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Families covered: Leslie of Leslie (of that ilk), Leslie of Ross, Leslie of Rothes

Bertolf / Bartolf / Bartholomew (d c1121)
Bartolf was probably a Hungarian nobleman who came to Scotland in 1067 with Margaret who later married King Malcolm Canmore. He became her Lord Chamberlain. According to 'LeslieRecords', his wife is identified in some sources as "one of the ladies of honour to Queen Margaret" and in others as one of King Malcolm's sisters (sometimes named Beatrix). Although the following Malcolm is recorded as "son of Bertolf", it is possible that there was an intervening generation, perhaps of another Bertolf or of another Malcolm, as the dates do not match easily.
m. Beatrix of Scotland (dau of Duncan I, King of Scots) probably (a) wife of Bertolf/Batholomew, presumed mother of ...
1. Malcolm of Garioch, Constable of Inverurie (d c1176)
  A. Norman, Constable of Inverurie (d by 1248)
  m. A*****, dau of lord of Lorn
  i. Norman (Norino)
  m. Catharin Muir or Mure (or Blair) of Tasseis
  a. Sir Norman of Leslie (d before 1320, Sheriff of Aberdeenshire)
  m. Elizabeth Leith, heiress of Edengarich
  (1) Sir Andrew of Leslie (d c1323)§D
  m. (1313) Mary Abernethy (dau of Alexander Abernethy of that ilk)
(A) Sir Andrew Leslie of that ilk (d by 1353)
  (i) Andrew Leslie of that ilk (d c1398)
  (a) Norman Leslie (dvp 1391)
  m. ?? Hay (dau of Sir Thomas Hay of Erroll)
  ((1)) David Leslie of that ilk (d 03.1438-9)
  m. Margaret Davidson (dau of Sir Robert Davidson, Provost of Aberdeen)
  ((A)) Margaret (or Johanna or Elizabeth) Leslie
  m. Alexander Leslie 'of that ilk'
  (ii) Margaret Leslie
  m. (c1360) David de Abercromby
  (B) Norman Leslie (d(sp?) Crusades by 1366, ambasador)
  m. Margaret Lamberton (granddau of Alexander de Lamberton)
(C) John Leslie of Rothes, Elginshire (b c1319, d by 24.10.1396) named in BP1999
  (i) Sir George Leslie of Rothes (d c02.1411-2)
  m. Elizabeth Hay (dau of Sir Thomas Hay of Erroll)
  (a) Sir Norman Leslie of Rothes & Fythkill (b c1380, d before 02.1439-40)
  m. (c02.09.1416) Christian Seton (dau of Sir John de Seton of Seton)
  ((1)) George Leslie, 1st Earl of Rothes (b c1417, d 1489-90)
  m1. (c1435) Margaret Lundin (dau of John Lundin of that ilk)
  ((A)) Margaret Leslie
  m. Alexander Comyn (Cumming) of Ernside
  m2. (1440) Christian Halyburton (dau of Sir Walter Halyburton of Dirleton by Isabel Stewart)
((B)) Andrew Leslie, Master of Rothes (dvp before 01.1477-8)
  m. Marjory Sinclair (dau of William Sinclair, 3rd Earl of Orkney & Caithness)
  ((i)) John Leslie of Balmain, Master of Rothes (dsp by 23.06.1481)
  m. (1476) Janet Keith (dau of William Keith, 1st Earl Marischal)
  ((ii)) George Leslie, 2nd Earl of Rothes (dsp 03.1512-3)
  m. Janet Douglas (d 1494, dau of George Douglas, 4th Earl of Angus)
  ((iii)) William Leslie, 3rd Earl of Rothes (d Flodden 09.09.1513) --
  m. Margaret Balfour (dau of Sir Michael Balfour of Monquhanny) --
  ((C)) John Leslie of Pitnamoon
  m. Marjory Ardes (dau of _ Ardes of Ardes)
((D)) Elizabeth Leslie (d before 08.1511)
  m1. (mcrt 14.10.1485) William Hay, 3rd Earl of Erroll (d 14.01.1506)
  m2. Sir William Edmonstone, 4th of Duntreath (d Flodden 09.09.1513)
  ((E)) Christian Leslie (a 02.1492-3) --
  m. William Sinclair 'The Waster', 2nd Lord (d 1487) --
  m3. Elizabeth Campbell (a 17.05.1491)
  'LeslieRecords' shows just one Christian of this generation, daughter of Christian Halyburton and wife of George Leslie. TSP shows the Christian who was daughter of Christion as m. William Sinclair (as above, which is supported by TCP (Sinclair)) and that it was a 2nd 'Christian of this generation, who was possibly illegitimate, who married George Leslie.
  ((F)) Christian Leslie
  m. George Leslie of that ilk
  p. Mary Lundie
  ((G)) George Leslie, 1st of Aikenway
  m. Anna Grant (dau of Duncan Grant of Mullahard)
partner unknown
  ((2)) John Leslie of Foulis-Mowat (a 22.07.1442)
  (D) Walter Leslie, 'Earl of Ross' (d 27.02.1381-2)
  The following is supported by TSP (Ross) & 'LeslieRecords' (vol 1, p65+).
  m. (by 13.09.1365) Euphemia, Countess of Ross (d c1394, dau of William, 5th Earl of Ross)
  (i) Alexander Leslie, Earl of Ross (d 08.05.1402)
  m. (before 1398) Isabel Stewart (dau of Robert Stewart, 1st Duke of Albany)
  (a) Euphemia Leslie, 'Countess of Ross' (d c1415, nun)
  (ii) Margaret Leslie --
  m. Donald MacDonald, Lord of the Isles (d 1423) --
  (iii) Mary Leslie --
  The identity of Sir David Hamilton's wife is not clear. Indeed, the existence of this Mary is contested. She is mentioned by 'LeslieRecords' & 'HamiltonHistory' whilst TSP names the wife of Donald of the Isles as 'Margaret or Mary Leslie'. Her sister is sometimes identified as Walter's only daughter (or Alexander's only sister).
  m. Sir David Hamilton (d 1374) --
  (E) George Leslie, 1st of Balquhain (d c1351) --
  BLG1850 (Leslie of Balquhain) identifies George as son of Sir Norman by his second wife, Elizabeth daughter of the Lord of Douglas, but Elizabeth is not mentioned in either TSP or BP, and no record of Elizabeth has so far been found in any Douglas record, whilst Mary Abernethy is known to have married again after Sir Andrew died. 'LeslieRecords' (vol 3, p1) confirms that (Sir) George was son of Sir Andrew by Mary Abernethy.
  m. Elizabeth Keith --
  (F) Margaret Leslie --
  m. William de Innes, 7th of that ilk (a 12.1330) --
  (2) Margaret of Leslie doubted by TSP
  m. Sir John Innes of Innes
  (3) Ann of Leslie doubted by TSP
  m. Sir Alexander Dunbar of Westfield
  ii.+ other issue - John, Leonard, William (Abbot of Cupar)
  B. Malcolm (a 1243, d Crusade)
2. Norman

Main source(s) (see here): TSP (Rothes), 'LeslieRecords' (vol 1 (p1+, for Leslie of that ilk) & vol 2 (p1+, for Leslie of Rothes)), BP1934 (Rothes), BP1999 (Rothes), TSP (Ross), BLG1850 (Leslie of Balquhain, in the supplement)
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