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Families covered: Hillersdon of Hillersdon, Hillersdon of Membland

William Hillersdon of East Hillersdon
m. Margaret
1. William Hillersdon of Hillersdon
  m. Elizabeth
  A. John Hillersdon of Hillersdon (a 1302)
  i. Roger Hillersdon of Hillersdon (d 1350)
  a. Roger Hillersdon of Hillersdon (b by 1329)
  m. _ Grimston
  (1) _ Hillersdon
m. _ Churchill
  (A) _ Hillersdon
  m. _ Cleverdon
  (i) Andrew Hillersdon
  m. Johanna Gibbs (d 26.08.1464, widow of William Malerbe)
  (a) Andrew Hillersdon of Hillersdon (d 10.01.1480)
  m. _ Snape
  ((1)) Robert Hillersdon 'of Memland' (b c1452, d 22.08.1499)
  m. Johanna Moore (a 1499)
  ((A)) Andrew Hillersdon (b c1472) - continued below
  m. Anne Edgcome (dau/heir of Sir Richard Edgcombe)
  ((B)) Elizabeth Hillersdon
  m. William Burrel



Andrew Hillersdon (b c1472) - continued above
m. Anne Edgcome (dau/heir of Sir Richard Edgcombe of Totnes Castle (probably not of Edgcombe), widow of Sir William Trevanion of Carhays)
1. Roger Hillersdon of Membland, Holbeton, Devon
  m. _ Fortescue
  A. Andrew Hillersdon 'of Membland' (d 21.11.1539)
  m1. Joan Gibbs (dsp before 1501, dau of William Gibbs of Fenton)
  m2. (Anne) Hatch
i. Roger Hillersdon or Hilersdon of Membland (b c1501, d 25.02.1568-9)
  m. Johanna Kirkham (dau of Sir John Kirkham of Blackdon)
  a. Andrew Hillersdon of Membland (b c1528)
  m1. Barbara Coplestone (dau of John Coplestone of Coplestone)
  (1) Christopher Hillersdon of Membland (bpt 21.12.1546)
m. Jone Chudleigh (dau of Sir Richard Chudleigh of Broadclist)
  (A) Richard Hillersdon of Membland (d before 16.06.1651)
  m. (26.05/30.04.1599) Catheryne Champernon (dau of Gawyn Champernon of Dartington)
  (i) Richard Hillersdon of Membland in Holbeton (b c1602, d 1652)
  m. (c06.1625) Bridget Harrys (dau of John Harrys of Lanrest)
(a) Richard Hillersdon of Membland (b c1639, d 1703, MP)
  m. (11.05.1659) Anne Nosworthy (dau of Edward Nosworthy of Truro)
  Vivian ends showing Richard & Anne with one child, Bridget. HoP ('Richard Hillersdon') reports that he had 1 son (dvp) and 2 unnamed daughters who m. Arthur Champernowne, who succeeded to Membland, and Courtenay Croker.
  ((1)) son (dvp by 1693)
  ((2)) Bridget Hillersdon (bpt 15.05.1660)
  m. Arthur Champernowne ## see here ##
  HoP ('Richard Hillersdon') links to Richard's son-in-law Arthur Champernowne, presumed spouse of Bridget, but that HoP ('Arthur Champernown' ) confirms that that Arthur m1.Elizabeth Courtenay m2. Susannah Kelland.
  ((3)) (Catherine) Hillersdon
  m. Courtenay Croker
  (b) Andrew Hillersdon (bpt 05.06.1631)
  (c) Johan Hillersdon (bpt 10.01.1629-30)
  m. (27.11.1654) William Upton
  (d) Bridget Hillersdon
  m. (bpt 31.08.1632) Andrew Friend
(e) Katherine Hillersdon (bpt 21.08.1636)
  m. (10.02.1665-6) Richard Savery
  (f) Mary Hillersdon
  m. (18.07.1674) Robert Pollexfen
  (ii) Gertrude Hillersdon
  m. (07.05.1639) John Forland
(iii) Mary Hillersdon (d 02.1647)
  m. (16.07.1645) Richard Hele
  (iv)+ other issue - Edward (bpt 28.02.1607-8), Ferdinando, John (bpt 10.11.1609, a 1638), Jane (a 1638), Ursula (a 1638), Dorothy (bpt 23.09.1621, a 1638)
  (B) Humfrey Hillersdon
  m. (c04.1613) Mary Jermyn of Exeter
  (i)+ issue - John, Mary (bpt 22.12.1615)
  (C) Andrew Hillersdon (bpt 20.04.1570, d young)
  (D) Mary Hillersdon
  m. Bartholomew Thorne
  (E) Catherine Hillersdon
  m. Christopher Drew
  (2) Mary Hillersdon
  m. (01.05.1575) William Courtenay of Salcombe
  (3) Elizabeth Hillersdon
m. _ Crumb of Cornwall
  (4)+ other issue - Hugh, Scipio
  m2. (28.12.1574) Annis Courtenay
  b. Mary Hillersdon
  m. John May of London ## see here ##
  c. daughter
  m. (28.12.1574) _ Courtenay
  d. Philippa Hillersdon
  m. Richard Wood of Harleston
  e.+ other issue - William, James (dsp), John (dsp), Arthur (dsp)
2. Anne Hillersdon
  m. John Holland of Weare

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Hillersdon of Memland', p469+)
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