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Families covered: Innes of Borlum, Innes of Borrowstoun, Innes of Isauld, Innes of Oust, Innes of Sandside, Innes of Skaill, Innes of Thursater

Henderson reports that "The editor of Forbes' account of the family, however, had been unable to discover any evidence of their having held lands in Caithness previous to 1507, at which date Alexander, son and hier of Alexander Innes of Innes, got a charter of Dunbeath, Reay, and Sandside." It is noted that Alexander Innes, 14th of that ilk and son of Alexander the 13th, was born in 1507. It seems likely that the following Walter was closely connected to that Alexander.
Walter Innes of Thursater, Caithness (a 1560, vicar of Thurso) possibly father of ...
1. William Innes of Thursater & Brims (a 1567, 1582)
  A. Robert Innes (dvp)
  m. Margaret Sinclair (granddau of George, 4th Earl of Caithness, possibly dau of William)
  i. John Innes of Thursater
  m. Isobel Innes
  a. Robert Innes of Thursater
(1) James Innes of Thursater
  m1. ??
  (A) Robert Innes of Thursater (a 1665)
  (i) James Innes of Thursater (d by 1684?)
  (a) James Innes of Thursater
((1)) Robert Innes
  (ii) William Innes
  m2. (1656) Barbara Murray (dau of John Murray of Pennyland)
  Not clear which wife was mother of ...
  (B) John Innes in Edinburgh (a 683, surgeon)
  (C) Margaret Innes
  m. William Sinclair of Thrumster (son of John of Brims & grandson of John of Ulbster)
  (2) Janet Innes
b.+ other issue - William, Walter
  ii. Robert Innes of Oust (Owst) (a 1633, d before 1671)
  m. Elizabeth Sinclair
  a. George Innes of Oust
  m. Katharine Sinclair (dau of Alexander Sinclair of Forss)
  (1) John Innes of Oust (a 1682)
m. Anna Sutherland (dau of William Sutherland of Langwell)
  (A) John Innes
  (B) Marion Innes
  m. (05.1703) John Calder (son/heir of Robert in Winless)
  b. John Innes
  c. Jean Innes
  m. Thomas Gunn or Rorieson in Thurdistoft
  d. Margaret Innes
m. James Innes of Borrowstoun @@ below
  e. Janet Innes
  m. (1674) John Forbes in Achscrabster
  iii. George Innes of Skaill
  a. Walter Innes of Skaill
  m. Katharine Sinclair (dau of Sir James Sinclair of Murkle)
  (1) Mary Innes
  m. Angus McKay of Golval in Strathnaver
  (2)+ other issue - John (a 1668), Walter
  iv. Alexander Innes of Borrowstoun
  m. Margaret Miller
  a. James Innes of Borrowstoun
  m. Margaret Innes (dau of Robert Innes of Oust) @@ above
  (1) Elizabeth Innes
  m. Henry Budge (son of Robert in Stainland)
  v. JamesInnes in Watten



William Innes of Sandside
1. William Innes of Sandside (a 1638) probably father of (but possibly the same person as) ...
  A. William Innes of Sandside
  i. James Innes of Sandside
  m. Elizabeth Johnstone
  a. William Innes of Sandside probably father of (but possibly the same person as) ...
  (1) William Innes of Sandside (dsp 1747)
  b. Elizabeth Innes
  m. (1682) William Sinclair (Commissary of Caithness, son/heir of William of Hoy (not William later of Scotscalder))
c.+ other issue - Robert, Arthur (a 1697)
  ii. Robert Innes in Shebster
  iii. William Innes of Isauld & Borlum (d before 1655)
  m1. ??
  a. William Innes of Isauld (a 1668)
  m. Elizabeth Murray (dau of David Murray of Clairden)
(1) James Innes of Sandside (a 1684)
  (A) William Innes of Sandside (a 1684, d(sp?) 1747, Captain)
  m2. Margaret Cunningham (probably dau of John Cunningham of Brownhill (not of William of Broomhill))
  b. Henry Innes of Borlum
  m. Jean Sinclair (dau of John Sinclair of Brabster)
(1) Harry Innes of Borlum, later of Sandside
  m. Janet Dunbar (dau of Sir James Sutherland or Dunbar of Hempriggs, widow of John Sinclair of Barrock)i
  (A) William Innes of Sandside (d by 1787)
  m. (1764) Mary Cradock
  (i) William Innes of Sandside (dsp 1842, Major)
  m. (Elizabeth) Cradock (cousin)
  (ii) daughter
  m. _ Macdonald ## see here ##
  (a) Donald Macdonald of Sandside (d 17.10.1872, Captain) had issue
  m. Ramsay Maule (dau of Lord Panmure)
  (b)+ 2 daughters
(iii)+ other issue - Henry (dsp), daughters
  (B) Alexander Innes possibly confusion with the Alexander of a generation earlier
  (i) Anne Innes
  m. John Sutherland of Wester
  (2) Margaret Innes
  m. David Murray of Castlehill
  (3)+ other issue - Alexander, John
  c.+ other issue including Jean (a 1650)
2. John Innes (a 1626, Lt. Colonel in Denmark?)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : 'Caithness Family History' (John Henderson, 1884, 'The Inneses of Thursater', p238+)
(2) For lower section : 'Caithness Family History' (John Henderson, 1884, 'The Inneses of Sandside, p245+)
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