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Families covered: Jervis of Great Peatling (Jerveis of Peatling Magna), Jervis of Lutterworth, Jerveis of Thorpe Langton

Nichols identifies the arms of this family as "Sable, a chevron Ermine between three martlets Argent". In vol 2/2 he spells the family name "Jerveis"; in vol 4/1 "Jervis".
John Jerveis of Thorpe Langton, Leicestershire (a 1363)
1. Ralph Jerveis (a 1385)
  A. Thomas Jerveis (a 1408)
  m. Editha
  i. Ralph Jerveis (a 1415)
a. Robert Jerveis (a 1444)
  (1) Robert Jerveis (a 1462)
  (A) Robert Jerveis (a 1485)
  (i) William Jerveis (a 1498)
  (a) John Jerveis of Thorpe Langton & Peatling Magna (a 1528, 1567) the first on 4/1/334
  m. Margaret Goodman (dau of Thomas Goodman of Luffenham)
  ((1)) Thomas Jerveis
  m. Alice Holyoke
  ((2)) William Jerveis of Peatling Magna (d 1597) - continued below
  m. Katharine Ward (dau of William Ward of Shankton)
  ((3)) Elizabeth Jerveis
  m. Richard Bradgate of Peatling Parva
  (2)+ other issue - William, Edmund of Bowden Parva (Northamptonshire)



William Jerveis of Peatling Magna (b c1502, d 08.05.1597) - continued above
m. Katharine Ward (dau of William Ward of Shankton)
1. John Jerveis
2. Thomas Jerveis
  A. William Jerveis
3. William Jerveis or Jervis of Peatling Magna (b c1537, d 21.01.1614)
  m1. Anne Purefoy (dau of Nicholas Purefoy of Drayton)
A. William Jerveis or Jervis, Sheriff of Leicestershire (b c1561, dsp 09.06.1618)
  m. Elizabeth Shepherd of Hockley (dsp 07.09.1632, m2. Sir Robert Roberts of Sutton Cheynell) ## see here ##
  B. George Jerveis or Jervis of Great Peatling
  m. Elizabeth Henshawe (dau/heir of Michael Henshawe of Maldon)
  i. William Jerveis or Jervis of Great Peatling (b c1591/9, d c1661/9)
m. (Elizabeth) Adderley of Weddington
  a. Samuel Jerveis or Jervis of Great Peatling (b c1631, d 04.1674)
  m. Elizabeth Orton (bur 31.07.1708, sister/dau of Richard Orton of Lee Grange)
  (1) William Jervis of Great Peatling (b 21.06.1659, bur 24.01.1694)
  In vol 2, Nichols identifies William's wife as Anne, dau of Henry Fulmer of Buckinghamshire and ends that pedigree mentioning that, in (early) 1683, they had just 1 child, Richard. In vol 4, Nichols continues the family (having provided some more details on earlier generations) and identifies William's wife as ...
  m. Anne Darell (bur 23.12.1726, dau of Henry Darell of Fulmer Place, Buckinghamshire, grandson of Sir Marmaduke)
  (A) Richard Jervis of Great Peatling (b 1680-1, bur 26.09.10725)
  m. Anne (bur 27.06.1743)
  (i) Samuel Jervis, last of Great Peatling (b 09.03.1709-10, bur 30.08.1772)
  (a) William Jervis of Kimcotes then Lutterworth (b 1737-8, d 23.03.1792, cleric)
  m1. Anne Benskyn (b c1735, d 28.11.1771, dau of Thomas Benskyn of Stoney Staunton)
  m2. Anne Davies (a 1806, dau of John Davies of Nuneaton)
  ((1))+ issue (a 1806) - Charles of Hinckley, William Davies (captain)
  (ii) William Jervis of Lutterworth (b 02.11.1711, d 18.09.1780, apothecary)
  m. Tabitha (bur 22.06.1753)
(a) William Jervis (bur 14.07.1747)
  (b) Richard Jervis of Lutterworth then Hinckley then Narborough (a 1806)
  m. Hannah Dawes (d 17.11.1781)
  ((1)) Richard Jervis (a 1806, curate of Stoke Golding, schoolmaster) had issue
  m. (25.11.1802) Anne Gallaway (a 1806, dau of Rev. John Cole Gallaway of Hinckley)
  (c) daughter 334/388 Jervis3 ** (link to Knightley Smith - see Holled?)
  m. _ Tatam
  (iii) Darell Jervis (b 04.10.1713)
  m. Knightley Smith of Leire
(B) Elizabeth Jervis (b 04.02.1688, d 17.03.1752)
  m1. Henry Porter in Birmingham
  m2. (09.07.1736) Samuel Johnson (bpt 07.09.1709, dsp 13.12.1784, son of Michael)
  (C)+ other issue - William (b 10.10.1683), Samuel (b 06.01.1685), Darell (b 14.10.1687, bur 04.06.1699), Anne (b 26.12.1691, bur 14.11.1696)
b. William Jerveis (b 1643, a 1683, d unm?)
  c. Elizabeth Jerveis
  m. (27.03.1653) William Bale (son of Sir John of Carleton Curlieu)
  d. Catharine Jerveis
  m. Richard Orton of Lee Grange
  e. Susanna Jerveis
  m. William Read of London
  f. Jane Jerveis
m. Richard (not William) Bradgate of Great Peatling
  g/h. Abigail Jerveis
  m. Peter Cook of London
  h/g. Mary Jerveis
  m. Thomas Wade of Market Harborough
  ii. Henry Jerveis of Great Peatling (b 1607, dsp)
  iii. Elizabeth Jerveis
  m. John Dawes of Stapleton
  iv. Frances or Mary Jerveis (d c1640)
m. Francis Chamberlayne of Plumptree
  v. Anne Jerveis
  m. John Prestgrave of Willoughby, Brington & Astley (clerk)
  vi. Dorothy Jerveis (d 1641)
  m. Henry Strelley of West Langton
  C. Dorothy Jerveis
  m. Richard Roberts of Sutton Cheynell (b c1564, d 30.10.1644)
  m2. Frances Marston (dau of Richard Marston (Marfon))
4. Katharine Jerveis
  m. Richard Burdett
5. Joan Jerveis
  m. Thomas Payne
6. Grace Jerveis
  m. Noe Duckett
7. Anne Jerveis
  m. Edward Ward

Main source(s): 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 2, part 2, 1798, 'Pedigree of Gerveis, Jerveis, or Jarvis, of Thorpe-Langton and Great-Peatling', p671), 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 4, part 1, 1807, 'Pedigree of Jervis of Great Peatling', p334)
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