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Families covered: Lockhart of Carnwath, Lockhart of Carstairs, Lockhart of Castlehill, Lockhart of Lee, Lockhart-Ross of Balnagowan

Sir James Lockhart of Lee (a 1517)
m. Mary Somerville (dau of William, Master of Somerville)
1. Allan Lockhart of Lee (d Pinkie 1547)
  m. Jean Carmichael (dau of Sir Hugh Carmichael of that ilk)
  A. James Lockhart of Lee (d c1585)
  m1. Janet Hamilton (dau of Robert Hamilton of Dalserf)
  i. Sir James Lockhart of Lee
  m1. Agnes Drummond (dau of Sir Robert Drummond of Carnock)
  a. Elspeth Lockhart
  m. James Cunninghame of Bonnytoun
m2. Isobel Weir (dau of James Weir of Stonebyres)
  b. Sir James Lockhart of Lee (b 1596, d 04.06.1674, lord of Court of Session as Lord Lee)
  Whilst BP1870 mentions a few of Sir James's ancestors, it starts its detailed report on the family with this Sir James. BP1857 started its detailed report with the Sir James above who married Mary Somerville.
  m1. (1617, sps) Helen Fairly (dau of Alexander Fairly of Braid)
  m2. (1619) Martha Douglas (dau of Sir George Douglas of Mordington)
  (1) Sir William Lockhart of Lee (b 1621, d 1675, Ambassador)
  m1. Margaret Hamilton (dau of Sir John Hamilton, Bart of Orbiston)
  (A) James Lockhart (d young)
  m2. Robina Shouster (niece of Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector)
  (B) Cromwell Lockhart of Lee (dsp)
  m1. _ Harvey (dau of Sir David Harvey, English ambassador to Constantinople)
  m2. (01.09.1687) Martha Lockhart (d 15.05.1752 dau of Sir John Lockhart of Castlehill) @1@ below
  (C) Richard Lockhart of Lee (dsp 1696)
  m. Jean Houstoun (dau of Sir Patrick Houstoun of that ilk, 1st Bart)
  (D) John Lockhart of Lee (d 1707)
  m. _ Scott (dau of Sir Thomas Scott of Scott's Hall)
(i) Robina Lockhart
  (E) James Lockhart of Lee (d 1718)
m. Dorothy Luchan (dau of Sir William Luchan of William Abbey)
  (i) John Lockhart of Lee (dsp 1788)
  m1. Jean Alexander (dau of Robert Alexander of Blackhouse)
  m2. Mary Porterfield (dau of John Porterfield of Fullwood)
  (ii) Ann Lockhart possibly of this generation
Ann is described as dau of John Lockhart of Lee. The dates suggest that she was of this generation. It is thought more likely that she was one of the 4 daughters of James Lockhart than a daughter of his brother, John, who is described in BP1870 as having dsp.
  m. John Pollok of Balgray (d Fontenoy 1745, Captain)
  (iii)+ other issue - 2 sons (dsp), 3 daughters
  (F) Robina Lockhart (d 1741)
  m. Archibald Douglas, 1st Earl of Forfar (b 03.05.1653, d 23.12.1712)
  (G)+ other issue - Julius, Martha
  (2) Sir George Lockhart, 1st of Carnwath (d 31.03.1669)
  m. Philadelphia Wharton (d 1703, dau of Philip Wharton, 4th Lord)
  (A) George Lockhart, 2nd of Carnwath (d 17.12.1731)
  m. (13.04.1697) Euphemia Montgomery (d 01.12.1738, dau of Alexander Seton Montgomerie, 9th Earl of Eglinton)
(i) George Lockhart, 3rd of Carnwath (b 1700, d 1765)
  m. (15.03.1727) Fergusia Wishart (dau of Sir George Wishart of Cliftonhall)
  (a) George Lockhart (b 04.12.1726, dvp 1761)
(b) James Lockhart of Carnwath, later Lockhart-Wishart, Count (b 16.11.1727, d 1761, General, Count of Holy Roman Empire)
  m1. (18.06.1770) Marianne Murray (dau of Adam Murray of Belmeddie or Belredding) see here for possible connection
  ((1)) Maria Teresa Lockhart (d 01.02.1791)
  m. (1788) Sir Charles Lockhart-Ross of Balnagowan, 7th Bart of Carstairs (d 08.02.1814, Colonel) @3@ below
  m2. Annabella Crawfurd (dau of Crawfurd of Glasgow)
  ((2)) Charles Lockhart-Wishart of Carnwath and Lee, Count (dsp 1802)
  ((3)) Matilda Teresa Lockhart (d 1850)
  m. Anthony Aufrere of Hoveton
  (c) Charles Lockhart, later Macdonald of Largie (b 27.02.1740, d 1796)
  m. (16.08.1762) Elizabeth Macdonald (dau of John Macdonald of Largie & Muiravonside)
  ((1)) James Macdonald of Largie and Muiravonside (dsp 06.09.1793)
  ((2)) Sir Alexander Macdonald, later Macdonald-Lockhart, 1st Bart of Lee and Carnwath (d 22.06.1816)
  m. Jane McNeill (d 04.09.1857, dau of Daniel McNeill of Gallichoilly)
  ((A)) Sir Alexander Macdonald-Lockhart of Largie, 2nd Bart of Lee and Carnwath (d 08.12.1832) had issue (2 daughters)
  ((3)) Norman Macdonald of Tarbax had issue
  m. Philadelphia McMurdo (dau of John McMurdo of Dunfrin)
((4)) Elizabeth Macdonald
  m. _ McCabe
  ((5)) Matilda Macdonald
  m. John Campbell of Glensaddel
  ((6))+ other issue - John, Clementine, Charles Sarah, Euphemia, Annabella
  (d) Clementina Lockhart (b 1730, d 31.03.1803)
  m. (18.05.1761) John Gordon of Glentanner (b 119.06.1728, d 30.10.1778, Lt. Colonel)
  (ii) Alexander Lockhart of Craighouse (d 17.11.1782, Lord of Session as Lord Covington)
  (a) William Lockhart (Rear Admiral, 2nd son)
  ((1)) Alexander Lockhart (minister)
  ((A))+ issue - William, Betsy
((2)) William Lockhart
  ((3)) Isabella Lockhart
  m. Count Riaria Sforza
  (b) Rebecca Lockhart (d 02.05.1761)
  m. (15.09.1749) James Boyd (later Hay), 15th Earl of Erroll (b 20.04.1726, d 03.07.1778)
  (c) Anne Lockhart
  m. (sp) Charles Boyd (b 10.02.1728, d 03.08.1782)
  (d)+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Robert (dsp), Flaminia, Susan
(iii) Euphemia Lockhart
  m1. (sp) John Fleming, 6th Earl of Wigtown (b c1674, d 10.02.1744)
  m2. Peter MacElligot (Maj. General)
(iv) Grace Lockhart (d 17.11.1738)
  m1. John Gordon, 3rd Earl of Aboyne (d 11.04.1732)
  m2. (12.1734) James Stewart, 8th Earl of Moray (b c1708, 05/6.07.1767)
  (v) Mary Lockhart
  m. John Rattray (Dr, of Craighall family)
  (vi)+ other issue - Thomas, James, William, Philip, daughter, Margaret, Kate, Susan, Joan
  (B) Philip Lockhart (d 1715)
  (C) Barbara Lockhart (b 16.12.1677)
  m1. James Lockhart, younger of Castlehill (dsp 1696) @2@ just below
  m2. Hon. Daniel Carmichael of Mauldsley (d 10.1708)
(3) Sir John Lockhart of Castlehill (d 1694, Senator as Lord Castlehill)
  m. (06.06.1666) Catherine Thomson
  (A) James Lockhart of Castlehill (dsp 1696)
  m. Barbara Lockhart (dau of Sir George Lockhart, 1st of Carnwath) @2@ just above
  (B) Martha Lockhart (d 15.05.1752)
  m1. (01.09.1687) Cromwell Lockhart of Lee (dsp) @1@ above
  m2. (1698) Sir John Sinclair of Stevenson, 4th Bart (d 1752)
  Castlehill passed into the Sinclair family, some of whom took the name Lockhart, later Sinclair-Lockhart.
  (4) Robert Lockhart (dsp, captain)
(5) Anne Lockhart
  m. Sir George Lockhart of Torbracks
  (6) daughter
  m. Sir William Lindsay of Covington
  c. Margaret (probably not Jean) Lockhart
  m. Andrew Crawford of Baidland
  d. Mary Lockhart
  m. Robert Montgomerie of Mackiehill
m3. (1607) Jean Auchinleck (dau of Sir George Auchinleck of Balmanno, Senator)
  e. Sir William Lockhart of Carstairs
  m. (mcrt 27.08.1640) Mary Carmichael (dau of James Carmichael, 1st Lord)
  (1) Sir William Lockhart, 1st Bart of Carstairs (d 1710)
  m. Isabel Douglas (dau of James Douglas, 2nd Earl of Queensberry)
  (A) Sir James Lockhart, 2nd Bart of Carstairs (d 31.07.1755)
  m. (1715) Grizel Ross (b 29.05.1662, d 11.1749, dau of William Ross, 12th Lord)
  (i) Sir William Lockhart, 3rd Bart of Carstairs (d 26.06.1758)
  m1. (25.07.1751, sp) Philadephia Agnew (dau of James Agnew, of Lochnaw family)
  m2. (13.01.1755) Catherine Porterfield (d 15.03.1807, dau of John Porterfield of Fullwood)
  (a) Jean Lockhart
  m. (William) Bertram of Kersewell (Colonel)
  (b) Mary Lockhart (d unm)
(ii) Sir James Ross-Lockhart of Balnagowan, 4th Bart of Carstairs (dsp 30.09.1760)
  m. Elizabeth Crossbie (d 1814, dau of Major John Crossbie)
  (iii) Sir George Lockhart, 5th Bart of Carstairs (d unm 13.08.1778)
  (iv) Sir John Lockhart-Ross of Balnagowan, 6th Bart of Carstairs (b 11.02.1721, d 09.06.1790, Admiral)
  m. (06.09.1762) Elizabeth Dundas (dau of Robert Dundas of Arniston)
  (a) Sir Charles Lockhart-Ross of Balnagowan, 7th Bart of Carstairs (d 08.02.1814, Colonel)
m1. (1788) Maria Teresa Lockhart (d 01.02.1791, dau of James Lockhart-Wishart of Carnwath) @3@ above
  ((1)) John Lockhart-Ross (d 05.07.1797)
  ((2)) Matilda Lockhart-Ross, later Wishart-Ross (d 04.09.1819)
  m. (06.01.1812) Sir Thomas John Cochrane (b 05.02.1789, d 19.10.1872, Admiral)
  m2. (15.04.1799) Mary FitzGerald (d 28.09.1842, dau of William Robert FitzGerald, 2nd Duke of Leinster)
  ((3))+ issue
  (b) James Lockhart-Ross, later Farquharson of Invercauld (d 05.02.1809, Captain RN) had issue
  m. (14/6.06.1799) Catherine Farquharson (b 04.05.1774, d 27.02.1845, dau of James Farquharson of Invercauld)
(c) George Lockhart-Ross (b 25.10.1775, d 17.03.1861, Judge) had issue
  m. (27.06.1808) Grace or Grizel Hunter (dau of Rev. Andrew Hunter of Barjarg)
  (d) John Lockhart-Ross (d Talavera 27.07.1809, Lt. Colonel)
  (e) Robert Ross Lockhart-Ross (d 22.12.1835, Colonel) had issue
  m. (1820) Caroline Macbean (dau of John Macbean)
  (v) Charles Lockhart (d unm)
(vi) Thomas Lockhart
  m. (11.12.1766) Henrietta Hamilton (dau of Charles Hamilton Gordon of Newhall)
  (a) Charles Lockhart of Newall (d 02.07.1804)
  ((1)) Annie Lockhart probably of this generation
  m. (05.05.1823) John Argyll Robertson
  ((2))+ 2 daughters
(b) Grace Lockhart
  m. (22.02.1794) Lewis Mackenzie, younger of Scatwell (dvpsp 1810, Colonel)
  (c)+ other issue (d unm) - George, William
  (B) Isabel Lockhart
  m. (1702) Sir Thomas Kirkpatrick, 2nd Bart of Closeburn
f. John Lockhart
  g. Samuel Lockhart of Castlehill
  (1) Martha Lockhart
  m. (1672) Henry (not Richard) Douglas, 6th of Friarshaw (d 03.1701)
  h. Grisel Lockhart
  m. James Bannatyne of Corehouse
  i. Christian Lockhart
  m. (28.05.1624) James Douglas of Morton
  j. Mary Lockhart
  m. Cornelius Crawford of Jordanhill (d 1687)
k. Elizabeth Lockhart
  m. (1627) James Lockhart of Cleghorn (d by 1665)
  l. Janet Lockhart
  m. (1635) (James) Carruthers of Holmains
  m. Catherine Lockhart
  m. _ Sandielands
  Douglas identifies Catherine's spouse as ancestor of the Sandilands who was served heir to the last Lord Abercrombie.
  n. Jean Lockhart
  m. Robert Chancellor of Shieldhill
  o. Marion Lockhart (d 10.1624) possibly of this generation, of this marriage
  m1. John Qhuitford of Milton
  m2. Robert Hamilton of Milburne (b c1576, d before 31.07.1643)
  ii. Elizabeth Lockhart
  m. John Cunninghame of Bonnytoun
  iii. Isobel Lockhart
  m. Alexander Menzies of Culterallers
  iv. Marian Lockhart
  m. Adam Steuart of Allanton (d 1574)
  m2. Marion (widow of Ninian Cunninghame of Whitchester)

Main source(s): BP1857 (Lockhart), BP1870 (Lockhart), BP1934 (Ross of Carstairs)
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