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We do not normally like relying too much on Ancestry.com (which includes RootsWeb), particularly for early generations, as, even though it is a brilliant project, parts of it have been contaminated by erroneous data. Nevertheless, when its contributors have identified their sources, it can be very useful. Although we are cautious about the earliest generations it covers, we have obtained a good impression of the RootsWeb subsite we are using for these Lamplugh pages.
John Lamplugh of Lamplugh, Sheriff of Cumberland (b 1482)
m1. Isabel Curwen (dau of Christopher Curwen by Catharine Salkeld)
1. (Sir) John Lamplugh of Lamplugh (a 1540)
  Commoners shows that John m1. Jane Blennerhassett (mother of Edward who dsp) and Isabel Stapleton (mother of Richard). Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4 & 1584/5) show John as married only to Isabel Stapleton with Visitation (1563-4) showing her as mother of John, Richard & Christopher and Visitation (1584/5) showing her as mother of John (m. Jane Blenerhasset), Richard, Richard (2nd) & Mary. Visitation (Cumberland, 1615) shows John as married only to Isabell Stapleton, mother of John. Provisionally, we follow the RootsWeb site.
  m1. Isabell Stapleton (dau of Christopher Stapleton of Wighill)
  A. John Lamplugh of Lamplugh, Sheriff of Cumberland (b 1528, d 25.03.1604)
  m. Elizabeth
B. Richard Lamplugh
  m. (23.03.1583) Alice Warde
  i. John Lamplugh of Lamplugh, Sheriff of Cumberland (b 20.12.1586, d 23.03.1635/6)
  m. Elizabeth Musgrave (dau of Edward Musgrave of Hayton Castle by Catherine Pedruddock)
  a. John Lamplugh of Lamplugh Hall (b 21.11.1618, bur 08.12.1688)
  m1. (28.01.1638/9) Jane Kirkby (bur 03.08.1641, dau of Roger Kirkby of Kirkby Hall)
  (1)+ issue - John (bpt 22.02.1639/40, bur 25.03.1644), Jane (bur 03.08.1641)
  m2. Frances Lancaster (bur 06.01.1647, dau of Christopher Lancaster of Stockbridge)
  m3. (14.11.1654) Frances Lamplugh (bur 22.01.1686/7, dau of Thomas Lamplugh by Grace Barwise)
  (3) Thomas Lamplugh of Lamplugh Hall, Sheriff of Cumberland (b 09.10.1656, bur 21.05.1737)
  Commoners suggests that the Thomas who married a Frances was grandson of John through an intervening Thomas. The RootsWeb site does not show such an intervening generation.
  m. Frances Moline (b 1665, bur 10.01.1745, dau of Abraham Moline or Molyne of Dovenby Hall)
(A) Elizabeth Lamplugh (b 16.06.1701, dsp before 12.09.1775)
  m. (13.03.1732) George Irton of Irton
  (B)+ other issue - John (b 10.12.1707, d 29.12.1707), Thomas (bpt 20.03.1701, bur 20.06.1701), Frances (b 19.07.1686, d 14.10.1690), Frances (b 19.07.1694, bur 25.09.1695), Frances (bpt 20.03.1701, d infant), Anne (bur 06.07.1717), Margaret (bpt 26.10.1692, d 22.07.1731)
  (4) Phoebe Lamplugh (d 1745)
  Commoners suggests that Phoebe "appears to have died unm" but the RootsWeb site suggests that she married ...
  m. (1688) William Robertson
  (5) Martha Lamplugh
  m. (23.04.1704) Samuel Bowerbank
  (6) Grace Lamplugh
  m. (26.03.1706) Robert Lamplugh
  (7) Elizabeth Lamplugh
  m. Henry Brougham of Scales
  (8)+ other issue - Edward (d unm), John (b 11.03.1657/8, dsp), Frances (bpt 07.04.1660), Mary, Jane (a 1688)
  b. George Lamplugh (b 20.12.1586, rector of Lamplugh)
  m. Matilda Ratcliffe (dau of Francis Ratcliffe)
  (1)+ issue - Edward, Josiah, Sarah, Frances, Elizabeth
  c.+ other issue - Thomas, Francis, Richard, Edward, Robert, Henry, Catherine, Alice, Anne
  ii. Elizabeth Lamplugh (bpt 15.04.1584, bur 12.09.1645)
  m. (27.09.1613) George Lamplugh
iii. George Lamplugh (bpt 27.01.1592, bur 20.03.1639/40)
  iv. Dorothy Lamplugh
  m. (1623) Walter Furniss
  v. Anne Lamplugh
  m. _ Vavasour
  C. Christopher Lamplugh
  D. Mary Lamplugh
  m. Henry Denton
  m2. Jane Blenerhhasset
E. Catherine Lamplugh
  m. Anthony Curwen
  F.+ other issue - Nell, Joan
2. George Lamplugh, Sheriff of Cumberland
  A. Edward Lamplugh of Kirkby Sigston (d 1594)
  m. Jane RIbton
  i.+ issue - George, John, William
  B. Jane Lamplugh
  m. _ Ribton
3. Elizabeth Lamplugh
  m. Henry Ayscough
4. Anne Lamplugh
  m. Henry Wydall or Widall
m2. Catherine Forster (dau of Sir Guy Forster of Alderwyke)
5. Mary Lamplugh
  m. Thomas Skelton (son/heir of John)
6. Frances Lamplugh
  Commoners shows Frances as married to David Fleming (3rd son of Hugh) but the RootsWeb site shows David's wife a generation earlier and shows this Frances as having married ...
  m. William Porter
7. Mabel or Margaret Lamplugh
  m. (1540) William Fleming

Main source(s): the database of 'Fletcher of Cockermouth Hall' within RootsWeb with a very little support from Visitation (Cumberland, 1615, Lamplugh), Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Lamplew), Visitation (Yorkshire, 1584/5, Lamplew of Lamplew Hall)
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