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Families covered: Kennedy of Cassillis, Kennedy of Dunure, Kennedy of Glentig, Kennedy of Girvan Mains (Girvanmains)

John Kennedy of Dunure (a 1385)
m1. Mary
BLG1886 (Kennedy of Bennane and Finnarts) suggests that John married the heiress of Sir Neil Montgomerie of Cassilis and had 2 sons: Sir Gilbert, his successor, and Sir Hew of Ardstynchar (d unm). TSP reports that, if John did marry a Montgomerie, she must have been his second wife.
1. Sir Gilbert Kennedy of Dunure (d after 11.1408)
  BLG1886 (Kennedy of Bennane and Finnarts) reports that Gilbert married twice:
(1) to Marion, daughter of Sir James Sandilands of Calder, by whom he had 2 sons: Gilbert (dsp) and Thomas of Bargany.
(2) to ?, by whom he had James who married Princess Mary.
We follow TSP and BP1934 but note that some web sites appear to follow the source used by BLG1886.
  m. (before 1384) Agnes Maxwell (dau of Sir John Maxwell of Pollok)
  A. James Kennedy, younger of Dunure (dvp before 08.11.1408)
  m. (1404-5) Mary Stewart (d 1458, dau of Robert Stewart, King Robert III of Scots)
  i. Sir John Kennedy of Carrick (a 1434, dsp)
  ii. Gilbert Kennedy, 1st Lord (d after 06.03.1478-9)
  m1. (c1440) Katherine Maxwell (dau of Herbert Maxwell, 1st Lord)
a. John Kennedy, 2nd Lord (b before 12.10.1454, d 1508)
  m1. (before 25.03.1459) Elizabeth Montgomery (dau of Alexander Montgomery, 1st Lord)
  (1) David Kennedy, 1st Earl of Cassillis (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
  m1. Agnes Borthwick (dau of William Borthwick, 3rd Lord)
  (A) Gilbert Kennedy, 2nd Earl of Cassillis (d 09.1527)
  m. Isabella Campbell (a 1529, dau of Archibald Campbell, 2nd Earl of Argyll)
(i) Gilbert Kennedy, 3rd Earl of Cassillis (b 1515, d c28.11.1558)
  m. (c1540) Margaret Kennedy (dau of Alexander Kennedy of Bargany)
  (a) Gilbert Kennedy, 4th Earl of Cassillis (d 12.12.1576)
  m. (mcrt 30.03.1566) Margaret Lyon (d 1626, dau of John Lyon, 7th Lord Glamis)
  (b) David Kennedy (d infant)
  (c) Sir Thomas Kennedy, 1st of Culzean (d 11.05.1602)
  m. (before 28.04.1579) Elizabeth Makgill (d 05.1622, dau of David Makgill of Cranstonriddel)
  (d) Jean Kennedy --
  m. (1561) Robert Stewart, 1st Earl of Orkney (b 1533, d 1592/3) --
(e) Katharine Kennedy
  m1. (1574) Sir Patrick Vaus of Barnbarroch (d 22.12.1597)
  m2. William MacLellan of Auchlane
  partner unknown
  (f) John Kennedy of Grenare
  ((1)) Helen Kennedy probably of this generation
  m. Hugh Hannay of Grennan (d 1658)
  (ii) Thomas Kennedy (d Pinkie 10.09.1547)
  (iii) David Kennedy of Culzean (a 01.1562)
  m. Janet Kennedy (dau of Duncan Kennedy of Daljedburgh)
(a) Katherine Kennedy
  m. Thomas Hay of Park (d c1580)
  (b)+ other issue - Margaret, Egidia
  (iv) Quintin Kennedy, Abbott of Crossraguel (d 22.08.1564)
  (v) Hugh Kennedy of Barquhanny (a 1578)
  m. Katherine Bailey
(vi) James Kennedy of Uchtrelure (d before 17.05.1572)
  m. (before 10.02.1560) Agnes Johnstone
  (a)+ 2 daughters
  (vii) Marion Kennedy
  m1. Thomas McClelland of Bomby
  m2. William Campbell, younger of Skeldon
  (viii) daughter
  m. Thomas Kennedy of Bargany
  (ix) Helen Kennedy (a 1571)
  m. (before 1549) William Adair of Kinhilt
  (x) Janet Kennedy
  TSP mentions that there may have been a Janet of this generation who married Fergus McDowell of Freugh. We show her a generation earlier.
  (B) William Kennedy, Abbot of Crossraguel (d before 01.01.1547-8)
  (C) James Kennedy of Brunston (a 1541)
  (D) Thomas Kennedy of Coiff (a 08.04.1569)
m1. Helen Campbell (a 1527, 1534, dau of Archibald Campbell, 2nd Earl of Argyll)
  m2. Catherine Corry (dau of Thomas Corry of Kelwood)
  (E) Katherine Kennedy (a 1533) --
  m1. (mcrt 04.10.1510) Quintin Mure of Aird 'of Skeldon'
  (i) Margaret Mure --
  m1. Neil Montgomery, 1st of Lainshaw (d 1547) --
  m2. John Kennedy of Skeldon
  m2. (by 1518) William Hamilton of Sorn & Sanquhar (a 1533) --
  (F) Christian Kennedy
  m. John Kennedy of Guiltree
  (G) Janet Kennedy probably of this generation, of this marriage
  m1. Fergus McDowell of Freugh
  m2. Alexander Vaus of Barnbarroch (d 1568)
  m2. (c09.08.1509) Margaret Boyd (dau of Thomas Boyd, Earl of Arran)
(2) Katharine Kennedy --
  m1. Thomas Kennedy, younger of Bargany --
  m2. Sir John Wallace of Craigie
  (3) Margaret Kennedy probably of this generation, of this marriage
  m. Patrick Vaus of Barnbarroch (d 1528)
  (4) Elizabeth Kennedy probably of this generation, of this marriage --
  m. (mcrt 16.04.1478) Sir John Rattray, 11th of Rattray (d Flodden 09.09.1513) --
  m2. (before 30.06.1471) Elizabeth Gordon (d 17.04.1500, dau of Alexander Seton, 1st Earl Huntly)
(5) Alexander Kennedy, 1st of Girvan Mains or Girvanmains (a 1481)
  (A) Hugh Kennedy, 2nd of Girvan Mains
  m. (by 1531) Janet Stewart (b 1500, dau of John Stewart, 2nd Earl of Atholl)
  4 children identified in the Vans family site (mentioned as a Main Source for 'Agnew01').
  (i) Gilbert Kennedy of Girvan Mains
  (ii) Margaret Kennedy
  m. Uchtred Macdowall, 12th of Garthland (d 1593)
  (iii) Elizabeth Kennedy
  m. Sir Patrick Vaus or Vans of Barnbarroch (d 22.12.1597)
(iv) Barbara Kennedy --
  m. (mcrt 30.09.1554) Sir John Bellenden of Auchnoull (d 01.10.1576) --
  (v) Helen Kennedy probably of this generation
  m. (by 22.04.1556) Laurence Bruce, 4th of Cultmalundy (d 08.1617)
  partner(s) unknown
  (B)+ other issue - Alexander (a 1542), George (a 1542)
  (6) Elizabeth Kennedy
m. (div before 08.1498) Sir William Colville of Ochiltree
  (7) Janet Kennedy --
  m1. (before 15.03.1504-5, div before 02.1507-8) Sir John Ramsay of Trarinzean, Lord Bothwell (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
  m2. (div ?) Sir Alexander Gordon, younger of Lochinvar (dvp Flodden 09.09.1513) --
  m3. Archibald Douglas, 5th Earl of Angus, Chancellor ("Bell the Cat", b c1448, d c12.1513)
  partner: James Stewart, King James IV of Scots (b17.03.1473, d Flodden 09.09.1513)
  (8) Margaret Kennedy --
  m. (before 04.02.1499-1500) Andrew Stewart, 2nd Lord Avondale (d Flodden, 09.09.1513) --
  (9) Helen Kennedy
  m1. Robert Graham, 2nd of Knockdolian (d 1528)
  m2. (before 12.1531) Adam Boyd of Penkill and Trochrigg (d after 21.11.1577)
  (10)+ other issue - John (a 1508), William
  m3. Elizabeth
  b. James Kennedy of Row, 1st of Baltersan
  m. Egidia Blair (a 1516)
  c. Walter Kennedy of Glentig (d c1518, 6th son)
  m. Christian Hynd
(1) Alexander Kennedy of Glentig (2nd son)
  m. Janet Wallace
  (2)+ other issue - Walter, James, David
  d. Katherine Kennedy --
  m. (before 1459) Alexander Montgomery, 2nd Lord (b c1455) --
  e. daughter --
  m. George Campbell of Loudoun, Sheriff of Ayr --
  f.+ other issue - Alexander, Gilbert of Crochba (dsp), Robert, Marion
  m2. Isabel Ogilvie (d 1484, dau of Walter Ogilvie of Lintrathen)
iii. James Kennedy, Bishop of Dunkeld (b 1404-5, d 07.1465)
  B. Alexander Kennedy of Ardstynchar
  partner unknown
  i. Gilbert Kennedy of Beoch (a 12.1456)
  C. Hugh Kennedy of Ardstynchar (a 1421)
  D. Sir John Kennedy, 1st of Blairquhan (d before 12.06.1473) --
  E. Thomas Kennedy of Ardstynchar, 1st of Bargany (a 1455) --
  F. David Kennedy, 1st of Kirkmichael (a 1436)
  G. Elizabeth Kennedy
  m. John Vaus of Barnbarroch (d before 1456)
  partner(s) unknown
  H. Roland Kennedy of Leffnol (youngest of the bastards)
  i. Gilbert Kennedy
  I.+ other issue - Gilbert, John
2. Margaret Kennedy
  m. Sir John Forbes of Druminore (a 1385)
m2. (?) Marjorie (or Christian) Montgomery

Main source(s): TSP (Cassillis), BP1934 (Ailsa)
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