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Families covered: Holland of Denton, Holland of Heaton, Holland of Sharples, Holland of Upholland

Although this family's name is spelt Holland throughout, we include it within 'HolandX' to leave 'HollandX' pages for the database's Continental Section.
Matthew de Holland of Upholland, Lancashire (b c1175, d c1224)
1. Robert de Holland of Upholland
  m. (1219) Cecily de Columbers (dau of Alvan de Columbers)
  A. Sir Thurstan de Holland of Upholland (d after 1272)
  m1. _ de Kellet (dau of Adam de Kellet, son of Oreme)
  i. Sir Thurstan de Holland
  ii. Sir William de Holland of Sharples (d before 1321)
  a. Sir William de Holland of Sharples (d(vp) c1318) - continued below
  m. (sp) Joan de Plesington
  p. Margaret de Shoreworth (d 1363, dau of Robert de Shoresworth son of William)
  iii. Sir Richard de Holland ancestor of Hollands of Hale
  iv.+ other issue - Roger, Adam, Margaret
  m2. (c1262) Juliana Gellibrand (dau of John Gellibrand)
  vii.+ other issue - Thurstan, Adam, Elias, Simon
  m3. _ de Hale
  xi. Thomas de Holland
  B. Sir Adam de Holland
  m. Christiana Bussels (dau of William de Bussels)
  i. Robert de Holland
  C.+ other issue - Richard, Matthew, Roger, Richard, William, Margaret



Sir William de Holland of Sharples (d(vp) c1318) - continued above
m. (sp) Joan de Plesington
p. Margaret de Shoreworth, heiress of Denton (d 1363, dau of Robert de Shoresworth son of William)
1. Sir Thurstan de Holland of Denton, Lancashire (a 1376)
  m. Mary Collyer (dau of John Collyer)
  A. Sir Richard Holland of Denton & Kenyon (d 1402)
  m. Amery Kenyon (dau/heir of Adam de Kenyon)
  i. Thurstan Holland of Denton (d 1423)
  m. Agnes (a 1438)
  a. Thurstan Holland of Denton (d before 1467)
  m1. (div in 1430) Margaret de Abram (d c1461)
  m2. Ellen (a 1462)
VCH mentions that Thurstan had 2 wives, as above, without identfying which was the mother of Richard. Various web sites show Richard's mother as Margaret Warren, dau of Sir Lawrence of Poynton. Earwarker (in 'East Cheshire') does suggest that one of Sir Lawrence's daughters did marry a Thurstan de Holland.
  (1) Richard Holland of Denton, Kenyon, etc. (d 1483)
  m. Agnes
  (A) Richard Holland of Denton (a 1500)
  FMG (vol i, Holland), which covers the descendants of Richard's grandson Lawrence, starts with this Richard and shows his wife as a daughter of _ Harrington of Hornby. Various web sites name her ...
  m. Isabella Harrington (dau of Sir William Harrington of Hornby)
(i) Thurstan Holland of Denton (d 10.1508)
  m. Joan (Jane) Arderne (dau of John Arderne)
  (a) Robert Holland of Denton (b c1481, d(spm?) 1513)
  m. (1500-1) Elizabeth Assheton (dau of Sir Richard Assheton of Middleton)
  (b) Sir Richard Holland of Denton (b c1483/93, d 04.1548)
  Richard is known to have married Eleanor Harbottle, widow of Sir Thomas Percy, but Collins (1812, Duke of Northumberland) reports that he died "without issue by her". We therefore show the mother of his children as ...
  m1/2. ??
((1)) Edward Holland of Denton, Sheriff of Lancashire (d 1570)
  The following comes mainly from Visitation (Dugdale, Lancashire. 1664, Holland of Heaton), partly supported by VCH. However, Dugdale starts with Richard (father of the Richard who m. Margaret Langley and was succeeded by his brother Edward), indicating that he omitted this Edward.
m1. ??
  ((A)) Richard Holland of Denton & Heaton (b c1546, d 02.03.1618-9)
  m. Margaret Langley (dau/coheir of Sir Robert Langley of Agecroft)
  ((i)) Mary Holland
  m. _ Eccleston of Eccleston ## possibly here? ##
  ((ii)) Elizaberth Holland
  m. Richard Alborough of Alborough
((iii)) Margaret Holland (bur 14.04.1609)
  m. William Brereton of Handford or Honford
  ((iv)) Jane Holland
  m. Robert Duckenfield of Duckenfield
((v)) Frances (Elizabeth?) Holland
  m. John Preston of Furness (d after 08.1604)
  ((C)) John Holland (d unm)
  ((B)) Edward Holland of Denton & Heaton (d 05.03.1631)
  m. Anne Gamull (dau of Edmund Gamull of Chester)
  ((i)) Richard Holland of Denton & Heaton (b 1594-5, d 1661, Colonel)
  m. Katherine Ramsden (dau of William Ramsden of Longley)
  ((a)) Edward Holland of Denton (dvp)
  m. Anne Warren (dau of Edward Warren of Poynton)
(((1))) Frances Holland
  ((b)) Frances Holland
  m. Francis Berresford of Bentley
  ((c)) Anne Holland
  m. Edward Kenyon (rector in Prestwich)
  ((ii)) Henry Holland of Denton & Heaton (dsp unm, younger son?)
  ((iii)) William Holland of Denton & Heaton (b c1612, d 1682, rector of Malpas)
  m. Cecilia Walthall (dau of Alexander Walthall of Wistaston)
((a)) Edward Holland of Denton & Heaton (b c1662, d unm 1683, 3rd son)
  ((b)) Elizabeth Holland
  m. Sir John Egerton of Wrinehill
  ((c))+ other issue - Richard (d young), Francis (d young), Jane (dsp?)
  ((iv)) Mary Holland
  m. Hugh Hassall of Alkington
  ((v)) Elizabeth Holland
  m. Thomas Croxton of Ravenscroft
  ((vi)) Anne Holland
  m. Thomas Dod of Edge
((vii)) Frances Holland
  m. Sir Robert Eyton of Peutrey Madock
  ((viii)) Jane Holland
  m. Thomas Chomeley of Holford
  ((ix))+ other issue (d unm) - John, Thomas
  ((C)) Maria Holland (d 1619)
  m. John Arderne of Hawarden (d 1613)
  ((D)) Anna Holland probably of this generation
  m. John Millington of Millington (a 1580)
  m2. Cecily Trafford (d by 1572, dau of Sir Edmund Trafford of Trafford (by Elizabeth Langford), m1. Sir Robert Langley of Agecroft (who d 1561))
  m2/1. Eleanor Harbottle (d 1567, dau of Richard Harbottle of Beamish, widow of Sir Thomas Percy)
(c) John Holland
  (d) Lawrence Holland
  FMG (vol i, Holland) does not name Lawrence's elder brothers but does identify him as the 4th son.
  (ii) Ellen Holland
  m. (1501) John Bradshaw
  (iii)+ other issue - William, Robert, Thomas, Peter
  (B) Margaret Holland
  m. Oliver Anderton
  (C)+ other issue - Nicholas, Lawrence
  b. Margaret Holland possibly of this generation
  m. Robert Radclyffe of Mellor
  c.+ other issue - Richard, Henry, Thomas
  B.+ other issue - William, John

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 02.11.07) : various web sites
(2) For lower section (uploaded 14.01.09) : VCH (Lanarkshire, vol 4, Denton) with some input (in italics) from various web sites
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