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Families covered: Leicester (Leycester) of Nether Tabley, Leycester of Ennismore, Leycester of Toft, Leycester of Vostersberg, Leycester of White Place

Sir Peter Leycester or Leicester, 1st Bart of Nether Tabley (b 03.03.1613-4, d 11.10.1678)
m. (06.11.1642) Elizabeth Gerard (d 26.01.1678-9, dau of Gilbert Gerard, 2nd Lord of Gerard's Bromley)
1. Sir Robert Leicester, 2nd Bart of Nether Tabley (b 11.09.1643, d 07.07.1684)
  m. (06.06.1667) Meriel Watson (d 29.09.1707, dau of Francis Watson of Church Aston)
  A. Sir Francis Leicester, 3rd Bart of Nether Tabley (b 30.07.1673-4, d 05.08.1742)
  m. Frances Wilson (d 23.04.1716, dau of Joshua Wilson of Colton)
i. Meriel Leicester (b 25.11.1705)
  m1. (1723) Fleetwood Legh of Bank (d 21.01.1725)
  m2. (1728) Sir John Byrne, 3rd Bart of Timorgue (bur 02.02.1741)
  Their elder son inherited Tabley and took the name Leicester.
  B. Meriel Leicester (d 1701)
  m. Sir John Danvers, Bart
2. Eleanor Leycester or Leicester (b 22.03.1645)
  m. (29.08.1665) Rafe Leycester of Toft (d 03.1685) @@ below
3. Byron Leycester (b 06.10.1655) probably the Briena Leycester (a 1728) who married ...
  m. John Venables of Agden
4.+ other issue - Byron (b 26.11.1644, bur 17.05.1645), Thomas (b 18.01.1651), Elizabeth (b 16.01.1647),



Adam Leycester (b 21.10.1625, to Ireland)
m. Mary Thaddius (dau of _ Thaddius of Northdown)
1. William Leycester of County Cork (b 1685, d 1745)
  m. Mary Crofts (dau of George Crofts of Velvetstown)
  A. Christopher Leycester (d 1759)
  m. Alice Pelican (dau of Rev. Pelican)
  i. William Leycester of Vostersberg, County Cork (b 1747, d 1834)
  m. Elizabeth Caughlan (dau of Joseph Caughlan)
  a. Joseph Leycester of Ennismore and Vostersberg, Lord Mayor of Cork (b 1780, d 1859, 2nd son)
  m. Catherine Wrixon (dau of Nicholas Wrixon of Dublin)
  (1) William Wrixon Leycester of Ennismore, Sheriff of Cork (b 1808, d 1887) had issue
  m. (1833) Barbara Denroche McCall (d 1896, dau of Thomas McCall of Craighead)
  b. Catherine Leycester (b 1788)
  m. William Kelly of Clifton
  c.+ other issue - Christopher (b 1777, d 1790), William (b 1782, dsp 1834), Robert (b 1785, dsp 1854)
  ii.+ other issue - Robert, Christopher, Helen
  B.+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Sarah



Rafe Leycester of Toft (bur 17.06.1640)
m. Mary Woodhull (bur 21.09.1653, dau of Anthony Woodhull of Mollington)
1. George Leycester of Toft (b c1623, bur 19.06.1671)
  m. Dorothy Clayton (dau of John Clayton 'of Crooke', sister of Richard of Crooke (Croake))
  A. Rafe Leycester of Toft (b c1640, d 03.1685)
  m. (29.08.1665) Eleanor Leycester (dau of Sir Peter Leycester, 1st Bart of Nether Tabley) @@ above
  i. George Leycester of Toft
  m. Jane Mosley (dau of Oswald Mosley of Ancoats)
a. Ralph Leycester of Toft (b 12.03.1699/1700, bur 14.12.1776)
  Thanks to a contributor (FB, 10.08.12) for supplementing BLG1952's information with more data on Ralph and his family.
  m. (06.12.1727) Katherine Norris (b 14.11.1708, d 28.02.1799, dau of Edward Norris of Speke)
  (1) George Leycester of Toft (bpt 12.12.1735, d unm 1809)
  (2) Ralph Leycester of Toft (bpt 04.09.1737, d 31.12.1822)
  m. (1762) Charlotte Lushington (dau of Rev. (Henry) Lushington of Eastbourne)
  (A) Ralph Leycester of Toft (b 1764)
  m. (22.12.1797) Susanna Leigh (dau of Rev. Egerton Leigh of West Hall family)
  (i) Ralph Gerard Leycester of Toft (b 11.10.1817, d 18.04.1851) had issue
  m. (09.06.1840) Emily Elizabeth Jones (dau of Charles Tyrwhitt Jones, son of Sir Thomas of Stanley Hall)
(ii)+ other issue - Charlotte (d unm), Emma Theodosia (b 1865), Laura Susanna (d 06.01.1835)
  (B)+ other issue - Henry, William, George, Charlotte, Harriet, Susanna
  (3) Oswald Leycester (bpt 21.03.1752, d 1846, rector of Knutsford, youngest son)
  BLG1952 shows Oswald a generation later, as younger son rather than youngest brother of the above Ralph.
  m1. (21.01.1790) Mary Johnson (d 1812)
  (A) Edward Leycester, later Penrhyn of East Sheen (d 06.03.1861) had issue
  m. (16.12.1823) Charlotte Elizabeth Stanley (d 15.02.1853, dau of Edward Smith Stanley, 13th Earl of Derby)
  (B) Charles Leycester (b 10.03.1796, d 03.1820)
  (C) Catherine Leycester (b 15.04.1792, d 05.03.1862)
  m. (08.05.1810) Edward Stanley, Bishop of Norwich
  (D) Maria Leycester (b 22.11.1798, d 13.11.1870)
  m. (02.06.1829) Rev. Augustus John Cuthbert Hare
  m2. (20.06.1814, sp) Elizabeth White (d 03.11.1848)
  (4) Anne Leycester
m. (21.12.1755) John Norbury of Eton
  (5) Susannah Leycester (b 21.06.1742)
  m. (22.07.1773) Hon. John Grey (b 22.05.1743, d 12.07.1802)
  (6) Theodosia Leycester (bpt 09.10.1743, d 04.07.1808)
  m. (16.11.1772) Egerton Leigh (b 1732, d 09.1798, Archdeacon of Shropshire)
  (7)+ other issue - Edward (b 08.06.1739), Hugh (bpt 02.10.1748, d unm 02.01.1836, judge), Catherine (d young), Jane (d unm), 2 others (d infant)
b. George Leycester of London
  m. Martha Dodson (dau of John Dodson, Sheriff of Berkshire)
  (1) Ralph Leycester of White Place (d 1803)
  m. (1761) Susanna Hanmer (dau of Job Hanmer, sister of Sir Walden, 1st Bart)
  (A) George Leycester of White Place (b 12.07.1763, d 06.10.1838) had issue
  m. (1796) Charlotte Jemima Mortimer (d 16.02.1851, dau of Hans Wintrop Mortimer of Caldwell Hall)
  c. Oswald Leycester
  ii.+ other issue - Ralph, Eleanor, Elizabeth, Dorothy, Frances, Anne
  B. Maria Leycester
  m. George Hocknell of Prenton (not Preston)
  C.+ other issue - George, Philip, John, William, Richard, Elizabeth, Anne
2. Mary Leycester
  m. Culvert (sb Calcott) Chambers of Oxfordshire

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