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Families covered: Hunt of Boreatton, Hunt of Mollington
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Thomas Hunt of Gouldstone, Heswardine, Salop
m. Elizabeth or Anne Gouldstone (dau of Humphrey Gouldstone of Gouldstone)
1. John Hunt (b c1549, d c1629)
  Earwalker notes that John had 3 wives but does not name them.
  A. Ann Hunt
  m. Alexander Wightwick of Wightwick
  B. Sarah Hunt
  m. Richard Wyke of Priorsley
  C. Elizabeth Hunt
  m. Thomas Wingfield
  i. John Wingfield
m. Howard Wrottesley (dau of Sir H. Wrottesley)
2. Richard Hunt of Shrewsbury (a 1631, alderman)
  m1. (10.10.1598) Elinor Cooke (bur 29.12.1630)
  A. Thomas Hunt of Betton Strange, Sheriff of Salop (bpt 25.12.1599, d 1669, MP)
  m. (1626) Elizabeth Owen (dau of Robert Owen of Woodhouse by Elizabeth, dau of Roger (probably not Richard) Hunt of Longnor)
  i. Rowland Hunt of Boreatton, Salop (bpt 28.05.1629, bur 10.01.1699)
  m1. (1656) Mary Davies of Montgomeryshire (d 1659, heir)
  a. Mary Hunt
  m. _ Herbert
  m2. Frances Paget (bur 12.11.1701, dau of William Paget, 5th Lord)
b. Thomas Hunt of Boreatton, Sheriff of Salop (bpt 29.10.1669, bur 06.11.1753)
  m1. (1698) Jane Ward (bur 02.01.1716, dau of Sir Edward Ward of Stoke Doyle & Wadenhoe)
  (1) Thomas Hunt of Boreatton & Stoke Dosley (b 11.03.17343/, bur 12.05.1777)
  m.(1745?) Sarah Witts (d 04.03.1766, dau of Edward Witts (not Wills) of Witney)
  (A) Rowland Hunt of Boreatton & Stoke Dosley (b 04.11.1752, d 06.07.1811, 2nd son)
  m. (27.11.1781) Susannah Ann Cornish (d 14.01.1839, dau of Mark Cornish of London)
  (i) Rowland Hunt of Boreatton, Sheriff of Salop (b 13.01.1784, bur 27.02.1835) had issue
  m. (09.05.1823) Mary Lloyd (bur 04.06.1861, dau of Thomas Lloyd of Shrewsbury & Glangwnna)
  (ii) George Hunt of Wadenhoe (b 15.08.1785, d 07.03.1853, Rev.) had issue
  m. (28.07.1818) Emma Gardiner (d 17.07.1862, dau of Samuel Gardiner of Coombe Lodge)
  (iii) Thomas Hunt (b 12.12.1786, d 15.09.1860, rector of West Felton) had issue
  m. (23.10.1832) Jane Harding (d 15.06.1872, dau of William Harding of Baraset)
  (iv)+ other issue (d unm) - Edward (b 26.02.1788, d 27.10.1808), John (b 16.12.1789, d 02.1806), Susannah Frances (d 19.01.1866), Sarah Elizabeth (d 24.10.1825)
  (B) Edward Hunt (b 24.01.1759, d 25.03.1822, rector of Benefield, 4th son) had issue
  m. (19.11.1788) Bridget Hawkins (d 04.12.1831, dau of Rev. John Hawkins)
  (C) Sarah Hunt (d 1788)
  m. Joseph Sabine of Tewin and/or Brannockstown (d 1814, grandson/heir of General ?? of Tewin (Governor of Gibralter))
  (D)+ other issue - Thomas (b 1747-8, bur 06.02.1766), George (b 21.07.1756, d 19.08.1773)
  (2) Edward Hunt of Oundle
m. _ Anthony of London
  (A) Thomas Hunt
  m. _ Rustall of Bristol
(B)+ othe issue - Rowland, Edward, Philip
  (3) Rowland Hunt
  m1. _ Adams @@ see here @@
  m2. _ Wells
  (A) Thomas Welch Hunt of Wadenhoe mentioned by BLG1952 ('Hunt of Wadenhoe')
  Passed Wadenhoe to his cousin George (above).
  (4) Elizabeth Hunt (b 1701, d unm)
  (5) Frances Hunt
  m. (sp) Lewis Gordon (son of a Scottish baronet)
  (6) Sarah Hunt
m. (William) Adams (rector of Conde, Head of Pembroke College, Oxford)
  (7) Jane Hunt
  m. _ Wolley of Salop
  m2. (11.1720) Elizabeth Haswell of London (dsps 29.11.1748)
  c. Frances Hunt (b 1666)
m. John Hardware of Bromborough Court
  d. Letitia Hunt (b 1666, dsp)
  m. _ Lloyd of Radnor
  e. Elizabeth Hunt
m. Samuel Birch of Garnistowe
  ii. John Hunt of Mollington, Cheshire (b 1646, d 1716)
  m. (24.11.1681) Dorcas Amphlett bur 1728, (dau of Richard Amphlett of Clent (Cleator))
  a. Thomas Hunt of Mollington (b 06.08.1684, d 27.05.1739)
  m. (1719) Mary Vere Robartes (bur 10.1758, dau of Russell Robartes, sister of 3rd Earl of Radnor)
  (1) George Hunt of Lanhydrock (d unm 08.11.1798, MP)
  (2) Thomas Hunt of Mollington (d 1788)
  m. Mary Bold (dau of Peter Bold of Bold Hall by Anna Maria Wentworthl)
  (A) Mary Vere Hunt (b 04.10.1766, d 30.04.1780) mentioned by Earwalker but not by BLG1952
  (B) Anna Maria Hunt of Lanhydrock (b 29.03.1771, d 03.03.1861)
  m. (15.11.1804) Charles Bagenal Agar (b 13.08.1769, d 16.06.1811)
Their son Thomas changed his name to Agar-Robartes and later became 1st Lord Robartes.
  (C) Frances Hunt (d unm 1798) mentioned by BLG1952 but not by Earwalker
  (3) Mary Hunt (d 09.1761)
  m. (1740) Roger Wilbraham of Nantwich (d 1754)
  (4)+ other issue (d unm) - Elizabeth, Ann (d young), Frances
  b.+ other issue (d unm) - John (b 1686, d 1762), Elizabeth (b 1682, d 1757), Frances (b 1688, d 10.12.1768), Mary (b c1693, d 08.1769), Dorcas (b c1695, d 1766)
  iii. Thomas Hunt (bpt 01.03.1645, dsp)
  m. Elizabeth White of Clapham
  iv. Sarah or Martha Hunt
  m. William Palmer of Wanless (Wanlip) (b 1636, d 1692)
  v. Frances Hunt (b 1631)
  m. Bartholomew Beale of the Heath
  B. Rowland Hunt, Sheriff of Montgomeryshire (a 1646, 1666)
  m. _ Gascoigne of Yorkshire
  i. Ann Hunt
  m. Thomas Felton the younger
  C. Ann Hunt (b 1602, d unm)
  m2. _ Waring of Salop
3. George Hunt ancestor of Hunts in Essex

Main source(s): 'The history of the church and parish of St. Mary-on-the-Hill' (J.P. Earwalker (edited by Rupert Morris, 1898), 'Hunt', p283+), BLG1952 ('Hunt of Boreatton')
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