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Families covered: Huntley of Boxwell, Huntley of Frocester (Frowster)

Descended "from a family seated at Hadnock, in Monmouthshire, two miles from the forest of Dean", and possibly son of Elizabeth, sister/heir of John apAdam (son of John & representative of John, Lord ap Adam), was ...
John Huntley of Rye, Gloucestershire
m. Margaret Andrewes
1. John Huntley of Standish & Boxwell, Gloucestershire (a 1542)
  m1. Alice Langley (dau/coheir of Edmund Langley of Siddington, widow of Thomas Endon or Everdon)
  A. George Huntley of Frocester or Frowster (d 1580)
  m. Catherine Walsh (dau of John Walsh of Sedbury (Walshe of Sodbury))
  i. John Huntley of Frocester or Frowster
m. Jane Karne (dau of Sir Edward Karne of Glamorganshire)
  a. Sir George Huntley of Frocester (d 23.09.1622)
  m. Eleanor Winter (dau of Sir William Winter of Lindley or Lydney)
  (1) William Huntley (dsp)
  m. Elizabeth Read (dau/heir of Edward Read of Yate)
  (2) Jane Huntley
  Commoners shows Jane as married to Giles Foster of Dronock but Visitation shows her married to ...
  m. John Reade of Mitton
  (3) Mary Huntley omitted by Commoners
  m. Giles Foster of Dimock (Dronock?)
(4) Elizabeth Huntley
  m. John Abrahall or Abrayll of Juxon
  (5)+ other issue - Edward (b 1624, dsp), George (dsp), Eleanor
  ii. Ann Huntley
  m. Thomas Rufford of Buckingham
  iii.+ other issue - James (b c1597), Walter (b c1598), Anselm/Auncell (b c1600), Henry (b c1602), Silvester, Dorothy
  B. Henry Huntley of Boxwell
  m1. Elizabeth Throckmorton (dau of William Throckmorton or Throgmorton of Tortworth)
  i. George Huntley of Boxwell shown by Visitation as of this marriage but by Commoners as of his father's 2nd marriage
  m. Constance Ferrars (dau/coheir of Edward Ferrars of Wood Bevington, son of Sir Edward of Baddesley Clinton)
  a. John Huntley (dvp)
  m1. Frances Conway (dau of Sir John Conway)
  (1) John Huntley (dsps, captain)
  m2. Elizabeth Vaughan
  b. George Huntley (bur 14.04.1576)
  c. William Huntley
  m. (25.07.1600) Elizabeth Morgan (dau of Thomas Morgan, widow of Richard Read)
  (1) Constance Huntley
  d. Matthew Huntley of Boxwell (bur 03.10.1653)
  m1. Jane Algini or Alegini
  (1) Matthew Huntley of Boxwell (bpt 1613, dsp)
m2. Frances Snigge (dau of Sir George Snigge, baron of the Exchequer)
  (2) George Huntley of Boxwell
  m. Silvester Wykes (d 25.02.1675, dau/heir of Edward Wykes of Wells & Shiplate)
  (A) Matthew Huntley of Boxwell (a 1682)
  m. Elizabeth Chandler (dau of John Chandler of Aldermanbury)
  (i) Richard Huntley of Boxwell (bpt 1689, d 17.04.1728, rector of Boxwell & Castlecombe)
  m. Anne Lee (Lee-Warner) (dau of Colonel Henry Lee of Donjon & Walsingham Abbey)
  (a) Richard Huntley of Boxwell (d 1794. Rev.)
m. Anne Beaker (dau/heir of Nicholas Beaker of Nettleton House)
  ((1)) Richard Huntley of Boxwell (b 26.03.1776, d 16.10.1831)
  m. (03.05.1790) Anne Webster (dau/heir of James Webster (archdeacon of Gloucester) by Sarah, dau/heir of Richard Twells of Newark by Elizabeth, sister/heir of William Warburton, Bishop of Gloucester)
  ((A)) Richard Webster Huntley of Boxwell Court (b 02.04.1794) had issue
m. (08.07.1830) Mary Lyster (dau of Richard Lyster of Rowton Castle)
  ((B)) James Webster Huntley (vicar of Thursby & Clanfield) had issue
  m. Anne Goodenough (dau of Rev. Samuel James Goodenough)
  ((C)) Henry Veel Huntley (RN) had issue
  m. Anne Skinner (dau of General _ Skinner)
  ((D)) William Warburton Huntley (Captain)
  m. Emily Theresa Versturme (dau of Sir Lewis Versturme)
  ((E)) Clara Jane Huntley
  m. William Mills (son/heir of Thomas of Great Saxham Hall)
  ((F)) Frances Huntley
m. William Bird Brodie of the Close, Salisbury
  ((G))+ other issue - Edmund, Osmond Charles, George Henry, Anne
  ((2)) Catherine Huntley
  m. (1786) B. Spry (rector in Bristol, prebendary of Salisbury)
  ((3)) Sarah Huntley
  m. (1796) W. Veel of Cotswold House
  ((4))+ other issue - William (bpt 18.12.1771, rector of Cold Aston), Anne, Mary, Elizabeth, others (d infant)
  (b) Ann Huntley (bpt 09.1718)
m. H(enry) Stephens of Eastington
  (c) Mary Huntley (bpt 01.1722)
  m. Daniel Woodward of Bristol
  ((1)) Daniel Henry Woodward, later Lee-Warner of Walsingham Abbey, Wormegay, Swayton, Danejohn & Knoll Park (b 22.07.1752, d 1835)
  m. (15.09.1774) Margaret Howarth (dau/heir of Nathaniel Howarth of Wolfhurst Bank)
  The following comes from BLG1952 (Lee-Warner formerly of Walsingham Abbey and Tyberton Court).
  ((A)) Daniel Henry Lee-Warner of Walsingham Abbey (b 1775, d 1858, Rev.) had issue
  m. (1808) Anne Brydges (dau/coheir of Franc is William Thomas Brydges of Tyberton Court)
  ((B)) James Lee-Warner of Walsingham (b 29.04.1777) had issue
  m. (09.05.1801) Eliza Wroe (dau of Benjamin Wroe)
  ((C)) Anne Lee-Warner (d unm 1819)
  ((2)) Christopher Woodward
  m. Mary Hinde
  ((3)) Mary Woodward
  m. Rev. Robert Nicholl
  (d)+ other issue (dsp) - Dorothy, Elizabeth
  (ii) Elizabeth Huntley
  m. T. Johnston of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  (iii)+ other issue - Matthew (b 1693), Rose (b 1691), Mary
(B)+ other issue - Henry (d infant), Wykes (rector of Boxwell, had issue), Henrietta
  (3) Alice Huntley
  m. (04.11.1649) John Wynyard of Westminster
  (4) Anne Huntley
  m. Thomas Smith
  (5) Margaret Huntley
  m. George Lyte of Leighterton
  (6)+ other issue - "several other sons" (dsp), Frances (d unm)
  e. Constance Huntley (bpt 13.01.1583)
  m1. (1599) Nicholas Baskerville
  (1) Mary Baskerville
  m. Hannibal Baskerville of Sunningwell (1st cousin)
  m2. Sir John Sidney
  m3. Thomas Lyte of Lytes Cary (b 1568, a 1628)
ii. William Huntley mentioned by Visitation but not by Commoners
  iii. Francis Huntley mentioned by Visitation but not by Commoners, confusion with Frances below?
  m. Jone Bowser of Totworth
  a. Elizabeth Huntley
  m. Anthony Moreland
  b.+ other issue - Anthony, Thomas, Catherine
  iv. Frances Huntley mentioned by Commoners but not by Visitation, confusion with Francis above?
  m. John Bowser of Tortworth
  v. Elinor Huntley mentioned by Commoners but not by Visitation
  m2. Eleanor (according to Commoners) or Anne (according to Visitation) Rufford (dau of John Rufford)
  vi. Edward Huntley (Colonel) mentioned by both Visitation and Commoners
  m. Bridget Kemeys (dau/heir of John Kemeys, widow of John Nanfan)
  vii. Henry Huntley mentioned by Visitation but not by Commoners
  viii. Margaret Huntley mentioned by Commoners but not by Visitation
  m2. Joan

Main source(s): Commoners (vol II, Huntley of Boxwell), Visitation (Gloucestershire, 1623, Huntley)
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