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Families covered: Jackson of Duddington, Jackson of Fanningstown, Jackson of Stamford, Jackson of Wisbech

Nicholas Jackson of Duddington, Northamptonshire (b 1570, d 1662)
1. William Jackson of Duddington (d 1667)
  A. Thomas Jackson of Duddington (d 1694)
  m. Frances Thursby (d 05.07.1683, dau of Christopher Thursby of Castor)
  i. Francis Jackson of Duddington, Castor & Helpstone (bur 24.01.1744, 2nd surviving son)
  m. Frances Fairchild (d 15.07.1740)
  a. Thomas Jackson of Duddington (b 1695, d 12.07.1771)
  m1. (22.04.1720) Sarah Burnaby (bur 1739, dau of Thomas Burnaby of Manton, cousin)
  (1)+ issue
  m2. Frances Cartwright (d 09.07.1754, dau of Rev. Hugh Cartwright of Ossington)
  (2) Hugh Jackson of Doddington and Stamford (b 11.10.1745, d 28.04.1829)
  m. (1767) Jane Weldon (d 22.04.1816, dau of James Weldon of London by Mary, dau of Francis Jackson)
  (A) Thomas Jackson (b 20.03.1768, d 30.06.1800)
  m. (08.1790) Elizabeth Hippisley (d 08.04.1823, dau of Tobias Hippisley of Hamleton, m2. Capt. John Gardner)
  (i) Thomas Hippisley Jackson of Stamford & Duddington (b 16.05.1791) had issue (6 daughters)
  m. (14.02.1820) Sarah Pochin (dau of Ewv. William Pochin of Morcott)
  (ii) Elizabeth Jackson (b 29.08.1792, d unm 10.1821)
  (iii) Susanna Jackson (b 28.11.1800)
  m. (10.11.1825) John Elliott Cairns of Coleraine (Colonel)
  (B) William Jackson of Stamford (b 12.05.1769, d 02.08.1810)
  m. Sarah Hawkins (d 06.1810, dau of Joseph Hawkins of Barwell & Hinckley)
  (i) son (dsp 1819)
  (C) Hugh Jackson of Duddington and Wisbech (b 26.07.1771, d 1852)
  m1. (25.04.1797) Ann Marshall (d 01.1838, dau of John Marshall of Waldersea House)
(i) Hugh John Jackson (b c1802, d 12.1818)
  (ii) William Goddard Jackson of Duddington & Wisbech (b 1803, d 12.1890) had issue
  m. (18280 Harriet Burchell (d 02.06.1862, dau of Matthew Burchell of Churchfield House)
  (iii) Joseph Marshall Jackson (rector of Bow Brickhill) had issue
  m. Harriett Margetts (dau of William Margetts of Huntingdon)
  m2. (1839) Elizabeth Susanna Moore (dau of William Patrick Moore of Aspley Guise)
(D) Jeremiah Jackson (b 29.07.1775, d 24.09.1857, prebendary of Brecon) had issue
  m. (09.06.1801) Mary Ann Willan (d 08.01.1849, dau of Rev. Robert Willan of Cardington)
  (E) Caroline Mary Jackson (b 26.08.1782)
  m1. John Goddard Marshall of Elm (d 10.06.1825)
  m2. John Russell Christopherson (rector of Sainsby, vicar of Eagle)
  (F)+ other issue - Janes (b 01.08.1777, d unm 22.06.1800, RN), others (d young)
  (3) Frances Jackson
  m. Jeremiah Jackson (d 09.1809, vicar of Manton & Ospringe, headmaster of Uppingham, cousin)
  b. Jeremiah Jackson of Fanningstown (3rd son)
  The following comes from BLG1952 (Gould of Upwey).
  m. Katherine Cox (dau of Sampson Cox of Ballynoe by Constantia Fitzmaurice)
  (1) Thomas Jackson of Fanningstown (eldest son)
  m. Barbara Read (dau of William Read of Bradford by Barbara, dau of John Gould of Upwey)
  (A) Jeremiah Jackson of Fanningstown (d 10.12.1796)
  (B) Thomas Jackson of Fanningstown (b 28.10.1782, d 1857)
  m. (18.09.1805) Helena Hall (d 08.1881, dau of Sober Hall of Darlington)
  One of their sons inherited Upwey and assumed the name of Gould only.
  (C) William John Jackson (d 28.01.1797)
  (D) Catherine Barbara Jackson of Upwey (d 1847)
  c.+ other issue - Francis (rector of Bulwick), 4 daughters

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Jackson of Duddington)
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