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Families covered: Irvine of Artamford, Irvine of Drum, Irvine of Kingcausie

John Irvine, 1st of Artamford
m. Beatrix Irvine (dau of John Irvine of Hatton and Pitmurchie)
1. John Irvine of Easter Beltie and Balbithan (dspm)
2. James Irvine, 2nd of Artamford (d 14.09.1672)
  m. (before 1633) Anna Keith (dau of Alexander Keith in Duffus)
  A. James Irvine, 3rd of Artamford (d before 16.03.1703)
  m. (1673) Margaret Sutherland (dau of James Sutherland of Kinminity)
  i. Alexander Irvine of Crimond, 4th of Artamford, 16th of Drum (d 1744)
  m. (1698) Isabel Thomson (dau of Thomas Thomson of Faichfield)
a. Alexander Irvine, 17th of Drum (d 1761, 2nd son)
  m. (1751) Mary Ogilvie (dau of James Ogilvie, 2nd of Auchiries)
  (1) Alexander Irvine, 18th of Drum (b 1754, d 1849)
  m. (1775) Jean Forbes (d 1786, dau of Hugh Forbes of Schivas)
(A) Alexander Irvine, 19th of Drum, later Forbes-Irvine of Schivas (b 10.01.1777, d 1861) had issue
  m. (19.12.1816) Margaret Hamilton (d 1855, dau of James Hamilton)
  (2) Rebecca Irvine apparently of this generation
  m. (1779) George Ogilvie, 4th of Auchiries (d 1801, cousin)
  b.+ 5 daughters
  ii. William Irvine, 5th of Artamford (d after 18.04.1754)
  m. Isobel Keith
  a. George Irvine, 6th of Artamford (b 08.01.1705)
  (1) Alexander Irvine of London, last of Artamford (d 24.12.1789)
  m. _ Peters of London
  (A) George Peters Irvine
  (2) Margaret Irvine
  m. (26.08.1767) William Urquhart, 2nd of Craigston
  b. Margaret Irvine (b 1722, d 20.10.1788)
  m. (02.1752) James Ferguson of Kinmundy (d 01.1777)
  iii. Thomas Irvine of Auchmunziel (b 30.09.1685, d before 26.06.1761)
  a. John Irvine (b c1722, d 23.02.1795)
  m. Margaret Chalmers (dau of _ Chalmers of Auldbar)
(1) Patrick Irvine (WS)
  m. (01.06.1803) Margaret Orr (dau of Patrick Orr of Bridgeton)
  (2) Margaret Irvine
  m. (01.12.1796) James Smith of Brechin
  (3) Rachel Irvine (b 29.01.1779, dps 13.11.1847)
  m. (15.11.1800) Sir Alexander Bannerman, 7th Bart (d 31.05.1840)
  b. Thomas Irvine
  m. (19.04.1761) Margaret Irvine (b 27.12.1741, d 02.12.1765, dau of James Irvine, 9th of Kingcausie) @@ below
  (1) Anne Irvine, 10th of Kingcausie (b 15.11.1763, d 10.12.1841)
  m. (30.04.1783) Claude Boswell of Balmuto, later Irvine-Boswell (d 22.07.1824, Senator as Lord Balmuto)
  iv. Charles Irvine (b c1693, d 08.10.1771)
  v. Margaret Irvine
  m. (03.11.1700) Hugh Rose, 3rd of Clava
3. Richard Irvine of Cairnfield
  m. (before 19.07.1664) Margaret Oliphant (b 1638/9, dau of Patrick Oliphant, 6th Lord)
  A. Alexander Irvine (b c1666)



Henry Irvine of Sunnyside, 1st of Kingcausie (d c1548)
m. Janet Collison (dau of John Collison, 1st of Auchlunies, Lord Provost of Aberdeen)
1. John Irvine, 2nd of Kingcausie (b c1521, d c1605)
  m1. Jean Irvine (dau of Robert Irvine of Tulloch)
  A. Andrew Irvine, 3rd of Kingcausie (dvp 1596-7)
m. Christian Forbes
  i. John Irvine, 4th of Kingcausie (d young)
  ii.+ 2 daughters (d unm)
  B. John Irvine, 5th of Kingcausie (d 03.12.1629, 7th son)
  m. Marjory Knolls (d c16.03.1638, dau of _ Knolls of Ashentilly, widow of Magnus Keith of Fynnersie)
  i. Alexander Irvine, 6th of Kingcausie (b 1606, d 17.08.1644)
  m. Isobel Irvine (dau of Robert Irvine of Fornet & Moncoffer, she m2. Sir Alexander Cumming of Culter) ## see here ##
a. John Irvine, 7th of Kingcausie (b 18.10.1634, d 07.1714)
  m. (mcrt 1653) Elizabeth Ramsay (d after 1716, dau of John Ramsay of Culsh and Margaret Dalgarno)
  (1) John Irvine, 8th of Kingcausie (b 07.04.1664, d 08.12.1740)
  m1. (1687) Jean Forbes (d 02.07.1695, dau of Alex Forbes of Ballogie)
  (A)+ 2 sons (dsp) and 4 daughters
  m2. (10.1702) Margaret Forbes (d 30.12.1764, dau of Thomas Forbes of Aberdeen by Marjory Ramsay)
(G) James Irvine, 9th of Kingcausie (b 01.01.1717, d 30.12.1794, 7th son)
  m1. (11.10.1740) Mary Gordon (b 1722-3, d 26.04.1742, dau of James Gordon of Fechill)
  (i) Margaret Irvine (b 27.12.1741, d 02.12.1765)
  m. (19.04.1761) Thomas Irvine @@ above
  m2. Mary Forbes (dsp 22.11.1797, dau of George Forbes, 3rd Earl of Grannard)
  (H) Amelia Irvine
  m. (1740) Patrick Leslie-Duguid of Balquhain & Auchinhove
  (I)+ 5 sons (dsp) and 6 daughters
  (2) Isabella Irvine probably of this generation
  m. John Strachan (minister of Darves, professor in Edinburgh)
  (3)+ 4 sons and 6 daughters
  b. Mary Irvine (d 09.1659) probably of this generation
  m. Thomas Johnston of Craig (d 08.1656)
  C. Christian Irvine possibly of this generation
  m. Alexander Lumsden of Clova (d 1625)
  D.+ other issue (including 5 sons)
  m2. (c1604) Elizabeth Garioch (dsp, dau of _ Garioch of Kinstair)

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Forbes Irvine of Drum), BLG1952 (Irvine-Fortescue of Kingcausie)
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