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Families covered: Kirkham of Bidwell, Kirkham of Blagdon (Blackdown), Kirkham of Cotterstock, Kirkham of Finshead (Fineshade) Abbey, Kirkham of Pinhoe, Kirkham of Warmington

We do not know of what connection, if any, there was between the 2 families reported on this page. They share the page for our convenience.
John Kirkham of Kirkham Abbey, Lancashire
1. George Kirkham of Warmington, Northamptonshire (a 1527)
  m. Anne Armstone (dau/heir of Thomas Armstone of Armstone)
A. Sir Robert Kirkham of Warmington
  m. Isabelle St. John (dau of Sir John St. John of Bletso)
  i. William Kirkham of Finshead Abbey, Northamptonshire
  m. Mary Carroll (dau of Thomas Carroll of Edgcott)
  a. George Kirkham (dvpsp?)
  b. William Kirkham of Finshead Abbey
  m. Martha Payton (b 1561-2, d 27.07.1618, dau of John Payton of Bury St. Edmunds)
  (1) Walter Kirkham of Finshead Abbey (dspms)
  (2) Elizabeth Kirkham
m. John Proude
  (3) Etheldreda Kirkham
  m. Ekins (?) Lenton of Warmington
  (4) Maria Kirkham
  m. George Fauconer of Scotland
  c. Thomas Kirkham of Cotterstock, Northamptonshire
m. Margaret Monk (dau of Robert Monk of Carlby)
  (1) Robert Kirkham of Cotterstock, later of Finshead Abbey (b c1594, a 1619)
  m. (c12.1615) Ann Browne (b c1595, dau of Francis Browne of Tolthorp)
  (A) Walter Kirkham of Finshead Abbey (b c1617)
  m. (14.03.1653/4) Mary Norwich (bpt 02.07.1635, dau of Sir John Norwich of Brampton)
  (i) Charles Kirkham (b 1680, bur 23.02.1727-8)
  m. Margaret Spurstow (dau of _ Spurstow of Spurstow)
  (a) Charles Kirkham (b 17.02.1703-4)
  (ii)+ other issue - Walter, John, Elizabeth (b 27.02.1655/6, bur 19.04.1656), Anne, Mary
  (2) George Kirkham (b c1599, d 1636, vicar of Bicker)
  m. Amy Lynn (dau of George Lynn of Southwick)
  (A)+ issue - James (b c1634, a 1682, vicar of Southwick), Mathew (d infant), Mary (d young)
  (3) Mary Kirkham mentioned by Visitation (Northamptonshire, 1681, Kirkham of Southwick)
  m. George Lynne of Southwyke (b c1597, d c1672)
  B. Anne Kirkham probably of this generation
  m. Guye Linne of Southwike
  C. daughter probably of this generation
  m. Sir Edward Montagu of Boughton Castle (d 10.02.1566, Speaker of the House of Commons, Lord Chief Justice)



Robert Kirkham (a 1417)
m. Agnes Hanckford (dau of Sir William Hanckford)
1. Robert Kirkham (d 03.01.1443)
  m. Elizabeth Scobhill (dau/(co)heir of Sir Robert Scobhill, widow of William Trebell)
  A. Robert Kirkham (b c1432, d 21.12.1451)
  B. Nicholas Kirkham of Blackdon, Devon (b 04.03.1433-4, d 15.03.1515-6) the first mentioned by Westcote
  m. Jane Waye (dau/heir of Robert Waye of Marsh (sb 'John Wrey of Marsh'?))
  i. Sir John Kirkham 'of Blackdon', Sheriff of Devon (b 1507, d 31.01.1551-2)
  m1. (sp) _ Moore of Moorehays
  m2. (sp) ?? Fulford (dau of Sir Thomas Fulford)
  m3. Luce Tremayle (dau of Sir Thomas Tremayle)
a. Thomas Kirkham of Blagdon (Blackawton) (b c1490, d 31.01.1551-2)
  m1. Margaret Ferrers (dau/heir of Richard Ferrers of Feniton by Jane, dau/heir of Sir John Malehearbe (or William Malherb of Feniton))
  (1) George Kirkham of Blagdon (b c1524, bur 05.02.1581-2)
  m. Margaret Dennis (dau of Sir Thomas Dennis)
  (A) Elizabeth Kirkham (d unm)
  (2) Richard Kirkham of Pinhoe
  m1. Agnes Cape (dau of John Cape of Somersetshire)
  (A) Sir William Kirkham of Blagdowne (Blagdon or Blackdon) & Pinhoe (bur 09.08.1623)
  m1. Grace Cary (dau of Thomas Cary of Cockington)
m2. Mary Tichbourne (bur 23.12.1627, dau of Peter Tichbourne of Hampshire)
  (i) Richard Kirkham 'of Blagdon' (b c1590, d before 08.07.1631)
  Vivian & Westcote hows that Richard dsp. However, TCB (vol 2, 'Blount or Blunt of Sodington', p202+) suggests the following connection. We suspect that there has been some confusion as to who Mary Tichbourne married, Richard or his father.
  m(2). Mary Tichborne (dau of Sir Henry Tichborne (son of 1st Bart))
  (a) Mary Kirkham (d before 10.02.1667-8, heir)
  m. Sir George Blount, 2nd Bart of Sodington (d 12.11.1667)
  (ii) Francis Kirkham (a 1627)
  m. _ Roope (dau/coheir of Edward Roope of Bidwell)
  (a) Sir William Kirkham 'of Pinhoe?' (b c1617)
  Visitation ends with this generation. Noting the reference above & below to 'Blackdon & Pynhoe', we presume that this William was 'of Pinhoe' and was father of Ann. Vivian identifies Sir William's son & heir as ...
((1)) Francis Kirkham of Bidwell (bur 29.11.1729)
  m. (30.05.1694) Anne Connock (bur 31.10.1733, dau of John Connock)
  ((A)) Francis Kirkham of Bidwell (bpt 19.03.1701-2, bur 05.09.1737-8)
  m. Dorothy Berry (bur 05.12.1740, dau/heir of Thomas Berry of Berry Narber)
  ((i)) Francis Kirkham (b 18.11.1726, d 20.04.1770)
  m. (18.12.1751) Damaris Hoblyn (dau/heir of Edward Hoblyn of Croane)
((a))+ issue - Francis (bpt 05.04.1752), Edward Hoblyn (bur 26.10.1762), Barbara (bpt 1755, bur 19.12.1769)
  Vivian ends with this generation. It is perhaps possible that also of this generation, but possibly cousins of the above 3 rather than their siblings, were the following Henrietta & Anne who are identified in Commoners (vol 4, 'Fowell of Devonshire', p436) as daughters and co-heirs "of Kirkham, of the family of Kirkham, of Blackdon and Pynhoe, in Devon".
  ((d)) Henrietta Kirkham
  m. Peter Knowling of Washbourne House
  (((1))) Sarah Knowling (b c1766, d 31.12.1813, 2nd dau/coheir)
  m. (24.07.1793) John Digby Fowell of Black Hall & Diptford (b 20.01.1765, d 1829, rector of Torbrian)
  ((e)) Ann Kirkham (d unm 1828)
((ii))+ other issue - Berry (b 20.05.1724, bur 27.03.1746), Thomas (bpt 29.08.1735), William (bpt 22.04.1730, bur 26.03.1731), Dorothy (b 28.07.1725), Anne (b 16.11.1727, bur 19.03.1732-3), Henrietta (bpt 10.12.1728), Mary (bpt 11.08.1734)
  ((B))+ other issue - William (b 13.06.1706, bur 18.10.1725), John (b 13.06.1706, bur 21.12.1706), Nicholas (bpt 08.1.1710, bur 11.11.1710), Anne (bpt 13.05.1696), Elizabeth (Bpt 03.10.1698, bur 05.08.1729)
  ((2)) Thomas Kirkham (bur 12.10.1654)
  ((3)) Mary Kirkham
  m. (before 24.01.1660) John Chichester
  ((4)) Ann Kirkham (d 03.1698) probably of this generation
  m1. Sir Thomas Estcourt of Pinkney Park (a 1670)
m2. Sir James Poole, 1st Bart of Poole
  (b)+ other issue - Gabrill (bur 05.05.1617?), daughter (a 1620)
  (iii) Elizabeth Kirkham
  m. Alexander Brett of Somerset
  (iv) Mary Kirkham
  m. Richard Berry of Berry in Arbor
  (v) Barbara Kirkham possibly the Barbara who married ...
  m. Richard Rodd of Rodd (d by 1673)
(vi)+ other issue - William, Edward (bur 16.02.1647-8), George (bpt 03.06.1604, bur 22.09.1663), John (bpt 17.08.1606, a 1627), Giles (bpt 20.09.1607, bur 01.10.1633), Robert (bpt 26.07.1609, a 1627), Grace
  (B) Giles Kirkham (bur 01.10.1633)
  (i) Thomas Kirkham (a 1627) had issue
  m. Agnes Roope (dau/coheir of Edward Roope of Bidwell)
  (C)+ other issue - Richard (dsp), George (dsp bur 2.06.1630), Katherine
  m2. Elizabeth Cary (dau of Thomas Cary of Cockington)
  (F) Elizabeth Kirkham
  m. (31.01.1579-80) Richard Larder of Powderham
(3) James Kirkham
  (A) Margaret Kirkham
  m. (17.07.1575) William Webster of Colyton
  (4) Andrew Kirkham
  (5) Mary Kirkham
  m. William Upton
  m2. Thomasine or Cicily Carew (dau of Sir William Carew of Mohuns Ottery)
  (6) Thomasine or Susan Kirkham
  m. Thomas Southcott of Bovey Tracey
(7)+ other issue - Henry, William, Edward
  b. Johanna Kirkham
  m. Roger (probably not John) Hillersdon of Membland (b c1501, d 02.1568-9)
  c.+ other issue - Richard, John, Elizabeth
  m4. (sp) Jane Mathew (dau/heir of William Mathew of Milton)
  ii. Nicholas Kirkham of Marsh
  The following is supported by Visitation (Cornwall, 1620, Rous). Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Ridgeway of Tor Abbey', p647) shows the Grace who m. Thomas Southcote as dau of John Barnehouse of Marsh (by Margaret, dau/heir of Nicholas Kirkham (by Richarda, dau of John Bonvile alias Dennis) son of Nicholas by Joane, dau/heir of John Wray) son of John Barnehouse (by Joane) son of John (by Joane, dau/heir of John Brightrixton) son of Thomas Barnehouse.
  m. Katherine or Matilda Bonvile (dau of John Bonvile)
  a. Margaret Kirkham
m. John Barnhouse of Marsh (son (by Jane, dau of John Pope of Canton) of John, son of Edward Barnhouse of Kingston by Johanna, dau of John Brightrixton)
  (1) Nicholas Barnhouse (dsp)
  (2) Grace Barnhouse
  m. Thomas Southcott
  iii. Margaret Kirkham
  m1. John Chenye of Pinho
  m2. Sir Edward (not William) Bampfield of Poltimore
  m3. _ Grenvile of Stow
  iv. Thomasine Kirkham
  m. John Chudleigh of Ashton

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Visitation (Northamptonshire, 16581, Kirkham of Fineshade Abbey)
(2) For lower section : Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Kirkham of Blagdon', p516+) with some support from 'A View of Devonshire in MDCXXX' (Thomas Westcote, 1845, p523+)
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