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Families covered: Kirkby of Crosshouse, Kirkby of Kirkby Ireleth

Roger de Kirkby of Kirkby in Furness
In FMG (Continuation, 'Kirkby of Kirkby', p100), Roger is shown as son of Gilbert FitzReinfrid by Helewise, dau/heir of William de Lancaster. We follow our Main Source for this page in showing him as Gilbert's son-in-law instead.
m. (1199-1200) ?? (dau of Gilbert (son of Roger FitzReinfred) by Helwise, dau/heir of William de Lancaster of Kendal)
1. Alexander de Kirkby of Kirkby
  A. John de Kirkby of Kirkby
  i. Alexander de Kirkby of Kirkby (a 1295)
  a. Alan de Kirkby (a 1325, dsp)
  m. Christiana Conyers
b. Sir John de Kirkby of Kirkby (d by 1350)
  m. Margery
  (1) Sir John de Kirkby of Kirkby (a 1357)
  (A) Sir Richard de Kirkby of Kirkby (a 1405)
  m. Isabella
  (i) Sir Alexander de Kirkby (dvp)
  West names Alexander's wife as Jane but TCP (Ogle) names her Isabel.
  m. Isabel (probably not Jane) Tunstall (dau of Sir Thomas Tunstall of Thurland Castle)
(a) Isabella Kirkby
  m. (before 1423/4) Robert Ogle, 1st Lord (b c1406, d 01.11.1469)
  (ii) Sir Roger de Kirkby of Kirkby (a 1435)
  m. Isabell Lawrence (dau of Sir Robert Lawrence)
(a) Richard Kirkby of Kirkby Ireleth & Colsthall (a 1437)
  m. Anne Bellingham (dau of Sir Roger Bellingham of Bellingham)
  ((1)) Henry Kirkby of Kirkby Ireleth (dsp 1524-5)
  ((2)) Richard Kirkby of Kirkby (b c1484, d c1546)
  m. Dorothy Fleming (dau of John Fleming of Rydal Hall)
  ((A)) John Kirkby of Kirkby (b c1543, d 1551-2)
  ((B)) Anne Kirkby
  m. Henry Kirkby of Crosshouse @@ below
  ((3)) Margery Kirkby
  m. Nicholas Butler of Rawcliffe
  ((4))+ other issue - Alice, Elizabeth
  (b) Roger Kirkby of Crosshouse
  m. Elizabeth Richardson (dau of Thomas Richardson)
  ((1)) Henry Kirkby of Crosshouse, later of Kirkby (b c1501, d 1566-7)
m. Anne Kirkby (dau of Richard Kirkby of Kirkby) @@ above
  ((2)) Richard Kirkby
  m. Catherine
  (c)+ other issue (dsp) - Alexander, Thomas
  (iii) Richard de Kirkby (dsp?)
  (iv) John de Kirkby of Uprawcliffe had issue
  m. Eleanor or Johanna Urswick (dau/coheir of Sir Robert Urswick of Urswick)
  (v) Rowland de Kirkby of Seaton
  m. Margaret Coupland (dau/heir of Alan Coupland of Coupland & Seaton)
  (b) ?? Kirkby presumed intermediary generation, presumed father of ...
  ((1)) William Kirkby of Coupland & Botell
  ((A)) Elizabeth Kirkby (dsp)
  m. _ Bradley of Bradley
(vi) Elizabeth de Kirkby
  m. Hugh de Curwen
  (vii) Alice de Kirkby
  m. (1392-3) Sir William de Houghton
  (viii)+ other issue - Margery, Joan
  It is "highly probable" that either Margery or Joan married ...
  m. _ Swillington of Swillington
  (B) Robert de Kirkby
  (C) Catharine de Kirkby
  m. Sir John Ireby of Ireby
  (2) Catharine de Kirkby
  m. (1357-8) Sir Richard le Fleming of Coniston
  (3)+ other issue - Thomas (a 1362), Robert
  c. Ralph de Kirkby
  ii. Adam de Kirkby of Kirkby
  m. Galliena
  iii. Alan de Kirkby of Kirkby
  iv. Alice de Kirkby of Kirkby
  m. Richard de Coupland (son/heir of Sir Alan de Coupland)
2. John de Kirkby (judge, Baron of the Exchequer) had issue

Main source(s): 'The Antiquities of Furness' by Thomas West (1805)
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