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Families covered: Haversham of Haversham, Hodington of Somerey, Hackluyt of Yatton (Yetton or Eaton), Halsted of Dane Bank, Halsted of Lymme, Hill of Hartley Wintney

Benedict de Haversham (of Haversham, Buckinghamshire) (a 1207)
m. Basilia de Morn (dau of Ralph de Morn)
1. Hugh de Haversham
  A. Nicholas de Haversham (a 1222, d by 1255)
  m. Emma Bois (dau of William (sb John?) de Bosco, sister/heir of Arnald)
  i. Nicholas de Haversham (d 1273-4)
  m. Joane
  a. Maud de Haversham
  m1. Sir James de la Plaunche (d 1306)
  m2. Sir John de Olney (d 1325) @@ see here @@
  Lipscomb shows a son by this marriage, John (dsp). The Olney records show that that Sir John had, by a Matilda (Maud), a son John who had issue.



Richard Hodington
m. Lucy Cromeleyne (dau/heir of Sir Richard Cromeleyne)
The Harleian editors who reported the following pedigree (from MS. 1041, fo. 49) showed Lucy's mother as Margaret, relict of Ralph Basset, dau of Roger, Lord Someraye de Barrowe by Nicholas, dau/(co)heir of William de Albini, Earl of Arundell. We show that Margaret as married to Ralph Cromwell.
1. Baldwin Hodington
  m. Johanna Knoville (dau/heir of Sir John Knoville by Johanna, dau of Sir Roger Laronis)
  A. John Hodington
  m. Margaret Golofre (dau/heir of John Golofre by Alice, dau of Nicholas Audley of Heleigh)
  i. Walter Hodington of Somerey, Worcestershire
  m. Jane Cassy (dau/coheir of Thomas (son of John) Cassy or Cassey of Adesbury by Elizabeth, dau of Sir Walter Cokesay)
  a. Thomas Hodington of Somerey
  m. Jane Throgryme (dau/heir of Henry Throgryme)
  (1) Johanna Hodington
  m. Roger Winter
  (2) Agnes Hodington
  m. William Russell



This family is thought to have taken its name from the forest of Cluyd in Radnorshire, Wales, and to have moved to Yatton in Herefordshire in the 13th century. Yatton (or Yetton) is often identified (apparently wrongly) as Eaton.
Hugh de Hackluite (Hackluyt) of Eton Roster in Leominster, Sheriff of Herefordshire (a 1377)
1. Walter Hackluite
  m. Elizabeth Oldcastell (dau of Thomas Oldcastell)
  A. Richard Hackluit
m. Maulde (dau of Roger Vaughan)
  i. Ralfe Hackluit
  m. Isabella Corbet (dau/coheir of Thomas Corbet of Cawse)
  a.+ issue - Walter, Giles, John, Ralf, Richard, Leonard, William, Henry, John, Thomas, Anne, Eleonore
  ii. Henry Hacklute of Whitfield
  m. _ Cassy (dau of _ Cassy of Whitfield)
  a. Richard Hacklute of Yetton
m. Sibil Mylbourne (dau of Simon Mylbourne of Tillington & Icomb)
  (1) Thomas Hacklute (Hackluyt)
  m(1). Margaret Augmondisham (dau/heir of Robert Augmondisham)
  (A) (Sir?) John Hacklute 'of Eaton'
m. Eleanor Knyll
  (i) Thomas Hacklute or Hackluyt of Yetton
  m1. (sp) Elizabeth Trentham (dau of Richard Trentham of Rocester)
  m2. Fortune Acton (dau of Sir Robert Acton of Ribford)
  (a) Henry Hackluyt, last 'of Eaton' (bpt 08.06.1561, a 1613)
  ((1)) Elianora Hacklet (Hackluyt) possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Coningsby of Leominster (a 1623)
  (b) Elizabeth Hackluyt
  (ii) Joan Hacklute or Hackluyt possibly of this generation
m. Sir Thomas Harley of Brampton
  (iii)+ other issue - George (d 1538), Sibell, Elizabeth, Alys
  (B) John Hacklute (dsp, 2nd of the name?)
  (C) Sibill Hacklute
  m. Thomas Reblde or Rebbold
  We presume that this was the Thomas Hackluyt of Eaton who, according to a contributor (MF, 29.08.10), (also) married Katherine Trentham and was father of Mary. We have some reservations on this because Mary's husband is shown as living until 1592. However, Katherine Trentham was a generation earlier than the Elizabeth who married Thomas's grandson Thomas (above). It is possible that Katherine was the same person as Elizabeth Trentham, and should be shown above as wife of the later Thomas, but Visitation (Staffordshire, 1583 & 1614+1663-4, Trentham of Rocester) does show them as different people of different generations.
  m2. Katherine Trentham (dau of Thomas Trentham of Shrewsbury)
  (D) Mary Hackluyt possibly of this generation
  m. Edward Walter of Ludlow (d 29.01.1592)
  B. Thomas Hackluit
  C. daughter
  m. Richard ap Henry
  D. daughter
  m. Edward Cornewall



John Halstead of Wigan (d 1683)
m. Elinor Domville (bpt 29.04.1647, d 11.1684, dau of William Domville of Lymme)
1. William Halsted of Lymme ( bur 25.09.1727, 2nd son)
  m. (24.12.1718) Felicia Martin (bur 24.10.1776, dau of William Martin of Dane Bank)
  A. Domville Halsted of Dane Bank (bpt 07.01.1723, bur 31.12.1781)
  m. Elizabeth Chesshyre (bur 03.01.1795, dau of John Chesshyre of Warrington)
  i. Domville Halsted, later Poole, of Dane Park (b 21.07.1761, bur 01.05.1795)
  m. (20.01.1783) Sarah Massey (dau/coheir of James Massey of Manchester & Rostborne)
  a.+ issue - Domville Cudworth (b 13.10.1787), James (bur 27.08.1788), John (b 23.10.1790), William (b 12.12.1792), Sarah (b 26.12.1784, d young), Elizabeth (b 28.06.1786, bur 07.08.1787), Maria (b 13.08.1789), Elizabeth (bur 16.11.1791)
  ii. Peter Halsted (b 28.10.1763, d 17.12.1808, rector of Groppenhall)
  m. (29.10.1801) Elizabeth Matilda Leigh (natural dau of John Legh of Booths, m2. _ Marsh of West Leigh)
  iii. Elizabeth Halsted (b 11.06.1766, bur 10.01.1770)
  B. Eleanor Halsted (bpt 01.02.1726)
  m. Edward Byrom of Manchester
2.+ other issue (a 1684) - John (dsp), Edward, Jane



The Harleian editor shows a coat of arms for this family which, as far as we have so far checked, is very different from those of other Hill families. 'The General Armory' describes those arms as 'Gu. a saltire vair betw. four mullets ar.'
Richard Hill 'of Hartley Wintney, Hampshire' ("Sergeant of the seller to H. 8" (who r. 1509-1547) (manager of the wine cellar))
m. Elizabeth Isley (dau of Thomas Isley of Tunbridge, m1/2. Sir John Masonn (Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster))
1. Henry Hill (dsp)
2. Margaret Hill
  m. Francis Spilman
3. Frances Hill
  m. Robert Bing of Kent (d 1595)
4. Anne Hill
m1. (John) Bellingham (d 1576)
  m2. _ Lewknor @@ Thomas? see here @@
5. Dorothy Hill (bur 04.06.1600)
  m1. (Walter) Welsh or Walshe (d 02.1561)
  m2. Richard Shelley (d 1594)
6. Mary Hill (d 1616)
  m1. Sir John Cheeke
  TCP (vol XII/1, 'Stanhope of Harrington', p241) reports that Mary also married ...
  m2. Henry Mackwilliams of Sambourne (d 1586)

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