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Families covered: King of Lovelace, King of Ockham, King of Wormenhall

We are not aware of any connection between the families shown on this page. They share the page for our convenience.
Jerome King of Exeter (grocer and salter)
m. Anne Locke (dau of Peter Locke of Somerset)
1. Peter King, Lord Chancellor of England, 1st Lord King of Ockham (b 1669, d 22.07.1734)
  m. (09.1704) Anne Seys (d 01.07.1767, dau of Richard Seys of Boverton)
  A. John King, 2nd Lord (bpt 13.01.1705-6, dsp 10.02.1740)
  m. (05.1726) Elizabeth Fry (b 03.05.1711, d 28.01.1732-3, dau of John Fry of Yarty by Frances Langton)
  B. Peter King, 3rd Lord (bpt 13.03.1708-9, d unm 22.03.1754)
C. William King, 4th Lord (b 15.04.1711, d unm 16.04.1767)
  D. Thomas King, 5th Lord King of Ockham (b 19.03.1712, d 04.04.1779)
  m. (17.08.1734) Catherine Troye (d 03.06.1784, dau of John Troye, judge at Brabant)
  i. Peter King, 6th Lord of Ockham (b 06.10.1736, d 20.11.1793)
  m. (24.11.1774) Charlotte Tredcroft (d 25.10.1829, dau of Edward Tredcroft of Horsham by Mary, dau of Henry Michel of Horsham)
a. Peter King, 7th Lord of Ockham (b 31.08.1776, d 04.06.1833)
  m. (25.05.1804) Hester Fortescue (b 17.12.1784, d 17.12.1873, dau of Hugh, 1st Earl Fortescue)
  (1) William King, later King-Noel, 1st Earl of Lovelace (b 20.02.1805, d 29.12.1893) had issue
  m1. (08.07.1835) Ada Augusta Noel-Byron (b 10.12.1815, d 29.11.1852, dau of George Gordon Byron, later Noel-Byron, 6th Lord)
  m2. (29.03.1865) Jane Crawfurd Jenkins (d 27.01.1908, dau of John Jenkins of Calcutta)
  (2) Peter John Locke King (b 25.01.1811, d 12.11.1885) had issue
  m. (22.03.1836) Louisa Elizabeth Hoare (, dau of William Henry Hoare of Mitcham Grove)
  (3) Hesther King (d 18.03.1848)
  m. (15.02.1843) Rev. Sir George William Craufurd, 3rd Bart (b 10.04.1797, d 24.02.1881)
  (4) Anne Emily King (d unm 1872)
  (5) Charlotte Louisa King (d 13.08.1863)
  m. (07.09.1841) Demetrius Calliphronas (rector of Walpole)
  b. William King (b 24.02.1780, d 03.12.1798)
  c. George King 'of Fryern, Sussex' (b 28.01.1783, d 21.12.1855) had issue
  m. (30.10.1808) Charlotte Tredcroft (d 25.07.1853, dau of Nathaniel Tredcroft of Horsham)
  ii. Wilhelmina King (b 04.03.1738, d 29.12.1795)
  m. (178) George Murray (b 22.08.1741, dsp 17.10.1797, Admiral RN)
  iii.+ other issue - Thomas (b 11.04.1740, d 27.06.1779), Anne (d 10.1797)
  E.+ other issue (d unm) - Elizabeth, Anne



Lipscomb reports that the following family is "said to be descended from the ancient Kings of Devonshire" and notes that they were of the family of Claydon, Padbury & Twyford, Buckinghamshire. Lipscomb starts with 2 brothers, Robert & Thomas (father of Philip). MGH starts with William of Devonshire & Anne, parents of Philip (nephew of Robert).
?? King
1. Robert King or Kynge, Bishop of Oxford (d 04.12.1557)
2. William (or Thomas) King of Devonshire
  m. Anne Williams (dau of Sir John Williams of Burfield (by Isabell, dau/coheir of Richard Moor), sister of John, Lord Williams of Tame)
  A. Philip King of Wormenhall
m. Elizabeth Conquest (dau of Edmund Conquest of Houghton Conquest)
  i. John King of Wormenhall (Buckinghamshire), Bishop of London (b c1559, d 30.03.1621)
  m. Joane Freeman (dau of Henry Freeman of Staffordshire)
  a. Henry King, Bishop of Chichester (b 1591-2, d 30.09/01.10.1669)
  Lipscomb shows Henry married to Anne Russell but MGH shows her to be wife of his son John. Wikipedia ("Henry King (poet and Bishop)") supports MGH in identifying Henry's wife as ...
m. (c1617) Anne Berkeley (b c1601, d c1624, dau of Robert Berkeley (son of Sir Maurice by Elizabeth Sonds), sister/heir of Michael of Baycourt)
  (1) John King of Boycote (dsp 10.03.1671)
  m. Anne Russell (dau of Sir William Russell of Strensham, m2. Sir Thomas Millington)
  (2) Henry King (d 21.02.1668-9)
  m. Joane Smith of Guildford
  (A) Mary King
  m1. Richard Hubert (d before 1685, son of Sir Richard) @@ below @@
  m2. (c05.1685) Edmund Wyndham of St. Martin-in-the-Fields (son of Sir Thomas (Groom Porter))
(B) Elizabeth King who apparently married ...
  m. (11.08.1670) Isaac Houblon (b 07.1638, d 1700)
  (3)+ 2 or 3 others (d young)
  b. John King of Boycote b c1595, d 02-03.01.1638/9, Canon of Windsor, Rector of Remenham)
  (1) Henry King (a 1670)
  (2) Elizabeth King
  m. William Pretyman of London (d 04.03.1687/8, son of Sir John of Bacton & Driffeild)
  c. Phillip King (b c1603, d 06.03.1666-7, Archdeacon of Lewes, youngest son)
  m. Mary Day (dau of Lyonell Day of Warwickshire)
  d. Elizabeth King (d 26.09.1702)
  m1. Edward Holte (dvp bur 30.08.1643, son of Sir Thomas, Bart)
  m2. (before 1653) John Millington
  e. Mary King (d before 1653)
m. ??
  (1)+ 1 son + 2 daughters
  f. Dorothy King (d 17.11.1658)
  m. Sir Richard Hubert of Langley Marsh
  (1) Richard Hubert (d before 1685) probably of this generation
  m. Mary King @@ above @@
  (2) Dorothy Hubert probably of this generation
  m. Abraham Houblon (b 01.1639, d 05.1722, Governor of the Bank of England)
  g. Ann King
  m1. (sp) John Dutton of Sherborne
  m2. (before 1653) Sir Richard Grobham Howe, Bart
  h.+ other issue - Robert (b c1598, d 04.11.1654), William (b 1601, rector in Billingsgate)
  ii.+ other issue - Richard (had issue), Phillip (d before 30.06.1635), Thomas, Anne, Dorothy, Margarey, Philllipa, Alice
  Lipscomb shows Robert King (d c1584, prebendary of Lincoln) as John's sibling. MGH shows his siblings as here.



Curtis King (d 01.05.1745, RN)
m. (25.09.1729) Mary Barnett (dau of Benjamin Barnett, sister of Commodore Curtis)
1. Sir Richard King, 1st Bart, Governor of Newfoundland (b 10.08.1730 d 07.11.1806, Admiral, MP, 3rd son)
  m. (30.11.1769) Susanna Margaretta Coker (d 18.10.1794, dau of William Coker of Mapowder by Susanna, dau of Rev. Laurence St. Le)
  A. Sir Richard King, 2nd Bart (b 28.11.1774, d 04/5.08.1834, Vice Admiral) had issue
  m1. (29.11.1803) Sarah Anne Duckworth (d 20.03.1819, dau of Admiral Sir John Thomas Duckworth, Bart, by Anne, dau of John Wallis of Lanteglos)
  m2. (16.05.1822) Maria Susanna Cotton ( b c1791, d 08.01.1871, dau of Admiral Sir Charles Cotton, 5th Bart of Maddingley, by Philadelphia Rowley)
  B. Henrietta King
  m. (Charles) Barnett (Lt. General)
  C. Louisa King
  m. Sir Thomas Hammond (Lt. General)
  D. Elizabeth King
  m. Sir C(harles) R. Rowley, Bart (Vice Admiral)
2.+ other issue including 2 sons (dvp)

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