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Families covered: Langrishe of Bordean House, Langrishe of Knocktopher, Langrishe of Langrishe House, Langrishe of Petersfield

Sir Nicholas Langrishe or Langerisse of Langrishe House, Petersfield, Hampshire (a 1272)
m. Marie
1. John Langrishe
  m. Agnes
  A. William Langrishe succeeded by ...
  i. John Langrishe of Langrishe House (a 1419, d 1466)
  a. Thomas Langrishe of Langrishe House (d 1485)
  (1) John Langrishe (cleric)
  (2) Robert Langrishe (dvp)
  m. (1473) ??
  (A) Nicholas Langrishe of Langrishe House (b c1473) the first mentioned by Visitation
  m. Joan Stempe named Joane Kempe by Visitation
  (i) Edward Langrishe of Langrishe House (dsp 07.02.1542)
  m. Margaret (a 1542)
  (ii) William Langrishe
  m. Katherine Lomer (dau of Richard Lomer)
  (a) Nicholas Langrishe of Langrishe House
  m. Anastacy Billett (dau of William Billett)
((1)) William Langrishe, last of Langrishe House (a 1610, dsp)
  ((2)) Robert Langrishe of Winscombe, Somerset (d 1633, 3rd son?) had issue
  m. Dorothy Ludlow
  ((3))+ other issue - Robert (d infant?), Jane, Marie, Margaret, Joan, Marjorie
  (iii) Ralph Langrishe of Bordean House, Petersfield (d before 1559)
  (a) Edward Langrishe of Bordean House (a 1603)
  ((1)) Roger Langrishe of Bordean House (bpt 11.08.1567, bur 17.03.1651)
  m. Elizabeth (bur 15.08.1640)
  ((A)) Hercules Langrishe (bpt 20.04.1594, a 01.1659, Major) - continued below
m. (04.1619) Olympe du Plessis (dau of Lucullus du Plessis, Sn de Savonnieres)
  ((B))+ other issue - Edward (bpt 05.06.1597), John (bpt 04.03.1600), Roger (bur 17.07.1610), Katherine (bpt 04.11.1600), Anne (bpt 29.05.1603), Mary (bpt 12.03.1606)
  ((2))+ other issue - Agnes, Margaret
  (b) Elizabeth Langrishe
  m1. Thomas Pile of Bubton
  m2. Roger Yerworth
  (c) Anne Langrishe
  m. Richard Bettesworth of Fyning Rogate
  (iv) Joan Langrishe
  m. John Peacod of Littleton
  (v) daughter
  m. _ Pynke
  (vi)+ other issue - John of Havant (a 1545), Anthony (a 1559), Nicholas (d by 15569, vicar of East Moon), Peter (canon of Winchester)



Hercules Langrishe (bpt 20.04.1594, a 01.1659, Major) - continued above
m. (04.1619) Olympe du Plessis (dau of Lucullus du Plessis, Sn de Savonnieres (Vendomois, France) by Anne, dau of Pierre du Griffon, Vicomte de Verneuil)
1. Hercules Langrishe in Bristol then Drogheda (b 1620, a 1662, Captain)
  m. (11.1657) Anne Reading (sister of Daniel Reading of Rathfarnham)
  A. John Langrishe of Knocktopher, Sheriff of Kilkenny (b 25.08.1660, d 1735)
  m1. Sarah Sandford (d 01.1684, dau of Col. _ Sandford)
m2. (sp) Alice Blayney (dau of Harry Blayney, 2nd Lord, widow of Thomas Sandford of Sandford's Court)
  m3. (c1695) Mary Grace (dau/heir of Robert Grace of Thomastown)
  i. Robert Langrishe of Knocktopher, Sheriff of Kilkenny (b c1696, d 07.01.1770)
  m1. Anne Whitby (dau of Jonathan Whitby of Kilcragan by Elizabeth, dau/coheir of John Woodcock of Kilcragan by Mary Christmas)
  a. Sir Hercules Langrishe, 1st Bart of Knocktopher (b 1731, d 01.02.1811, 2nd son)
  m. (31.05.1755) Hannah Myhill (dau/coheir of Robert Myhill of Killarney & sister of Jane, Marchioness of Ely)
  (1) Sir Robert Langrishe, 2nd Bart of Knocktopher (bpt 25.10.1756, d 05.1835)
m. (c03.1782) Anne Boyle (dau/heir of Bellingham Boyle by Sarah, dau/heir of John Hoadly (Archbishop of Armagh) by Anne, dau of William Warre of the family of Hestercombe)
  (A) Sir Hercules Richard Langrishe, 3rd Bart of Knocktopher (b 28.12.1782, d 05.10.1870, rector of Lockeen) had issue
  m. (15.11.1817) Maria Cottingham (dau of James Henry Cottingham of Somerville by Frances Barnett, dau/coheir of Edward Woollery of St. Andrew's (Surrey, Jamaica))
  (B) Jane Langrishe (dsp 1860)
  m. (15.03.1814) George Hill
  (C) Anne Langrishe (d 10.10.1873)
  m. (04.1816) Henry Joseph Monck Mason
  (D) Henrietta Maria Langrishe (d 1875)
  m. (1811) Rev. Richard Quintus St. George
  (E) Elizabeth Langrishe (d 04.01.1869)
  m. (1816) Hugh Henry
(F)+ other issue - Robert Hercules (b 17.04.1797, d unm 05.1858), Isabella (b 1783, d 1867), Charlotte (b 1792, d 1873)
  (2) John Langrishe (bpt 27.12.1760, d 06.04.1780)
  (3) James Langrishe (b 13.08.1765, d 17.05.1847, Dean of Achonry, archdeacon of Glendalogh)
  m. (c10.1796) Mary Harriet Mitchel (d 08.1842, dau of Hugh Henry Mitchel)
  (A) Robert James Langrishe (b 1800, d 01.1836, Captain RN, 3rd son) had issue (2 daus)
  m. Isabel Esther Carson (d 1888, dau of William Carson of St. John's, Newfoundland)
  (B) John Tottenham Langrishe (b 08.06.1807, dsp 1888)
  m. (10.08.1846) Maria Kennedy (d 1898, dau of Sir John Kennedy, 1st Bart of Johnstown Kennedy)
  (C) Margaret Harriet Langrishe (d 07.08.1874)
  m. (07.10.1819) Wm. F.B. Loftus of Kilbride (d 13.09.1852, Lt. General)
  (D) Hannah Langrishe (dsp 03.1857)
  m. (01.01.1836) Nathaniel Gore (d 02.02.1876)
(E) Elizabeth Katherine Langrishe (dsp 11.1868)
  m. Rev. Walter de Burgh (d 03.1859)
  (F)+ other issue (d unm) - Hercules (b 30.07.1798, d 04.1846, rector of Ballybay), Hugh Henry (b 08.08.1799, d 1880, Captain), Isabella Maria (d 1898), Louisa Alicia (d 1896), Georgina (d 1901)
  (4) Mary Jane Langrishe
  m. (1785) James Wilson of Parsonstown
  (5) Elizabeth Langrishe
m. (1786) Christopher Robinson (rector of Granard)
  (A)+ issue - Hercules of Rosmead (Admiral RN), Sir Bryan (d 06.12.1887, judge in Newfoundland)
  (6) Hannah Langrishe
  m. (11.06.1804) Thomas St. George (d 1859)
  b. Mary Langrishe
  m. William Nicholson of Wilmar
  c. Olympia Langrishe (d 22.04.1769)
  m1. (1753) George Birch of Birchfield
  m2. (1760) John Greene of Greenwille
  d.+ other issue - John (a 1732, d young), Anne (bur 10.05.1739)
  m2. (sp) Elizabeth Whitby (d before 1770, dau of Jonathan Whitby, widow of William Christian of Oldgrange)
  m4. (c11.1705) Frances Plowden (niece of Sir Algernon May)
  m5. Anne Newport (dau of John Newport of Waterford)
  B.+ other issue - Elizabeth (b 27.01.1659), Anne (b 09.01.1662)
2.+ other issue - Lucullus (bpt 2.01.1621, d before 04.02.1654), Peter (bur 24.02.1623), Edward (bpt 26.10.1626), Charles (a 1659, Mayor of Weymouth), Anne (bpt 11.07.1623, a 1659), Olympia (bpt 26.10.1625), Elizabeth (bpt 06.04.1628), Lucy (a 1659), Mary (a 1659)

Main source(s): BP1934 (Langrishe) with just a little support from Visitation (Hampshire, 1575, Langrish)
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