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Families covered: Hore of Growtown, Hore of the Pole, Hore of Pole Hore, Hore of Shandon

Commoners offers 2 alternative suggestions to the orgins of this family's name: from the adjective hore or hoar (white, as in 'hoar frost') or from the town of Hore in the county of Tipperary. As Commoners then, by referring to other families of the same name (including those that produced baronets of the name of Hoare - see Hoare1 and Hoare2), indicates that the family may have had that name before it moved to Ireland, we presume that it is reasonable to favour the former suggestion. Commoners reports that "Acording to tradition .... the first of the name in Ireland was" Sir William le Hore (a 1190) who is presumed to have been ancestor of ....
Geoffrey le Hore of co. Wexford
1. William le Hore (a 1252)
2. Thomas le Hore
  A. ?? le Hore probably father of grandfather of ...
  i. Nicholas le Hord of Horesland (a 1287)
  B. ?? le Hore
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  i. ?? le Hore
  a. Ralph le Hore ancestor of Hore of Ballyshelane & Killsallaghan
  C. ?? le Hore
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  i. ?? le Hore
  a. Thomas le Hore of Pole, co. Wexford (a temp Edward I who r. 1272-1307)
  (1) Richard le Hore (d 1345)
  (A) Walter le Hore (a 1345)
  (2) David le Hore del Pole, Sheriff of Wexford (a 1334)
  (A) Thomas le Hore del Pole (a 1355)
  (B) Nicholas le Hore of the Pole, Sheriff of Wexford (dsp after 1378)
  (3) Walter le Hore
  (A) William le Hore of Wexfordshire (2nd son)
  (i) Sir Nicholas le Hore of the Pole, Sheriff of Wexford (a 1396)
m. (by 1374) Matilda (dau of Sir William de Loundres of Naas, widow of Mathew Tuyte, William de Meones, and Adam L'Enfaunt, sister of Sir John of Naas)
  (a) Christopher Hore of the Pole
  m. Maude Neville (dau of John Neville of Rosgarland)
  ((1)) William Hore of the Pole
  m. Elyme Furlonge (dau of Philip Furlonge of Davidstown by Margaret, dau of Lord Keating of Kilcoan)
  ((A)) Richard Hore of the Pole (dsp)
  ((B)) Thomas Hore of the Pole
  m. Jane Roche (dau of Sir John Roche of the Drynagh)
  ((i)) William Hore of the Pole - continued below
  m. Eleanor Rosceter (dau of Thomas Rosceter of Rathmacknee Castle)
  (b)+ other sons including Thomas (a 1447, Abbot of Dunbrody)
  (ii) Thomas le Hore of Cookestown & Hamondstown (d before 1427)
  (a) Alianore Hore
  (iii) Sir John le Hore of Shandon, Waterford - continued below
  m. Elenor le Poer (dau of Nicholas le Poer of Curraghmore)
  (B)+ other issue - John (a 1379), Robert (a 1380, Attorney General of Ireland)



William Hore of the Pole - continued above
m. Eleanor Rosceter (dau of Thomas Rosceter of Rathmacknee Castle, widow of James Rochford, sister of Sir Walter)
1. Thomas Hore of the Pole (dsp)
  m. (1552) _ Isham (dau of John Isham of Bryanston)
2. Christopher Hore of the Pole (a 1574)
  m. Gennet Furlonge (dau of John Furlonge of Carrickmanon)
  A. William Hore of the Pole (a 1587, dspm)
B. Nicholas Hore of the Pole, later of Mullindery & Cooleboy (d before 1641)
  m. Isabella Hore (dau of Nicholas Hore of Ballysheland by Annistace, dau of Sir Nicholas Devereux)
  i. Christopher Hore of Pole Hore & Ardcandrish (b 1612, d 1682)
  m. Margaret Sutton (dau of ?? Sutton of Fetherd House by Elizabeth Butler, dau of Edmond, 4th Viscount Mountgarrett, she m2. William Esmonde of Johnstown Castle)
  a. Philip Hore of Pole Hore, Sheriff of Wexford (b 10.06.1673, d 1749)
  m. (1705) Jane Richards (dau of Thomas Richards of Rathaspeck Park)
  (1) Thomas Hore of Pole Hore (b 1706, d 1774)
  m. (1737) Catherine Harvey (dau of Rev. William Harvey of Bargy Castle by Susanna, dau of John Harvey of Killiane by Elizabeth, dau of James Stopford of Courtown)
  (A)+ 3 daughters
  (2) Caesar Hore of Pole Hore (bpt 1715, d 04.1791, 3rd son)
  m. (1745) Anastasia Clare (dau of Thomas Clare)
  (A) Philip Hore of Pole Hore (b 1750, d 1802)
  m. (1779) Elizabeth Wollett (d 1793, dau of William Wollett of Chislehurst)
  (i) Herbert William Hore of Pole Hore & Clonattin (b 1787, d 1823, Commander RN) had issue
  m. (1814) Eliza Curling (dau of George Curling of West Hatch, m2. Henry Bedford)
  (B) Hannah Hore
  m. (1791) Richard FitzGerald Seix of Fennor
  (C)+ other issue - Thomas (b 1757), Catherine, Jane
  (3) Christopher Hore (b 1718, d 1793)
  m1. (1748) Mary Finlay (sister of John Finlay of Dublin)
  m2. Magdalen Poole (dau of William Poole)
  (4) Editha Hore
m. (1743) George Hatchell of Ludford Park
  (5)+ other issue - Loftus (bpt 16.04.1713), 5 daughters
  b. Mary Hore
  m1/2. (16.10.1680) Mary FitzHarris
  This is possibly the Mary who (also) married ...
  m2/1. Thomas FitzGerald of Kilconavey
  (1) Mary FitzGerald
  m. (12.05.1697) Pierse Barron of Garrahillersh
  ii. Anne Hore
  m1. (24.02.1678) Oliver Keating
  m2. Henry Loftus of Loftus Hall
  iii. Bridget Hore
  m. Walter Neville of Tullokenay
  iv.+ other issue - William, Edmond of Mullinderry, John, Patricia, Elenor
  C. James Hore of Bellaboro (a 1608, Constable of Bantry)
  i. Margaret Hore
  m. Nicholas Blanchville of Cross
3. William Hore of Growtown (a 1546)
  A. ?? Hore
  i. Nicholas Hore of Growtown & Coolstuffe (d 10.07.1620)
  m. Isabell (niece of Lord Esmonde)
  a. Philip Hore (d 1633)
  m. Margaret Furlonge (dau of Mathew Furlonge of Davidstown by dau of Nicholas FitzHenry of Kilkevan)
  (1) Richard Hore of Growtown
  m. Isabella Stafford (dau of Nicholas Stafford of Wexford Castle)
4. Margaret Hore
  m. Nicholas Sutton of Clonard



Sir John le Hore of Shandon, Waterford - continued above
m. Elenor le Poer (dau of Nicholas le Poer of Curraghmore)
1. Sir James Hore of Shandon (a 1497)
  A. ?? Hore
  i. ?? Hore
  a. Mathew Hore
  (1) John Hore of Shandon (d 10.07.1629)
  m. Margaret Coppinger (dau of Sir John Coppinger of Crosshaven)
(A) John Hore of Shandon (a 1639, MP)
  m. Mary Waddyng (dau of Thomas Waddyng)
  (i) Mathew Hore of Shandon (d 1696, Lt. Colonel)
  m. Mary
(a) John Hore of Shandon Castle & Dunsandle, Sheriff of co. Waterford
  m. Catherine Bourke (dau of Sir John Bourke of Derrimaclaghntna by Mary, dau of Richard, 6th Earl of Clanrickarde)
  ((1)) Mathew Hore of Shandon & Aghrahane
  m. Mabella
  ((A)) John Hore (d 1748)
  ((B)) Mabella Hore
  m. John Donellan of Ballydonellan
((C)) Mary Hore
  m. (18.08.1756) Sir Patrick Bellew, Bart of Barmeath
  ((D)) Honora Hore
  m. (08.06.1765) Michael Aylmer (son of Gerald of Lyons)
  ((2))+ other issue
  (b) Martin Hore of Ballyshonack & Rosmire (MP)
  ((1)) John Hore
  ((2)) Dorothea Hore
  m. (1681) Richard Mansfield of Ballynamultena
(c) Ismay Hore
  m. James Devereux of Carrigmenan (Colonel)
  (d) Margaret Hore
  m. Thomas Bourke, 7th Lord of Castle Connell (d 1687)
  (e) Mary Hore possibly of this generation
  m. John Ronayne
  (B) Margaret Hore
  m. Thomas Ronayne of Youghall
  (C) Elenor Hore
  m. John Nugent of Cloncoskeran House
  (D) Jane Hore
  m. Robert Whyte (brother of Sir Nicholas of Leixlip)
2. Cardula Hore
  m. Sir Mathew Browne of Malrankan

Main source(s): Commoners (vol IV, 'Hore of Pole Hore', p712+)
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