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Families covered: Lippincott of Lippincott (Lipingcott of Lippingcott), Lippincott of Stoke Bishop, Lippincott of Sydbury, Lippingcott of Wibbery

We spell this family's name "Lippincott" somewhat arbitrarily, although that does seem to be a particulary common version nowadays. Other variations seen include Lippingcott and Luppingcott, sometimes ending with a single t or te.
John Lippincott of Lippincott (Lipingcott of Lippingcott), Devonshire
m. Jane Wibbery (sister/coheir of William & dau of John Wibbery of Wibbery son (by Emma) of Thomas son of Baldwyn son of Oliver son (by Mary) of Gilbert Wybbery)
1. John Lippincott of Lippincott & Wibbery
  m. _ Wykes or Weeks of Devon
  A. William Lippincott (dsp)
  B. John Lippincott of Lippincott 'of Alverdiscot'
  m. Jane Laplode (dau of John Laplode of Sydbury (Lapslod of Sidbury), m2. John Callard of Callard)
i. Philip Lippingcott of Wibbery (d 01.06.1567)
  m1. Alice Gough (dau/coheir of Richard Gough of Kilkham or Kirkham)
  a. John Lippincott of Wibbery (b c1504, a 1567)
  m. (19.07.1545) Ann Elford (dau of Roger Elford of Shutstorr or Shipstor)
  (1) John Lippincott 'of Wibbery' (d before 10.06.1597)
Westcote shows Sibell Halse as second wife of John and mother (by him) of Mary (m. Nicholas Flamank), Honor (m1. Richard Copleston m2. Humphrey Prouz), Barbara (m. Christopher Cook). He then shows that John m3. John Peard. Provisionally, we follow Vivian who shows Sibell as 2nd wife of John's eldest son, arthur, and those daughters (slightly differently) as by his 1st wife ...
  m1. Barbara Grenville (dau of Digory Grenville of Penheale)
  (A) Arthur Lippincott (dsp before 16.05.1598)
  m1. Mary Leigh (dau of Thomas Leigh of Northam)
  m2. Sibell Hals (dau of Richard Hals or Halse of Kenedon, m2. Robert Savery of Rattery)
  (B) Mary Lippincott
  m1. Nicholas Flamanke of Boscarne (d 1599)
m2. (12.1601) Pascowe Vivian of St. Columb
  (C) Honor Lippincott
  m1. Christopher Cooke of Camelford
  m2. Humphrey Prouse of Chagford
  (D) Barbara Lippincott
m. Richard Copleston of Northleigh
  (E) Elizabeth Lippincott (a 1633)
  m. William Gifford (bpt 1582)
  m2. Joan Peard (a 1596, dau of George Peard of Barnstaple, widow of _ Punchard of Barnstaple)
(F) George Lippincott of Barnstaple 'of Wibbery' (d 07.12.1624)
  m. (c05.1620) Nazareth Huyshe (dau of Rev. William Huyshe or Huish of Kilkhampton, m2. William Fauntleroy of Fauntleroy)
  (i) William Lippincott (Luppingcot) 'of Wibbery' (b c1621)
  m. (Dionis) Fitzjames (sister of Sir John Fitzjames of Lewson)
  (a)+ issue - Charles, Arthur, George, John (had issue)
  (2) Margaret Lippincott
  m. Robert Hearn or Herne of Wales
  (3) Frances Lippincott
m1. Anthony Berry of Estleigh (b 1513-4, d 23.02.1579)
  m2. Alexander Rolle (son of John of Stevenstone)
  (4) Mary Lippincott
  m. John Collamore of West Hagington
  b. Joane Lippincott
  m. John Butler (son/heir of Phillip)
  m2. Jane Larder (dau of Edmond Larder of Upton Pyne)
  c. Ann Lippincott
  m. John Osney or Vyny
  d. Margaret Lippincott
  m. Hugh Roscarick or Restorick of Cornwall (dsp 1616)
  e.+ other issue - Edmond, Henry, Arthur
  m3. Alice Dyrrant (dau of John Dyrrant of Erscombe (Earnescomb))
  ii. Ann Lippingcott (a 1526)
  m. John Harlowin or Harlewin of Sidmouth
  iii.+ other issue - John, William, Lewis (bur 09.01.1572-3), Thomas
  C. Elinor Lippincott
  m. _ Chapman or Chipman
  D. Elizabeth Lippincott possible confusion with Elizabeth of 4 generations later
  m. William Gifford or Giffard of Wear Giffard



The coat of arms shown for the following family suggests that it was closely connected to the above family.
George Lippincott of Sydbury, Devonshire
1. Thomas Lippincott of Pynhill in Sydbury (bpt 01.02.1572)
  m. (15.07.1605) Elizabeth
  A. Thomas Lippincott of Culmstock, Devon
m. Dorothy Baker
  i.+ "a numerous family"
  B. Henry Lippincott of Almshayne, Devon (bpt 07.01.1613)
  m. (c1670) Rebecca Mills of Uffculm
  i. Henry Lippincott (d 1745)
  m. Mary Peperell (d 1752, dau of Timothy Peperell of Culmstock)
  a. Sir Henry Lippincott of Stoke Bishop (Gloucestershire), Sheriff of Bristol, 1st Bart (b c1737, d 30.12.1780, MP)
  m. (10.09.1774) Catherine (sb Elizabeth?) Jefferies (d by 1797, dau/heir of Charles Jefferies (by Anne (sb Catherine?), dau of Sir William Cann, Bart of Stoke Bishop, sister/heir of Sir Robert))
  (1) Sir Henry Cann Lippincott of Stoke Bishop, 2nd Bart (b 05.06.1776, d unm 23.08.1829) had illegitimate issue
  b.+ other issue - Rebecca (bpt 13.09.1733), Elizabeth (bpt 06.06.1735, d 1762)
  C. John Lippincott
  m. Mary Bartlett
  D. Walter Lippincott (bpt 22.08.1619, bur 05.1682) had issue

Main source(s):
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(2) For lower section : BEB1841 ('Lippincott of Stoke Bishop') with some support from TCB (vol 5, 'Lippincott of Stoke Bishop', p206)
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