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Families covered: Lempriere of La Hougue Boete, Lempriere of S. John

Raulin Lempriere of S. John La Hougue Boete (d 1492)
m1. Jeanette Nicolle
m2. Simone Halles (dau of John Halles)
It is not clear which wife was mother of ...
1. Thomas Lempriere of S. John, La Hougue Boete (a 1495, jurat, Bailly of Jersey)
  m. Jeanette Hamptonne (dau of Guille Hamptonne (jurat))
  A. Thomas Lempriere of S. John, La Hougue Boete
  m. Collette Larbalestier (dau of Michael Larbalestier)
  i. Thomasse Lempriere of S. John, La Hougue Boete
  m. (c1571) Clement Journeaulx
  ii. Isabelle Lempriere
m. John Mallet of Mallatiere
  B. Clement Lempriere of S. Saviour (a 1528, jurat, Bailly of Jersey)
  m. Jeanette Le Roulx (dau/heir of Guille Le Roulx, son of Nicholas by Jeanette, dau of Nicholas Morin (Bailly of Jersey))
  i. Philip Lempriere (a 1551, Solicitor General, jurat)
  m. _ Sarre (dau/coheir of Simon Sarre, sister of the Lady of S. Ouen)
  a. Hugh Lempriere (jurat)
  m. Frances Langlois (dau/heir of John Langlois)
(1) Philip Lempriere
  m. Mary Amy
  (A) Elizabeth Lempriere (d 1619)
  m. Daniel Sarre
  (i) Elizabeth Sarre (b 1618)
  m. Abraham Payn of S. Martin
  (B) Susan Lempriere
  m. John Le Geyt
  (C) Mary Lempriere
  m. John Payn
  (2) Elias Lempriere
  m. Elizabeth Hamptonne (dau of Nicholas Hamptonne)
  (3) Mary Lempriere
  m. John Amy
  (4) Martha Lempriere
m. Robert Bransman
  b. Thomas Lempriere (3rd son)
  (1) James Lempriere
  m. (1612) Judith Girard (dau of John Girard)
  (A) Clement Lempriere (b 1616)
  m. (1653) Elizabeth Bandinel (dau of Rev. James Bandinel of S. Mary)
  (i) James Lempriere (b 1654, Captain RN)
  m. Ann Durell
  (a) James Lempriere (jurat, Constable of S. Helier)
  m. Magdalen D'Auvergne (dau of Amice D'Auvergne)
  ((1)) James Amice Lempriere (b 1740, a 1789, jurat)
  m. Jane Le Maistre (dau of Francis W. Le Maistre (Attorney General))
  ((A)) George Lempriere (3rd son)
  m. Sarah Taylor (dau of John Taylor)
  ((i)) Jane Eliza Lempriere
  m. Francis Pirouet
  ((ii)) Maria Margaretta Lempriere
  m. Wenman L. Woodford of Northamptonshire, later of Upton House, S. Trinity
  ((B)) Jane Lempriere (b 1764)
  m. John Allez
((C)) Elizabeth Madelaine Lempriere (b 1771)
  m. Francis Journeaulx
  ((D))+ other issue - James Amice (b 1767), Thomas (dsp), Mary Ann (dsp)
  ((2))+ other issue (dsp) - John, George of London then Rotherham (b 1746), Aon (b 1732), Mary Magdalen
  (b) John Lempriere (dsp)
  m. Elizabeth Le Moigne
  (c) Elizabeth Lempriere
  m. Philip Nicolle of S. Clement
  (d)+ other issue - George, Clement (d unm), Clement
  (ii) Thomas Lempriere (b 1657)
  m. Joan Beach
  (a) Thomas Lempriere (dsp)
  m. Mary Tilmas
  (b) James Lempriere
  m. Sarah Whithurst
  ((1)) Elizabeth Lempriere
  m. James Friend
  ((2)) Mary Lempriere
  m. J.J. Hammond
  ((3)) Margaret Lempriere
  m. Nicholas Hammond
  ((4))+ other issue - James, Thomas, Sarah
  (c) Mary Lempriere
  m. Roger Turner
  (d) Elizabeth Lempriere
  m. Edward Le Breton
  (e) Margaret Lempriere
m. Thomas Boot
  (f)+ other issue - Clement (b 1682), Joan, Susan
  (iii) John Lempriere
  m. Mary Lempriere (dau of Thomas Lempriere)
  (a) John Lempriere
  m. Elizabeth Lempriere (dau of James Lempriere, widow of George Bandinel) ## see below ##
  ((1)) John Lempriere (Consul at Faro, Portugal)
  m. Ann Elizabeth Bandinel (dau of George Bandinel)
  ((A)) George Lempriere (RN, 2nd son)
  m. Aon (sic) D'Auvergne (dau of Charles D'Auvergne, sister of the Duke of Bouillon)
((B))+ other issue - John (Consul at Pernambuco), Thomas, Samuel, Catherine, Margaret, Matilda, Elizabeth, Ann, Rachel, Amelia (b c1774, d 1860)
  (b) Thomas Lempriere
  m. Mary Garnaut of Lisbon
  ((1)) Thomas Lempriere
  ((A))+ 1 sons + 3 daughters
  ((2))+ other issue - James, William of the Isle of Wight (Physician General)
(c) Mary Lempriere
  m. Edward Marett of La Haule
  (iv) Margaret Lempriere
  m. Nicholas Hammond
(v)+ other issue - Clement (b 1660), David, Judith
  (B) Thomas Lempriere (b 1624)
  m. Elizabeth Le Breton ## see here ##
  (i) Thomas Lempriere (Cosntable of S. Martin)
  m. (1691) Mary Le Manquais (dau of John Le Manquais, relict of David Bandinel)
  (a) Mary Lempriere (b 1692)
  m. John Lempriere
  (b) Rachel Lempriere (b 1693, d 1749)
  m1. Thomas Hilgrove
  m2. Sir John Hamilton, Bart
  (c) Madelaine Lempriere (b 1698)
  m. Charles Hilgrove
(d)+ other issue - Elizabeth (b 1695), Judith, Eliza
  (ii) James Lempriere
  m. Elizabeth Mapringle
  (a) James Lempriere (d unm)
  (b) Elizabeth Lempriere
m1. George Bandinel ## see here ##
  m2. Thomas Lempriere ## sb John?, see above ##
  (c) Ann Lempriere
  m. Thomas Lempriere of Grouville
  (iii) Esther Lempriere
  (iv) Judith Lempriere
  m. Thomas Bandinel
(v) Elizabeth Lempriere
  m. Thomas Hilgrove
  (vi) Mary Lempriere
  m. Thomas Britten
  (C) Collette Lempriere (b 1618)
  m. Thomas Bandinel
(D)+ other issue - James (b 1626), John (b 1629), Judith (b 1621)
  c. Mary Lempriere
  m. Henry Dumaresq of Samares
  d.+ other issue - Clement, Elizabeth
  ii. Mary Lempriere
  m. Hugh Perrin of Rozel
  C. Nicholas Lempriere (a 1551, jurat)
  m. Jane Dumaresq (dau of John Dumaresq of Samares)
i. Nicholas Lempriere (a 1609, jurat, Keeper of the Records)
  m. Elizabeth Dumaresq (dau of Clement Dumaresq of Samares)
  a. Jane Lempriere
  m. Thomas De Soullemont
  b. Elizabeth Lempriere
  m1. Edward Bisson
  m2. Edward Herault
  c. Mary Lempriere
m. Richard Dumaresq
  d. Rachel Lempriere
  m. Solomon Journeaulx
  e. Martha Lempriere
  m1. Elias Dumaresq of La Haule
  m2. Philip Marett
  D. Catherine Lempriere
  m1. Richard Langlois (brother of Sire Philip)
  m2. Clement Messervy
  m3. Thomas Poingdestre of S. Saviour
  E. Peronelle Lempriere
  m. Nicholas Gosselin (jurat of Guernsey)
  F. Jane Lempriere
  m. John Dumaresq of Samares

Main source(s): 'An Armorial of Jersey' (J. Bertrand Payne, 1859, 'Pedigree of Lempriere of S. John, La Houghue Boete, and of S. Helier', p247+)
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