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Families covered: Lockwood of Dews Hall, Lockwood of Lambourne, Lockwood of Lockwood

Commoners reports that the following family "derives from a place of the name in Staffordshire" and notes that "There is another family of the name of Lockwood, who derive from Lockwood in Yorkshire" (see LZmisc01).
Roger de Lockwood
1. Ralph de Lockwood
  m. Margery de Dulverne (dau of Sir Ralph de Dulverne)
  A. Roger de Lockwood
  B. Henry de Lockwood of Lckwood
  m. Agnes de la Shawe (dau of Robert de la Shawe)
  i. Robert de Lockwood
  m. Johanna Lee (dau of Richard Lee)
  a. Thomas Lockwood of Lockwood
m. Agnes de Becheton
  (1) John Lockwood (dsp)
  (2) Richard Lockwood of Lockwood
  m1. Elizabeth Creswall (dau of John Creswall)
  (A) Johanna Lockwood
  m. Thomas Henshawe of Milnehouse
  (B) Agnes Lockwood
  m. John Colclough of Bloreton (a 1483)
  m2. Elena
  (C) Elizabeth Lockwood
  m. Robert Cokayne of London
  MGH shows John & Richard for this generation. Commoners identifies Richard's heir as his only daughter Amie, who married Thomas Henshaw in 1499, which appears to be partly mistaken, but then goes on to identify the cousin of Amie (sb Johanna?) as the undermentioned Richard (d 1548). We presume that at least that was correct and that the connection was through a younger brother of Rchard, being ...
  (3) ?? Lockwood
  (A) Richard Lockwood (d 1548, minister of Tiffield & Dingley)
  (i) Richard Lockwood of Tiffield & Dingley, Northamptonshire (d 1598)
  (a) Richard Lockwood 'of Dews Hall' (d 1632)
  m. Mary Reading (dau of James Reading 'of Newington')
  ((1)) Richard Lockwood, Sheriff of Northamptonshire (d 1696)
m. Susannah Cutts (d 1709, dau/heir of Edward Cutts of Maldon, heiress of Malden Island, Mayland & Lambourne)
  ((A)) Cutts Lockwood (dsp)
  ((B)) Richard Lockwood of Lambourne, later of Dews Hall (near Maldon, Essex) (b 1672-6, d 30.08.1756, MP)
Commoners identifies Richard's wife as Matilda, sister of Sir Thomas Vernon of Sudbury. HoP ('Richard Lockwood of College Hill, London') identifies her as ...
  m. Matilda Vernon (dau of George Vernon of Sudbury, sister of Henry)
  ((i)) Richard Lockwood (b 1712, dsp)
  m. Anne Vernon (cousin)
  ((ii)) John Lockwood
m. Matilda Conyers of Copt Hall
  ((a)) Matilda Lockwood (d 03.02.1848)
  m. (1788) Henry Calveley Cotton (son of Sir Lynch Salisbury C., Bart of Combermere)
  ((iii)) Edward Lockwood of Lambourne (b 1720, Rev.)
  m1. Lucy Dowdeswell (dau/heir of Rev. William Dowdeswell of Kingham)
((a)) William Lockwood
  m. _ Jekyll (dau of Joseph Jekyll) ## see here ##
  (((1))) William Joseph Lockwood of Dews Hall (Captain) had issue
m. (13.06.1816) Rachael Wood (dau of Sir Mark Wood of Gatton, Bart)
  ((b)) Edward Lockwood, later Percival or Perceval (d 06.07.1804)
  m. (15.06.1790) Louisa Bridget Manners-Sutton (dau of Lord George Manners-Sutton)
  (((1))) Fanny Lockwood or Percival or Perceval
  m. (1835) Edward St. John Mildmay
(((2)))+ other issue - Edward, George (d young?), Louisa Elizabeth (d unm)
  ((c)) John Cutts Lockwood (Rev.)
  m. Amelia Boddington (dau of Thomas Boddington)
  (((1))) John William Lockwood of Kingham (Rev.) had issue
  m. Alica Davis (dau of Samuel Davis)
  (((2)))+ other issue - Amelia, Lucy
  ((d)) Anne Lockwood (dsp)
  m1. George Drake
  m2. George Fuller
((e)) Frances Dorothy Lockwood
  m. (26.07.1780) Charles Drummond of Charing Cross
  m2. Eliza Perceval (dsp 14.06.1770)
  m3. Judith (widow of Sir John Rous of Henham)
  ((iv)) Thomas Lockwood
  m1. Bridget Morris
  ((a)) Thomas Lockwood
  m. (1789) Charlotte Manners-Sutton (dau of Lord George Manners-Sutton of Kelham)
  (((1))) Robert Manners Lockwood
  m. (23.12.1821) Julia Gore (dau of Arthur, 2nd Earl of Arran)
  (((2))) Horatia Lockwood
  m1. Richard Tibbetts 'of Barton Seagrave'
  m2. (04.07.1830) Edward Stopford (Lt, Col., brother of Lord Courtown)
(((3)))+ other issue - Frederick, George
  m2. Jane Waller possibly here? ##
  ((v)) William Lockwood
  m. Mary Bennet
  ((a)) William Lockwood, later Madywell (b 1761)
  m. _ Hodgson
  (((1))) daughter
  m. _ Yorke
  (((2)))+ other issue - William, George
  ((b)) Richard Lockwood (b 1762, d 01.11.1830, prebendary of Peterborough)
  m. (02.07.1799) Mary Manners-Sutton (dau of Lord George Manners-Sutton)
  (((1))) Caroline Lockwood
  m. Rev. C. Edridge
  ((C)) Anne Lockwood (b 1667)
  m. T. Maydwell
  ((D)) Susannah Lockwood
  m. _ Sherard (botanist)
  ((E)) Mary Lockwood
  m. John Green
  ((F)) Priscilla Lockwood
m. Edward Burt
  ((G)) Elizabeth Lockwood
  m. Rev. _ Barton
  ((2)) Frances Lockwood
  m. Thomas Langley of Brosely
  ((3)) Mary Lockwood
  m. _ Jackson of Eltham
  ((4)) Amie Lockwood
  m. _ Cooke of London
  (b) John Lockwood (d unm, vicar of Towcester)
  ii. John de Lockwood
  iii. Roger de Lockwood
  m. Margery
2. Henry de Lockwood

Main source(s): MGH (vol 1, 1868, 'A Pedigree or direcc'on for Thomas Henshawe of Lockwood', p182), Commoners (vol 4, Lockwood of Dews Hall, p81+)
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