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Families covered: King of Corard, King of Dublin, King of Gola

Foster starts with James King of Corard, etc., who was "descended of a family seated at Barra, in Aberdeenshire". [The Kings of Barra are shown on King04.] Foster then identifies James's son Robert as "solicitor and law agent to his cousin William King, D.D. archbishop of Dublin". If that was first cousin then that implies that James of Corard was uncle of the Archbishop. We doubt that not least because we suspect that Foster would have spelt out the relationship had it been close. We speculate that Robert and William were second cousins, both being great-grandsons of ...
?? King
1. ?? King
  A. ?? King
  i. James King (from Aberdeen to Ireland)
  Wikipedia ("William King (bishop)", 07.01.24) identifies William's father as a James King who, with his wife, "were recent immingrants from Aberdeen".
  a. William King, Archbishop of Derry then Dublin (b 01.05.1650, d 08.05.1729)
  b. Margaret King probably of this generation
  m. (08.03.1698) Charles Irvine (dsp 1745, Lt. Colonel)
  ii. Jane King possibly fits here
  m. Oliver Jackson of Enniscoe (d 1691)
2. ?? King
A. James King of Corard, Gola, etc. in co Fermanagh (a 1674)
  m. Nichola
  i. Robert King of Lissen Hall, co. Dublin (d 1711, MP, 2nd son)
  m. Marion Hamill (d 1731, dau of George Hamill of Dublin)
  a. Anne King (dvp)
  m. (c05.1700) Robert Ross of Rostrevor (d 1750, MP)
  b. Mary King (d 30.01.1733)
  m. (12.1713) William Smyth of Drumcree (MP)
  ii. John King of Gola (a 1719)
  a. James King of Gola (d 1756) had issue
  m1. Margaret Irvine (dsp 1735)
m2. Katherine Gore (dau of William Gore, dean of Down)
  b. Charles King of Corard (bur 19.09.1788)
  m. (23.09.1731) Elizabeth Cottingham (dau of Rev. James Cottingham of Ardmagh & Collasack)
  (1) James King of Corrard & Dublin (bur 05.09.1798)
  m. (21.07.1763) Elizabeth Bradley (d 23.08.1778, dau/heir of Abraham Bradley of Dublin (king's stationer))
  (A) James King of Dublin, Sheriff of co. Fermanagh (b 20.08.1772, d 07.06.1838)
  m. (02.09.1793) Letitia Irvine (d 06.04.1842, dau of Gerard Irvine of Greenhills)
  (i) James King of Rathfeston House, King's co. (b 28.06.1794, d 01.08.1833) had issue
  m. (17.06.1822) Maria Rawson (d 20.02.1869, dau of Thomas Rawson of Cardinton Athy)
  (ii) Arthur Henry King
  (iii) Katherine King (d 1848)
m. (1828) Charles Robert Gayer (rector of Dingle)
  (iv) Elizabeth King
  m. (1824) John Hazen of Sunbury
(B) Sir Abraham Bradley King of Corrard & Bloomsbury, Sheriff then Lord Mayor of Dublin, 1st Bart (b 31.05.1774, d 27.02.1838)
  m. (1793) Anne Oulton (d 08.03.1836, dau of Plato Oulton of Dulbin)
  (i) Sir James Walker King, 2nd Bart (b 12.05.1796, d 25.01.1874, vicar of Rathmore & Kilteel) had issue
  m. (11.06.1834) Anne Sophia Smyth-King (dau of Thomas Smyth-King, cousin) @1@ below
  (ii) Anne King (dsp 31.01.1865)
  m. (30.06.1816) Simon Boileau of Lakelands (d 02.09.1848)
  (iii) Elizabeth King (d 30.10.1868)
  m. (30.03.1819) Charles Pratt of Stoneville (d 20.02.1865, Colonel)
  (iv) Mary King (d 25.02.1866)
  m. (1820) George Thomas Colomb (d 20.03.1874, General)
  (v) Jane King (d 17.12.1863)
  m. Henry Jellicoe (d 06.12.1836, Com. RN)
  (vi) Sarah (Sally) King (d 23.12.1870)
  m1.(1821) Goddard Blennerhassett (d 1833)
  m2. _ Fleetwood
  (vii)+ other issue (d unm) - Abraham Bradley (b 10.1810, d 1836), Harriet Dawson (d 06.05.1873)
(C) Hulton King, later Smyth-King of Borris Castle (Queen's co.) & Hornsey (Middlesex) (b 31.12.1775, d 30.03.1826) 
  m. (05.02.1808) Anne Sarah Talbot (d 19.05.1828, dau/heir of Thomas Talbot by Anne, coheir of William Smyth of Borris Castle)
  (i) Anne Sophia Smyth-King
  m. (11.06.1834) Sir James Walker King, 2nd Bart @1@ above
  (ii)+ other issue - William (dean & chancellor of Leighlin), James of Dublin, Hulton (rural dean), George Augustus (MD), Abraham, Elizabeth, Matilda Sarah
  (D) Joseph King (b 16.05.1777, d 25.04.1810, captain, 6th son) had issue
m. (02.1800) Caroline Murdoch (d 12.1850, dau of George Murdoch of Belfast, m2. Lewis Morgan (alderman of Dublin)))
  (E)+ other issue
  iii. Charles King of Garvary, co. Donegal (d 07.1714, 5th son)
  m. Katherine Galbraith (sister of Robert Galbraith of Cloncorick, heir of James Galbrath of Balgair)
  a. Robert King of Drewstown, co. Meath (d 1760)
  m. Anne King (dau of Rev. Thomas King of Swords, widow of Robert Hassard, cousin) @2@ below
  (1) Catherine King
  m. (02.1761) Sir James Nugent, 1st Bart of Donore (dsp)
  (2) Margaret King
  m. (15.01.1757) Barry (Maxwell), 1st Earl of Farnham (d 1800)
  b.+ 1 son + 2 daughters
  iv. Thomas King (b 1663, d 01.01.1709, prebendary of Swords)
  m. Elizabeth Bernard (d 12.1731, dau/heir of John Bernard of Drumlin, widow of Rev. John Archdale of Lusk)
  a. James King (d 23.02.1759, rector in Dublin)
  m(1). Margaret (d 19.08.1748)
  (1) Robert King (d 10.1787, dean of Kildare)
  m1. (30.08.1759) _ Salmon (d 25.12.1759-60, dau of Thomas Salmon, Bishop of Leighline & Ferns)
  m2. (30.09.1761) Mary Belsham (d 1822, dau of Rev. James Belsham of Bedford)
  (A) Charles King (b 02.01.1767, d 21.09.1827, RN) had issue
m. (06.01.1807) Elizabeth Irvine (d 26.12.1847, dau of Thomas Irvine)
  (B)+ other issue including Robert (b 12.10.169, d unm 24.01.1852, archdeacon of Klmacduagh, rector of Inch)
  (2) Thomas King (b 16.05.1721, d 29.10.1800)
  m. (10.11.1748) Mary Adamson (d 12.1791, dau of John Adamson of Dublin, alderman)
  (A) James King of Presaddfed (b c1752, dspl 16.10.1816)
  m. (18.08.1794(9?)) Margaret Bulkeley (dsp 1831, sister/heir of Sir John Bulkeley of Presaddfed)
(3)+ other issue - Luke (dsp 1763, MD), Charles
  b. Robert King, Sheriff of Dublin (d 1773)
  m. Mary Mackerell (d 05.1774, sister/heir of Alderman John Mackerell ( MP))
  (1) Mackerell King of Lissen Hall (b 02.06.1721, dvp 1759)
  m. (12.1755) Mary Mitchell (d 01.05.1758, dau of Henry Mitchell of Glasnevin)
  (A) Mary King (d 10.1789)
m. Charles Costello of Edmundstown (d 1823)
  (B) Margaret King (d 1786)
  m. (18.02.1778) William Loftus of Kilbride (d 1821, General, MP, Lieutenant of the Tower)
  (2) James King (dsp 1772)
  m. (04.1759) Dorothea Spence (dau of Rev. Robert Spence of Donaghmore by Elizabeth, dau of John Foster (speaker of the Irish House of Commons))
  (3)+ other issue
  c. Anne King
  m. Robert King of Drewstown (d 1760) @2@ above
  d.+ other issue
  v. David King, Sheriff of Dublin (d 1737, 8th son) had issue
  m. (1696) Anne Weir
  vi.+ other issue

Main source(s):'The Baronetage and Knightage of the British Empire' (Joseph Foster, 1882, 'King', p359+)
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