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Families covered: Lawson of Brayton, Lawson of Isell, Lawson of Little Usworth (Osworth)

John Lawson, lord of Fawlesgrave (a temp Henry III who r. 1216-1272)
1. John Lawson (a 1229)
  m. Julian Covell
  A. Thomas Lawson (a temp Edward I who r. 1272-1307)
  m. _ Chancie
  i. Robert Lawson
  m. _ Harbet
  a. Richard Lawson (a 1335)
  m. Anne Conyers
  (1) Richard Lawson (a 1351)
  m. Jane Boynton (dau of Sir William Boynton)
  (A) Roger Lawson (a 1408)
  m. Anne Etton
(i) John Lawson (a 1426)
  m. Jacquina Northrop
  (a) Thomas Lawson (a 1444)
  m. _ Threlkeld
  ((1)) John Lawson of Washington (a temp Edward IV who r. 1461-1483)
  m. ?? Hilton or Hylton (dau of Sir William Hylton of Hylton by Mary Stapleton)
  ((A)) William Lawson of Little Osworth (a 1505) 
  m. Isabell Hedworth (dau of John (probably not George) Hedworth)
  ((i)) Thomas Lawson of Little Osworth (a 1512) - continued below
m. Elsabeth (Elizabeth) Darrell
  ((ii)) Robert Lawson of Rowkesby or Rock (a 1565)
  m. Margery or Margaret Swynoo (dau of Raff Swynoo of Rock)
  ((a))+ issue - Charles (dsp), William, Raynold, Lyonell
  ((iii)) William Lawson
  m. Katherine Bednell (dau of Rowland Bednell)
  ((a)) Margaret Lawson
  m. John Wycliffe ## possibly here?? ##
  ((b)) Dorothy Lawson
  m. Thomas Middleton
  ((c))+ other issue including Raff, John
  ((iv)) George Lawson of London (6th son)
  m. Katherine Smart (dau of Robert Smart of London)
  ((a)) Thomas Lawson
  ((v)) Ann Lawson
  m. Richard Harebotell of Beckley
  ((vi))+ other issue - Alexander (dsp), John, William
  ((B)) Elizabeth Lawson
  m. Thomas Blakeston of Fernton Hall
  ((C)) daughter
  m. George Emersey of East Yate
  ((D)) daughter
  m. _ Emersey of West Yate



Thomas Lawson of Little Osworth (a 1512) - continued above
BEB1841 identifies Thomas's wife as dau of Sir _ Dorrell. BP1934 starts with Sir Wilfrid of Isell, Thomas's 2nd son. Thomas's wife is shown by some web sites as Elizabeth, dau of Sir Edward Darell of Littlecote by Mary Radcliffe. Not least because that Sir Edward has an Elizabeth by an earlier wife, provisionally we follow Visitation which identifies her as ...
m. Elsabeth (Elizabeth) Darrell (dau of Constantine Darrell of Wiltshire)
1. George Lawson of Little Osworth or Usworth (a 1587)
  The following is supported by 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 2, Edward Bateson, 1895, 'Pedigree of Lawson and Witton', p96).
m. Mabella Carnaby (dau of Sir Reginald Carnaby)
  A. Thomas Lawson of Little Usworth (dsp)
B. Edward Lawson (b c1569, a 1666) identified by Bateson as 5th son, 'of Brunton'
  m. Mary Copley (dau of John Copley of Skelbrooke)
  i. Wilfrid Lawson of Wakefield (b 1624-5, d 04.04.1705)
  m. Mary Watkinson (b c1634, d 23.10.1704, dau/coheir of Joseph Watkinson of Ilkley)
  a. Elizabeth Lawson (b 1665-6, d 26.08.1727)
  m. Richard Wilton of Wakefield (d 15.04.1718)
  b.+ other issue - Edward (b c1664, a 1666, dsp), Joseph (b 1669-70, d 22.04.1696)
  ii. John Lawson (merchant in Denmark)
iii. Godfrey Lawson of Leeds & East Harsley, Mayor of Leeds (d 1709)
  m. Elizabeth Watkinson (dau of Joseph Watkinson)
  a. George Lawson (dsp)
  b. Mary Lawson
  m. Ralph Lowther
  c. Elizabeth Lawson
  m. John Trotter of Skelton Castle
  iv. Mabel Lawson
  m. John Shan of Methley
  v. Mary Lawson
  m. John Ridley of Willismoteswick
  C.+ other issue - Robert (dsp), Ralph, George (a 1649), Dorothea, Elizabeth, Mabella
2. Sir Wilfrid Lawson of Isell (dsp 16.04.1632)
  m1. _ Redman
  m2. _ Leigh (dau of _ Leigh of Isell, widow of Thomas Leigh of Isell)
3. Gilfrid or Gylford Lawson
  m. _ Seamer
  A. William Lawson of Isell
  m. _ Bewley of Hesket
i. Sir Wilfrid Lawson, 1st Bart of Isell (d 1689)
  m. Jane Musgrave (dau of Sir Edward Musgrave, 1st Bart of Hayton Castle)
  a. William Lawson (dvp)
  m. Mildred or Micha Strickland (dau of Sir William Strickland, Bart of Boynton)
  (1) Sir Wilfrid Lawson, 2nd Bart of Isell (d 1704/5)
  m. Elizabeth Preston (d 03.04.1734, dau of George Preston of Holker)
  (A) Sir Wilfrid Lawson, 3rd Bart of Isell (b 1696, d 13.07.1737)
  m. (14.03.1723-4) Elizabeth Lucy Mordaunt (dau of Lt. Gen. Harry Mordaunt)
  (i) Sir Wilfrid Lawson, 4th Bart of Isell (b c1732, d 02.05.1739)
  (ii) Sir Mordaunt Lawson, 5th Bart of Isell (b c1733, d 08.08.1743)
  (iii)+ other issue - Elizabeth, Charlotte
  (B)+ other issue - William (d unm), John (dsp), Elizabeth (d unm), Jane (d unm), Mary (d unm)
  (2)+ other issue - Jane, Frances (d unm 1694)
  b. Wilfrid Lawson of Brayton
  m. Sarah James (dau of William James of Washington)
  The information shown below in italics was kindly provided by a contributor (AC, 24.12.07).
  (1) Sir Gilfrid Lawson of Brayton, 6th Bart (dsp 23.08.1749)
  (2) Sir Alfred Lawson of Brayton, 7th Bart (d 14.02.1752)
m. Mary Fitzhugh (bpt 1681, dau of William Fitzhugh of Southwark)
  (A) Sir Wilfrid Lawson, 8th Bart, Sheriff of Cumberland (dspl 01.12.1762)
  partner unknown
  (i) Sarah Smith or Lawson
  (B) Sir Gilfrid Lawson, 9th Bart (d 26.06.1794)
  m. (16.04.1762) Emilia Lovett (d 30.05.1769, dau of John Lovett)
  (i) Sir Wilfrid Lawson, 10th Bart (dsp 14.06.1806)
  m. Anne Hartley (d 30.11.1811, dau of John Hartley of Whitehaven)
  Sir Wilfrid left his estates (Brayton and Isell) to Thomas Wybergh, later Lawson, whose mother was Sir Wilfrid's wife's sister. Thomas dsp and the estates passed to one of his brothers, Wilfrid (later created a baronet) who also took the name Lawson.
  (ii) Emilia Lawson (d unm 1798)
  (C) Alfred Lawson (a 1744)
(D) Mary Lawson (bpt 1714)
  m. (26.03.1740) Samuel Ward
  (i) Wilfred Ward (bpt 1744)
  (ii) Lawson Ward (bpt 1751)
  (a) Thomas Aikenhead Ward (a 1823)
  (E) Sarah Lawson (bpt 20.9.1721)
  m. (c1748) William Cockburn
  (i)+ issue - Lawson, William, Mary, Sarah Lawson Fitzhugh, Jane
  (3) Jane Lawson ('eldest sister of Sir Gilfrid') probably of this generation
m. (1697) Frecheville Dykes of Wardhall
  (4) Elizabeth Lawson probably of this generation
  m. Henry Aglionby of Nunnery & Crossfield (b 1684, d 1759)
  (5) Dorothy Lawson
  m. (02.1691) Alexander Collingwood, 1st of Unthank
  (A) Alexander Collingwood, 2nd of Unthank
  (i) Jane Collingwood
  m. William Dickson (Admiral)
  (6) Catherine Lawson
  m. (19.12.1700) William Lewthwaite (son of James of Broadgate)
c. Edward Lawson (dsp 1694)
  m. Mary Briscoe (dau of _ Briscoe of Grenhoe)
  d. George Lawson (dsp)
  e. Henry Lawson
  m. Mary Taylor
  (1) Jane Lawson
  m. William Benson of Broughton
  (2)+ other issue - Wilfrid (b c1678, a 1694), Mary
  f. Elizabeth Lawson
  m. John Stapleton of Wartre or Warter (d 1697)
  g. Judith Lawson
  m. Miles Pennington of Seaton
h. Katherine Lawson (d 1709)
  m. (22.09.1662) Andrew Hudleston of Hutton John (b 01.11.167, d 1706)
  i. Jane Lawson
  m. Robert Constable of Catfess
  j. Frances Lawson
m. Henry Tolson of Woodhall
  k. Mary Lawson
  m. Christopher Richmond of Caterlane
  l. Isabel Lawson (bur 03.07.1730)
  m. (25.09.1677) D'Arcy Curwen of Sella Park (b 11.06.1643, d 30.07.1722)
  m. Winifrid Lawson
  m. John Swinburne of Hewthwaite
4. Barbara Lawson
  m. Thomas Whitehead of Monk Warmeworth
  Some sources show Barbara as wife of John Mitford of Seghill.
5. Elizabeth Lawson
  m. William Lee
6.+ other issue - Katherine, Ursula, Margaret

Main source(s): BEB1841 (Lawson of Isell), BP1934 (Lawson of Brayton), with some input/support from Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Lawson) and some additional input/support as mentioned above
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