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Families covered: Hockmore (Huckmore) of Buckland Baron, Hockmore (Hackmore) of Buckyate

William Hackmore
1. William Hackmore
A. Richard Hackmore of Buckyate
  m. Agnes Buckyate (dau/heir of John Buckyate of Buckyate)
  i. Thomas Huckmore of Buckyate
a. John Hackmore of Buckyate (d 10.08.1507)
  m. Margaret Dolbeare (dau/coheir of John Dolbeare by Thomazin)
  (1) Roger Hockmore of Buckyate (b c1457, d by 1517)
m. Johanna Folkeroy (dau of Edward Folkeroy of Buckland Baron, sister/heir of Grigorie)
  (A) Gregory Hockmore
  m. Jane Walrond (dau of William Walrond of Boey, m2. John Ford)
  (i) Gregory Hockmore of Buckland Baron (d 15.10.1571)
  m. Alice Cruce (d 02.04.1613, dau/coheir of William Cruce of Chimley by Margaret Pollard of Horewood)
(a) John Hockmore (d 12.04.1582)
  m. (23.03.1576-7) Mary Floyers (dau of William Floyers of Floyers Hayes)
  ((1)) William Hockmore (b 01.11.1581, d 10.10.1626)
  m. Janet Michell (d 01.06.1625, dau/coheir of Sir Bartholomew Michell of Cannington)
  ((A)) Gregory Hockmore 'of Buckland Baron' (b 13.05.1611, d 03.02.1653-4)
  m. (c09.1636) Mary Reynell (dau of Sir Richard Reynell of Ogwell)
  ((i)) Sir Gregory Hockmore
m. (01.06.1662) Honor Hele (dau of Sir Thomas Hele of Fleet, Bart, m2. Richard Bonithon of Carclew)
  ((a)) William Hockmore or Huckmore 'of Buckland Baron' (bur 12.02.1707-8)
The following is supported by a note in Commoners (vol III, Rhodes of Bellair and Shapwick).
  m. (16.04.1691) Mary Prestwood (dau of George Prestwood of Baterford or Butterford)
  (((1))) Mary Huckmore (bpt 07.06.1691-2)
  m. Solomon Andrew of Lyme Regis
(((A))) Sarah Andrew
  m. (1726) Ambrose Rhodes of Buckland (d 1777)
  (((2))) Jane Huckmore (bpt 09.03.1692-3)
  (((3))) Honora Huckmore (bpt 14.07.1694)
m. Davidge Gould of Winsham (d by 06.1743)
  ((b)) Jane Hockmore
  ((ii)) Jane Hockmore
  m. (03.05.1669) John Bourne
  ((B))+ other issue - Richard (b 01.07.1615, d infant), William (b 24.05.1616, a 1624, d unm), Charles (b 08.03.1618-9, bur 20.08.1661), Suzane (b 15.06.1613, a 1624), Frances (b 17.09.1620, a 1624)
  ((2)) Elizabeth Hockmore
  m. William Bennett of Lawhitton
  ((3)) Jane Hockmore
  m. Humphry Cockeram of Cullumpton
  (b) Richard Hockmore of Bury Pomeroy (3rd son)
m. Anna (m2. Nicholas Rolle of Blackawton)
  ((1)) Anne Hockmore
  m. (c05.1611) William Martin of Totnes
  (c) Thomas Hockmore of Daccomb
  ((1)) Gregory Hockmore
  (d) Anne Hockmore
  m. Edward Yard of Churston Ferrers
  (e) Mary Hockmore
m. Thomas Yard of Bradley
  (f) Alice Hockmore
  m. George Northleigh
  (g)+ other issue - Gregory (d 01.03.1606), Philip (b c10.1562, d 01.01.1617-8), Margaret, Ursula, Jane, Grace, Katherine
  (B) William Hockmore of Huckmore
  m. _ Irish (dau/heir of John Irish of Uphempston)
  (i) Ellinor Hockmore or Huckmore
  m. Thomas Drew of Sharpham
(ii) Mary Hockmore
  m. _ Collyford
  (iii) Elizabeth Hockmore
  m. Hugh Longworthie
  (iv) Agnes Hockmore
  m. James Leigh
  (a) ?? Leigh
  ((1)) Jane/Joan Leigh
  m1. _ Gilbert alias Webber
  m2. John Crockett or Croker of Lyneham

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, Hockmore of Buckland Baron)
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