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Families covered: Jackson of Bury St. Edmunds, Jackson of Coleraine, Jackson of Spalding, Jackson of Westminster
[We doubt that there was any connection between the families shown below. They share the page for our convenience.]

William Jackson of Coleraine
m. Susan Beresford (dau of Sir Tristram Beresford, 1st Bart of Coleraine)
1. William Jackson of Coleraine
  m. Elizabeth Gorges (dau of Robert Gorges of Kilbrew & Kilmoon)
  A. Elizabeth Jackson
  m. Francis Howard (Captain)
  i. Gorges Edmond Howard (b 1715, d 1786)
  m. (17.09.1743) Arabella Parry (dau of Captain Philip Parry of Dublin)
  a. daughter
  m. _ Hunter
  b. Anne (probably not Catherine) Howard
  m. Hamilton Gorges of Kilbrew & Ballygawley (b 1739, d 14.06.1802, Captain)
  B.+ "numerous issue"
2.+ other issue



Maddison start with the unnamed father of John & Elizabeth. The Dinham & Brown sources identify Elizabeth's parents as ...
Thomas Jackson of Bicker & Spalding and/or of Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire
m. Jane Slater mother of Elizabeth, presumed also of ...
1. John Jackson of Spalding
  m. (25.04.1732) Gresham Ambler (bpt 16.03.1699-1700, dau/coheir of William Ambler of Spalding)
  A. Gresham Jackson (bpt 28.02.14732-3, bur 22.12.1808)
  m. (17.10.1751) John Dinham (bpt 24.09.1725, d 02.04.1782, perpetual curate of Spalding)
  B.+ other issue - Jane, Dorcas
2. Elizabeth Jackson (b 1699-1700, bur 22.03.1775)
  m1. Heneage Brown of (Horbling &) Spalding (a 1731)
  m2. (13.01.1733-4) John Dinham of Spalding



MGH identifies the arms of this family as "Argent, on a chevron sable, between three eagles' heads erased, as many roses or cinquefoils".
John Jackson of Westminster (b 1634-5)
m. (12.05.1691) Sarah Mander (b 1670-1, dau of James Mander of Westminster)
1. John Jackson of London & Totteridge (b 24.05.1692, d 23.04.1766)
  m. (17.09.1730) Joan Taylor (b 18.09.1705, d 05.02.1777. niece of James Edington of Melkington)
  A. John Jackson (b 03.02.1732-3, a 1777)
  m. Sarah (possibly dau of George Whetten)
  i. Sarah Joan Jackson of Westminster & Sunning Hill (b 18.12.1771, d 07.04.1836)
  ii. Frances Almerina Jackson (b c1783, dsp 04.02.1855)
m. John Stables of Ascot Heath
  B. Mary Jackson (b 15.07.1731)
  m. (14.08.1764) William Wright of London (b 30.09.1712, d before 1770, m1. Anne Child of Richmond)
  i. John Freeman Wright of London then Bristol (b 04.01.1770, d 01.12.1847, 2nd son) had issue
  m. Anne (d 1861)
  ii.+ other issue (d unm) - William (b 22.07.1765, d 1802), Mary (b 10.09.1766, d 29.11.1847), Anna (b 27.09.1768, d 1769)
  C. Anna Jackson (b 26.12.1738, d 28.11.1789)
  m. (27.08.1764) Rev. Samuel Smith (b 1731, d 23.03.1808, Headmaster of Westminster School)
  D.+ other issue - Joseph (b 13.08.1735, d young), Richard (b 17.09.1736, d 21.01.1773 in Grenada), Samuel of London (a 1777), Henry (d 17.10.1784), Sarah (b 1734, d young), Rebecca (d unm 25.12.1815)
2. Anna Jackson (b 24.02.1701-2, bur 07.10.1739)
  m. Henry Godde (b 16.04.1702, d 24.09.1764)
3.+ other issue - Richard (b 23.08.1693, d infant), Mary (b 25.07.1695), Anne (b 27.02.1697-8, d infant), Sarah (b 05.04.1699, d before 31.01.1758), Jane (b 05.03.1702-3. bur 17.03.1702-3)



MGH identifies the arms of the following Edward as "Gules, three suns in splendour or, a chief ermine".
Edward Jackson of Holkham, Suffolk (bur 21.02.1694-5)
m1. Bridget (bur 14.03.1693)
1.+ issue - Elizabeth (bur 26.01.1684), Susan (bpt 13.09.1687)
m2. (c1694) Theophila Isaack (d 30.11.1708, dau of Matthew Isaack of Hitcham)
3. Edward Isaack Jackson of Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk (bpt 31.10.1695, d 22.05.1766)
  m. Mary Ray (b 1695-6, d 09.08.1746, dau/coheir of Walter Ray of Bury St. Edmunds by Elizabeth, dau of Peter Ling of Bury St. Edmunds)
  A. Walter Isaack Jackson (b 16.06.1722, d infant)
  B. Theophila Jackson (b 21.06.1721, d 01.11.1760)
  m. Bernard Mills (b 16.02.1715, d 09.12.1787, Rector of Hitcham, son of John by Sarah Gault)
  C. Elizabeth Jackson (b 01.09.1723, d 07.10.1760)
  m. (17.03.1744) Robert Hanson of Normanton (b c1713, d 25.11.1765)

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