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Families covered: Kelly of Kelly (Devon), Kelly of Redcliffe

This family provides a good example of how, so it appears, additional research over the years has led to restatement of the early generations of a pedigree. We have used 3 main sources for this page: Commoners (published in 1836), Vivian (1895) & BLG1952 (1952). Where the sources disagree, we follow BLG1952 because we presume that it has been based on a consideration of both the earlier sources and fresh evidence/interpretation.
Martin of Kelly, Devon (a 1100)
1. Nicholas de Kelly (a 1166) the first mentioned by Vivian
  A. (Sir) William de Kelly (a 1220)
  i. Warren de Kelly
  a. Sir William Kelly of Kelly (a 1252)
  (1) Richard Kelly of Kelly
  (A) Sir John Kelly of Kelly (a 1272)
  m. Dyonisia de Siccavilla (dau/heir of Warin de Siccavilla)
  (i) Sir John Kelly of Kelly (a 1288) this generation omitted by Vivian
  We are concerned that BLG1952 may be showing too many generations of Johns.
  (a) Sir John Kelly of Kelly (d c1350)
m. Margaret
  ((1)) Sir John Kelly of Kelly (a 1371)
  m. Elinor Crewes (dau/coheir of John Crewes of Bradstone)
  Whilst BLG1952 shows Sir John & Margaret as parents of the following Thomas, Vivian inserts another 3 generations: John, Matthew and John.
((A)) Thomas Kelly of Kelly (d 14.09.1404)
  Commoners shows this Thomas as son of Sir John son of John son of William son of Sir William (a 1252).
  m1/2. Mary Penhallow (dau of Richard Penhallow of Cornwall)
  ((i)) Edith Kelly
  m. Humphrey Caldwoodleigh
  m2/1. Elizabeth Talbot (dau/(co)heir (by Margaret) of William Talbot of Spreyton son of Sir Richard of Wyke)
  ((ii)) Nicholas Kelly (dsp, priest)
  ((iii)) Richard Kelly of Kelly - continued below
  m. Jane Bratton (dau of Thomas Bratton of Minehead)
  ((B)) Margaret Kelly
  Vivian (Devon) shows a Margaret, m. Richard Doyngell, as daughter of Matthew, sister of John, aunt of Thomas. Given the confusion with the additional generations, the approximate dates of the descendants of that Margaret & Richard, and the fact that Vivian cross-refers to his work on Cornwall where she is shown as dau of John Kelly (not Matthew), we show that Margaret below.



Richard Kelly of Kelly - continued above
m. Jane Bratton (dau of Thomas Bratton of Minehead)
1. John Kelly of Kelly, Mayor of Exeter (d 11/21.05.1481)
  m. Joane Fortescue (dau of Henry Fortescue of Preston)
  A. Oliver Kelly of Kelly (b c1464/1470, d 28.06.1511)
  m. Johanna Tremayne (dau of Thomas Tremayne of Collacombe)
  i. John Kelley of Kelley (Kelly of Kelly) (d 15.09.1558, 2nd son)
m. Dorothea Wood (dau of Richard Wood of North Tawton)
  a. Oliver Kelley of Kelley (Kelly of Kelly) (b 1524)
  m. Margaret Dennys (dau of Henry Dennys of Hall)
  (1) Thomas Kelley of Kelley (Kelly of Kelly) (d 29.05.1605)
  m. Blanch Harris (dau of William Harris of Hayne, m2. Henry Northleigh)
  (2) Elizabeth Kelley
  m. John Hore of Chagford
  (3) Alice Kelley
  m. Robert Yeo
  (4)+ other issue - Roger (a 1605), Richard (a 1605), Oliver (dsp 31.10.1594), Anne, Mary
  b. Henry Kelly
  m. Elizabeth White
  (1) Anthony Kelly of Kyfton, Devon (bur 12.1628)
  m. Alice (widow of James Denham)
  (A) Thomasin Kelly (b c1601, a 1620)
  (B) Judith Kelly
m. Arthur Helman
  c. Katherine Kelly
  m. William Bower of Barnswood
  d. Ann Kelly
  m. John Whitlock of Northtawton
  e.+ other issue - Anthony, James
  ii. Elizabeth Kelly
  m. Richard Pine
  iii. Jane (Joan) Kelly
  m. John Moore of Moore
  iv.+ other issue - Oliver (dsp), Thomas, Anthony, Stephen, George, Joan
  B. Margaret Kelly possibly fits here?, see note above
m. Richard Doyngell
2. Henry Kelly
  m. Elizabeth Kimbere (dau/heir of Richard Kimbere son of John son of Elias by Johanna, dau/heir of Henry Trevalnard by Margaret)
  A. Michael Kelly of Redcliffe, Devon
  m. Alice Kelly (dau/coheir of William Kelly of Southwick)
  i. William Kelly of Redcliffe (d 28.08.1534)
  m. Jane Trecarroll (d 07.03.1558, dau/heir of Henry Trecarroll)
  a. Henry Kelly (b c1521, dsp(m))
(1) Alice Kelly
  m1. Richard Weekes
  m2. Richard Copleston of Woodland
  b. William Kelly of Trecarrell (b c1523, a 1558) ancestor of Kelly of Peters Marland
  m. Joane Mellor (dau of William Mellor)
  c. Katherine Kelly (a 1558)
  m. Henry (probably not John) Clobery of Bradston
  d. Anne Kelly (a 1558)
  m. Henry Dillon
  e.+ other issue - Jane (d young), Margaret (a 1558)
  ii. Oliver Kelly
  iii. Elizabeth Kelly
  m. John Harris (Serjeant-at-law)

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Kelly of Kelly), Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, Kelly of Kelly), Commoners (vol 2, Kelly of Kelly) with some support from Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, 'Kelley', p257)
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