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Families covered: Lindsay of Kirkforthar, Lindsay of Lindsay

David Lindsay of Kirkforthar (d 1592)
m. Helen Crichton
1. John Lindsay of Kirkforthar (d before 04.12.1599)
  m1. (befoire 01.05.1569)
  A. Patrick Lindsay of Kirkforthar (d 24.03.1638)
  m. (09.1584) Helen Orme (dau of David Orme of Priorleathame)
  i. David Lindsay of Kirkforthar (dvp before 04.1631)
  m. (03.1609) Elizabeth Bethune (d 01.02.1666, dau of Robert (sb David?) Bethune of Balfour)
a. David Lindsay of Kirkforthar (d c1672)
  m. (mcrt 04.1631) Jean Pitcairn (dau or granddau of Henry Pitcairn of that ilk)
  (1) David Lindsay of Kirkforthar (d before 1714)
  m1. (07.06.1660) Elizabeth Pearson (d 1665, dau of Alexander Pearson of Southall, Lord of Session)
  (A) John Lindsay of Kirkforthar (d before 1740)
  m. (mcrt 15.09.1711) Catherine Seton (dau of Christopher Seton, 5th of Cariston)
  (i) Christopher Lindsay of Kirkforthar (d 04.07.1743)
  m. (mcrt 29.09.1742) Amelia Malcolm (dau of Michael Malcolm of Balbedie)
  (a) Christopher Lindsay (d infant)
  (ii) David Lindsay (b 04.06.1714, d young)
  (iii) George Lindsay of Kirkforthar (d 14.12.1758, Captain)
  m1. (1750) Elizabeth Seton (d 1750/1, dau of George Seton of Cariston)
  m2. (30.03.1752) Magdalen Falconer (dau of David Falconer of Balmashanner)
  (a) David Lindsay of Kirkforthar (dsp 14.04.1797, Captain)
  (b) Katherine Lindsay
  m1. Robert Carmichael of Balinblae (Captain)
m2. (10.08.1797) Christopher Seton of Cariston (dsps 1819, Major)
  (c) Georgina Lindsay of Kirkforthar (dsp 1830)
  m. (02.02.1807) Archibald Buchanan of Torry
  (iv) John Lindsay
  (a) David Lindsay, de jure 7th Earl of Lindsay (dsp 05.05.1809, Sergeant)
  David may not have realised that he was entitled to claim the earldom as successor to the 6th Earl. It was his kinsman and successor Sir Patrick Lindsay (below) who prepared the claim.
  (v) Helen Lindsay
  m. George Johnston
(B) child (bur 20.08.1663)
  m2. (11.1669) Bethia Ramsay (dau of Sir James Ramsay, Bart of Whitehill)
  (C) David Lindsay (b 11.1672, d 06.10.1745, minister of Cockpen)
  m. Euphemia Wilson (d 22.03.1761, dau of George Wilson of Plowlands)
  (v) George Lindsay of Plowlands (dsp 20.01.1771, 4th son)
  m. Christian Tytler (b 1707, d 14.04.1791, dau of Alexander Tytler of Woodhouselee)
  (ii) Samuel Lindsay (dsp before 1771)
  (iii) William Lindsay (dsp before 20.02.1754)
  (iv) Agnes Lindsay
  m. John Preston of Gorton
  (v) Jane Lindsay
  m. John Hislop in Dalkeith
  (vi)+ other issue (d young) -David, George, John , Charles
  (2) Margaret Lindsay
  m. (18.12.1660) William Corstorphine, feuar in Kingsbarns
  (3)+ other issue (dsp before1670) - James (bpt 28.12.1637), Alexander (bpt 20.12.1640)
  b.+ other issue - Robert (dsp c1639), Patrick (dsp c1633), Isobel, Margaret
  ii. James Lindsay
  a. Patrick Lindsay in St. Andrews (d before 21.01.1663)
  m. (26.06.1645) Beatrix Daes (d 10.1681, dau of William Daes in St. Andrews)
  (1) Hugh Lindsay (bpt 13.09.1649, d infant)
  (2) Patrick Lindsay in St. Andrews (bpt 08.02.1657, d c1722)
  m. Janet Lindsay (dau of John Lindsay of Newton of Nydie)
(A) Patrick Lindsay, Provost of Edinburgh, Governor of Isle of Man (bpt 10.03.1686, d 20.02.1753)
  m1. (mcrt 22.06.1715) Margaret Moneir (dau of David Monteir in Edinburgh)
  (i) Patrick Lindsay of Eaglescairne (b c1719, d 20.10.1801)
  m. (mcrt 07.07.1747) Margaret Haliburton (b c1720, d 20.08.1819, dau of Thomas Haliburton of Eaglescairne)
  (a) Catherine Lindsay (d 29.12.1822)
  m. (23.07.1773) Alexander Stewart, 10th Lord Blantyre (d 05.11.1783)
(b) Janet Lindsay (b c1757, d 17.12.1825)
  m. (18.10.1794) Alexander Anderson of Kingask
  (c) Jean Lindsay (b c1758, d unm 14.09.1821)
  (ii) John Lindsay (d 08.04.1780, Lt. Col)
  m. (20.12.1776) Margaret Maria Craigie (d 16.01.1823, dau of Charles Hackett Craigie of Hawhill)
  (a) Sir Patrick Lindsay, de jure 8th Earl of Lindsay (b 24.02.1778, d unm 14.03.1839, Maj. General)
  Sir Patrick prepared his claim for the Earldom (as successor to his kinsman David Lindsay above) but died before his claim had been processed. His kinsman Sir Henry Lindsay-Bethune of Kilconquhar (of the Pyotstone-Wormestone branch) was next in line.
  (b) Anne Lindsay (d unm 07.01.1851)
  (iii) Janet Lindsay
  m. James Anderson of Monthrive
(iv)+ other issue - James (d unm 10.1763, Captain), Mary (a 1778)
  m2. Janet Murray (dsp 11.1739, dau of James Murray of Polton)
  m3. (07.05.1741) Catherine Lindsay (d 20.04.1769, dau of William Lindsay, 18th Earl of Crawford)
  (B)+ other issue - John (b 21.07.1692, d young), Alexander (b 29.03.1702, d young), Beatrix (a 08.1681)
  (3) James Lindsay (bpt 13.02.1659, dsp)
  (4) Beatrix Lindsay (a 08.1660)
  iii.+ other issue - John (dsp after 1622), Robert (dsp c1610), illiam (a 07.1610)
  B. David Lindsay in Cupar (dsp 05.03.1616)
  m. (mcrt 28/29.12.1591) Alison Lindsay (dau of John Lindsay in Cupar)
  m2. (1582) Isabella Durie (widow of David Pitcairn of Forthar)
2. Helen Lindsay
  m. James Colville of Balbedie

Main source(s): TSP (Lindsay), BP1934 (Lindsay)
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