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Families covered: Kennedy of Ballymagowan, Kennedy of Derry, Skipton of Beechhill

Identified as "of the house of Uchtrelure, founded by James. 7th son of Gilbert, 2nd Earl of Cassillis" was the following James who "went to Ireland with the Scottish aemt in 1641, and acquired considerable church lands about Clogher".
John Kennedy of Ballymagowan (b 1614-5, d 30.07.1680)
m. Janet Stewart
1. Horas Kennedy, Sheriff of Derry (b c1648, d 1714, Captain)
  m. Katherine Squire (dau of Captain Gervais Squire of Donoughmore)
  A. Gervais Kennedy 'of Derry' (b c1685, d 1721)
  m. Jane Maxwell (d 1722, dau of William Maxwell (by Jane, dau/heir of John Moderwell (Sheriff of Tyrone) by Katherine Leck), son of Thomas Maxwell of Strabane & Kirkminster (Sheriff of Tyrone), niece of Mrs. Tomkins of Prehen)
i. William Kennedy (b c1712, d 1783)
  m. Easter Crookshank (dau/heir of George Crookshank (by Mary, dau of Capt. Robert Bacon (by Hester Howard) & sister of Archdeacon Bacon of Glebe Hall), son of Captain John Crookshank by Eliza Pitt, grandau of Captain Simon Pitt)
  a. Maxwell Kennedy (dsp 1782, cleric)
  b. George Crookshank Kennedy, later Skipton of Beechhill (formerly called Skipton Hall) (d 1819, Deputy Governor of co. Donegal)
  George succeeded to the estate of Thomas Skipton, his "cousin and brother-in-law".
  m. (19.09.1777) Sarah McCausland (d 1823, dau of Conolly McCausland of Fruit Hill)
  (1) Conolly McCausland Skipton of Beechhill (dsp 1854)
  m. Catherine Spottiswood (dau of J. Spottiswood)
  (2) George Skipton (3rd son) had issue
  m1. (1814) Mary Stacy (dau of Rev. Henry Stacy)
m2. (sp) Anne Constable (dau of Archibald Constable of Edinburgh)
  (3) Alexander Skipton of The Casino (d 1858, 5th son) had issue
  m. (1822) Elizabeth McCrea (dau of James McCrea of Derry by Frances, dau of William Law of Dundee)
  (4) Pitt Skipton had issue
  BLG1863/1886 report that Pitt married twice and had issue. One of his wives was possibly ...
  m. Sarah McCausland (dau of Frederick McCausland of Streeve Hill)
  (5) Easter Skipton (d 1862)
  m. John Dyssary
  (6) Elizabeth Skipton (d 1836)
  m. Marcus McCausland of Culmore
  (7) Sarah Skipton
  m. Samuel Crookshank (son of Judge George Crookshank) @@ below
  (8) Theodosia Skipton
  m. George Keele
  (9)+ other issue including William (dsp), Thomas (dsp), Marcus (dsp)
  c. William Kennedy
  (1) Thomas Kennedy (dsp)
  d. John Pitt Kennedy d 1811, (rector of Donagh then Balteagh)
  m. (1786?) Mary Carey (dau/heir of Major Thomas Carey of Lough Ash)
  (1) William Pitt Kennedy of Lough Ash (d 12.1824) had issue
  m. (08.1823) Mary Chambers (dau of John Chambers)
  (2) Thomas Kennedy had issue
  m. Rosettta Carey (dau of George Carey of White Castle)
  (3) Alexander Kennedy had issue
  m. Elizabeth Rolleston
  (4) John Pitt Kennedy (Lt. Colonel) had issue
  m. Anne Style (dau of Charles Style of Glemnore)
  (5) Harry Alexander Kennedy (6th son)
  m. ?? (Mrs. Attersall)
  (6) Tristram Kennedy (d 20.11.1885, MP) had issue
  m. Helen Graham (dau of Lt. Colonel _ Graham of Cossington)
  (7) Evory Kennedy of Belgard Castle (Clondalkin, co. Dublin) & London (b 27.11.1807, d 04.1886, President of the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland) had issue
  m. (04.1835) Alicia Hamilton (dau of Rev. Richard Hamilton of Culdaff by Catherine, dau of Edward Tipping of Bellurgan Park by Hon. Mary Blayney)
  (8) Charles Horatio Kennedy
  m. Emily Collyer
  (9) Mary Kennedy
  m. Robert Collins
(10)+ other issue - George, Arthur, Lacy
  d. Easter (or Esther) Kennedy
  m. (1758) Alexander Crookshank (b 1736, d 1813, MP for Belfast, judge)
  (1) George Crookshank (b 01.04.1775, d 28.02.1845, MP for Belfast) had issue
  m. Letitia Godfrey (sister to Barbara, Marchioness of Donegal)
  (2) Samuel Crookshank (8th son) probably of this generation, had issue
  m. Sarah Skipton (dau of George Crookshank Kennedy, later Skipton) @@ above
  ii. (Isabella) Skipton
  BLG1863/1886 show that Gervais Skipton had an unnamed daughter who married _ Skipton. This was probably the Isabella who married the following Alexander Skipton but, if that was indeed the case, it is surprising that BLG did not make the connection.
  m. Alexander Skipton (b c1713, d 1793, Rector of Magilligan then Boveragh)
  iii. daughter
  m. _ Evory
2. James Kennedy of Ballymagowan

Main source(s): the sections on 'Family of Kennedy' in BLG1863 ('Skipton of the Casino') & BLG1886 ('Skipton of Beechhill')
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