Arabella Herbert (d unm)
(vii) Thomasina Herbert
  m. (10.1765) Thomas Cuffe
  (viii) Catherine Herbert
  m. Robert Herbert ("of the Currens family")
  (B) Elizabeth Herbert
  m. William Hull of Lemcon (son/heir of Sir William)
  (C) Margaret Herbert
  m1. (1718) John Leader of Mount Leader
m2. Rev. Stanley Craven
  (D)+ other issue (dsp) - John, Arthur
  (2) John Herbert (dsp)
(3) Arthur Herbert of Currens
  m. Mary Bastable (dau/heir of George Bastable of Castle Island)
  (A) George Herbert 'of Currens'
  m. Jane FitzGerald (dau of Maurice FitzGerald, Knight of Kerry)
  (i) Arthur Herbert of Cahirnane & Currens (b c1723, d 1760, rector of Tralee)
  m1. Helena Townsend (dau of Col. Richard Townsend of Castle Townsend)
  (a) Richard Townsend Herbert of Cahirnane & Currens
  m1. Emily Herbert (dau of Thomas Herbert of Muckruss) @3@ above
  ((1))+ issue - Emily, Anne
  m2. Jane Stoughton (dau of Anthony Stoughton of Ballyhorgan)
  ((3)) Arthur Herbert of Cahirnane & Currens (d 1832, rector of Castle Island) had issue
m. Jane Denny (dau of Rev. Maynard Denny of Churchill by Penelope Stoughton)
  ((4)) Elizabeth Herbert
  m. Samuel Butcher (Admiral RN)
  ((5)) Helen Herbert
  m. Rev. Barry Denny
  ((6)) Penelope Antonia Herbert (d 07.05.1870)
  m. Francis Chute of Chute Hall (d 12.08.1849)
  ((7)) Anne Herbert (d 1853)
  m. Rev. Browning Drew
((8)) Letitia Herbert
  m. _ Jackson of co. Tipperary
  ((9)) Mary Herbert
  m. John Bourchier of Smithville
  ((10))+ other issue - Sir Thomas (b 1793, a 1852, Rear Admiral RN, Sheriff of co. Kerry) , Richard (d unm, Rev.), Charles (General), Jane, Frances
  (b) Arthur Herbert (rector of Myross) had issue
  m. Mary Herbert (dau of Thomas Herbert of Muckruss) @2@ above
  (c) Helena Herbert
  m. (1786) George Daunt of Newborough
  m2. Jane Collis (dau of Rev. Thomas Collis, widow of Frederick Mullins of Burnham)
  (d) Frances Herbert
  m. (1794) Richard Digby of Cork
  (ii) Maurice Herbert
m. Julia (sister of Viscount Molesworth)
  (iii)+ other issue - Geogre (Major), Edward, Thomas (Captain), John (d young), 4 daughters
  (B) Arthur Herbert of Cahirnane & Brewsterfield (dsp 05.10.1771, 7th son)
  m. Lucy Brewster (dau/heir of Francis Brewster of Brewsterfield)
  (C) Bastable Herbert
  m. Barbara FitzGerald (dau of Maurice FitzGerald, Knight of Kerry)
  (i) Arthur Bastable Herbert of Brewsterfield apparently of this generation
  (a) Lucinda Herbert (d 1862)
  m. (15.03.1798) Francis Christopher Bland of Derriquin Castle
(ii) Mary Herbert apparently of this generation
  m. Rev. Edward Herbert @1@ above
  (D) Lucy Herbert
  m. Francis Markham
  (E) Agnes Herbert
  m. (04.04.1722) Rev. Thomas Orpen of Killowen
  (F) Mary Herbert
  m1. William Supple
  m2. William Lucy
  (G) Margaret Herbert
  m. William Saunders
  (H) Charity Herbert
  m. Richard Chute of Chute Hall ('Tulligaron')
  (I)+ other issue - John (rector of St. Paul's, Cork), Thomas (rector of Castle Island, had issue), Edward, Fiach, Charles (dsp)

Main source(s): BLGI1912 (Herbert late of Muckruss) with input from BLGI1912 (Herbert of Cahirnane and Currens)
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