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Families covered: Law of Brunton (Burntoun), Law of Lauriston
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James Law of Spittal in Lathrisk, Fife
m. Agnes Strang of Balcaskie House
1. James Law 'of Lithrie & Burntown', Bishop of Orkney then Archbishop of Glasgow (b c1560, d 12.11.1632)
  m1. Marion Dundas (dau of James Dundas of Newliston)
  A. Margaret Law
  m. (1612) Patrich Turner (minister of Dalkeith)
  Vicissitudes, which starts with James, mentions only his marriage to Marion Boyle (whom we show as his 3rd wife) and his son James. Wikipedia identifies (possibly all of) the Archbishop's children but does not say more about them other than to identify John Law, the (in)famous economist & financier, as the great-grandson of the Archbishop's youngest son, John. Apart from his eldest child, Margaret, Wikipedia identifies the mother of his children as Grissel Boswell (who we identify as below). Various web sites do identify her as mother of James of Burntoun but name his father as a George Law of Luthrie (descended from the Laws of Lawbridge) rather than the Archbishop. We hope to investigate that further in due course.
m2. Grizzel Boswell (dau of James Boswell of Auchinleck)
  B. James Law of Brunton or Burntoun, Fife
  i. James Law of Burntoun (Brunton)
m. (1668) Margaret Preston (dau of Sir John Preston of Preston Hall (Airdrie))
  a. James Law of Burntoun or Brunton the last of this line mentioned by Vicissitudes, possibly the James who married .
  m. Jane Clephane (dau of whose brother dvp 1711)
  (1) Margaret Law possibly of this generation
  m. (1722) George Seton of Cariston (b c1688, d 1760)
  b. William Law
  Vicissitudes, supported by various web sites, identifies this as the William of Edinburgh, the eminent banker and goldsmith, who purchased Lauriston Castle and then follows his line. Provisionally, we follow Wikipedia in identifying that William below.
  C. George Law (3rd son)
  This may have been the George of Brunton whose only daughter, Agnes, is mentioned in 'East Neuk of Fife' (Rev. Walter Wood, 1887, p57).
  i. Agnes Law
  m. (1666) James Lundin of Auchtermairnie
  D. John Law
  i. ?? Law
  a. William Law of Lauriston Castle & Randleston (d 1688)
The following comes from 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 3, part 2, 1804, 'Pedigree of Law of Keythorpe', p1137) with input/support from Vicissitudes & Wikipedia ("John Law (economist)", "John Law de Lauriston" & "Jacques Lauriston").
  m. Jean Campbell (d c1691?, a1694?, cousin of John & Archibald Campbell, Dukes of Argyle)
  (1) John Law of Lauriston & Randleston, later in Paris then London then Venice (bpt 21.04.1671, d 21.03.1729, economist, financier)
  m. Catherine (Knollys) (d 1747, dau of Nicholas, 'Earl of Banbury')
  (A) John Law of Lauriston (b c1704, d unm 1734)
  (B) Mary Catherine Law (b c1710, dsp 14.10.1790)
  m. (04.07.1734) William (Knollys), Viscount Wallingford (dvp 1740, son of Charles, 'Earl of Banbury')
  (2) Andrew Law of Edinburgh (b 22.11.1673, goldsmith)
  m. (27.01.1695) Bethia Melvill (dau of J. Melville of Murdocairny)
  (A)+ issue - Alexander (b 22.02.1697, d infant), 2 daughters
  (3) William Law of Lauriston b 24.10.1675, d 1752, Director General of the India Company in France)
  m. Rebecca Dives
  (A) John (Jean) Francis Law of Lauriston, Governor General of Pondicherry, India (b 05.10.1719, d 16.07.1797)
  m. Jane Carvallho of Madras (dau of Don Alexander Carvalho ("a Portuguese noble"))
  (i) Jacques Alexandre Bernard Law, Marshal of France, Marquis de Lauriston, Governor General of Venice (b 01.02.1768, d 12.06.1828, French General during the Napoleonic Wars) had issue
  m. Claudine Antoinette Julie Le Duc
  (ii)+ other issue including William
  (B) James Francis Law, Count de Tancarville (d 1767, General) had issue
  (C)+ daughters (some married in France)
  (4) Agnes Law (b 01.02.1666)
  m. (1685) John Hamilton (WS)
  (5) Lilias Law (b 19.10.1680)
  m1. (1698) James Clerk
  m2. _ Martin
  (6) Jean Law (b 12.09.1699)
m. (28.04.1688) John Hay
  (7)+ other issue (d unm) - James (b 19.12.1667, d young), William (b 14.09.1672, d infant), Robert (b 06.10.1678), Hugh (b 10.01.1682), Janet (b 09.09.1677)
  b. Jean Law
  m. _ Hay of Lethim
  E. Isobel Law
  Possibly the "Isabel Law of Brunton" reported in 'East Neuk of Fife' (Rev. Walter Wood, 1887, p57) as having married ...
  m1. John Lundin of Auchtermairnie (d 1650)
  m2. William Bruce (commissary of St. Adnrews)
  F.+ other issue - Thomas (minister of Inchinnan), Jean
  Not mentioned by Wikipedia is James's marriage to the following Marion Boyle. TSP (vol 4, 'Boyle, Earl of Glasgow', p194) identifies Marion as his third wife and states "she had no issue" by him.
  m3. (mcrt 01.09.1620, sp) Marion Boyle (d 11.1636, dau of John Boyle of Kelburne, widow of Matthew Ross)

Main source(s): Wikipedia ("James Law (Archbishop of Glasgow)"), Burke's 'Vicissitudes of Families' ('remodelled edition' vol II, 1869, 'The Laws of Lauriston', p158+) with input as reported above
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