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Families covered: Luttrell of Chilton, Luttrell of Dunster Castle, Luttrell of East Quantoxhead, Luttrell of Hooton Paganel (Paynell), Luttrell of Irnham, Luttrell of Luttrellstown

Sir Geoffrey de Luterel of Gamston and Bridgeford (d 1216/7)
m. (before 26.02.1203/4) Frethesant (dau of William Paynel of Irnham)
1. Sir Andrew de Luterel of Irnham, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (d 1265)
  m. Pernel (probably dau of Philip Mark or de la Mere)
  A. Sir Geoffrey de Luterel of Irnham and Hooton Paganell or Paynell (b before 1235, d c12.1269)
  m. _ de Grey (a 1275, dau of Sir William de Grey, Sheriff of Lincoln)
i. Sir Robert Luttrell of Irnham, 1st Lord (d by 06.1297)
  m. Joan (a 06.1320)
  TCP reports that none of the successive 'Lords' were called to Parliament.
  a. Sir Geoffrey Luttrell of Irnham, '2nd Lord' (b 1276, d 23.05.1345)
  m. Agnes de Sutton (d 12.06.1340, dau of Sir Richard de Sutton of Warsop and Sutton)
  (1) Robert Luttrell (dvp 1320)
(2) Sir Andrew Luttrell of Irnham and Hooton Paganel, '3rd Lord' (b c1313, d 06.09.1390)
  m. Beatrice Scrope (d 10.04.1414, dau of Sir Geoffrey Scrope of Masham)
  (A) Sir Andrew Luttrell of Irnham, '4th Lord' (b c1364, d 31.12.1397)
  BE1883 identifies 3 generations of successive Lord Andrews but TCP, which we follow, shows just 2. BE1883 shows the 2nd Andrew as having died in 1397 (the 3rd as having died in 1400) and reports his (Andrew 2nd)'s wife as Hawisia, daughter of John le Despenser, but TCP shows her as ...
  m. (by 1379) Joan Taillebois (dau of Henry Taillebois or Tailboys)
  (i) Sir Geoffrey Luttrell of Inrham, '5th Lord' (b c1385, dsp 03.01.1418/9)
  m. Mary Green (a 1422, dau of Sir Henry Green)
(ii) Hawise Luttrell (d 24.03.1421/2)
  m1. Sir Thomas Belesby of Beelsby, Lincolnshire (d 20.09.1415)
  (a) Thomas Belesby (b c1411, dsp 25.11.1429)
  m2. Sir Godfrey Hilton 'of Irnham' (d 05.08.1459)
  (3) Sir Geoffrey Lutrell
  m. Constance Scrope (dau of Sir Geoffrey Scrope of Masham)
  (A) Elizabeth Lutrell
  m. Walter Gloucester (son of Sir Walter)
  (B) Isabel Lutrell, a nun
  (4) Robert Lutrell
  B. Alexander de Luterel of East Quantoxhead (d after 1269)
  m. Margery
  i. Sir Andrew Luttrell of East Quantoxhead
  m. (1270) Elizabeth de Raleigh (dau of Sir Warin de Raleigh)
  a. Alexander Luttrell of East Quantoxhead
  (1) Thomas Luttrell of East Quantoxhead
  (A) Sir John Luttrell of East Quantoxhead (dspl)
  b. Sir John Luttrell of Chilton (a 1360)
  m. Joan
The following is partly supported by Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, 'Luttrell', p537) although that shows the following Sir Andrew as son of Sir Alexander son of Sir Thomas son of Sir Andrew son of Sir Dennys son of Sir Jefferie son of Sir John.
  (1) Sir Andrew Luttrell of Chilton
  m. (1359) Elizabeth Courtenay (d 07.08.1395, dau of Hugh Courtenay, 2nd Earl of Devon)
  (A) Sir Hugh Luttrell of Chilton, East Quantoxhead and Dunster Castle (d 24.03.1428, Seneschal of Nomandy)
  m. Catherine Beaumont (d 28.08.1435, dau of Sir John Beaumont of Sherwell)
  (i) Sir John Luttrell of Dunster Castle (d 30.06.1430)
  m. Margaret Touchet (dau of John Tuchet, 4th Lord Audley)
(a) Sir James Luttrell of Dunster Castle (d St. Albans 17.02.1461)
  m. (c01.1451) Elizabeth Courtenay (d 1493, dau of Sir Philip Courtenay, m2. Sir Humphrey Audley, m3. Thomas Malet of Enmore)
  ((1)) Sir Hugh Luttrell of Dunster Castle, Sheriff of Somerset and Dorset (d 01.02.1521)
  m1. Margaret Hill (d by 1538, dau of Robert Hill of Houndston)
  ((A)) Sir Andrew Luttrell of Dunster Castle, Sheriff of Somerset & Dorset (d 04.05.1538)
  m. Margaret Wyndham (d 07.07.1580, dau of Sir Thomas Wyndham of Felbrigg)
  ((B)) John Luttrell (d before 22.10.1558)
  m. Elizabeth Reynoldes (widow of _ Loghene)
((C)) Thomas Luttrell (bur 18.12.1560)
  ((D)) Eleanor Luttrell
  m. Roger Yorke of Wellington (Serjeant-at-law)
  ((E)) Elizabeth Luttrell
  m. Sir William Carent of Toomers in Henstridge
  m2. (sp) Walthcan (Walthen) Yard of Exeter (widow of Thomas Dreine then Walter Yorke of Exeter) ## see here ##
  ((2)) Joan Luttrell probably of this generation
  m. George Stewkley of Marsh
(ii) Robert Luttrell of Luttrellstown (d 1436-7)
  m. _ Ashbourne (dau of Sir Elias de Ashbourne of Devon)
  (a) Christopher Luttrell of Luttrellstown
  ((1)) Thomas Luttrell of Luttrellstown (d 04.1455)
  m. Catharine Rochfort (dau of Thomas Rochfort of Kilbride)
  ((A)) Thomas Luttrell of Luttrellstown (dsp)
  m. Ellen Bellew (dau of Philip Bellew)
  ((B)) Richard Luttrell of Luttrellstown (a 1540)
  m. Margaret FitzLeons (dau of Patrick FitzLeons of Dublin)
  ((C)) Sir Robert Luttrell
  ((D)) Ellen Luttrell
  m. Nicholas Travers of Corthagh
  (b) Anne Luttrell
  m. Simon Fleming, Lord Slane
  (iii) Andrew Luttrell
  c. Andrew Luttrell (rector of East Quantoxhead)
  C. Robert de Luterel (d 1315, rector of Irnham, canon of Salisbury)

Main source(s):
(1) For Luttrells of Irnham : TCP (Luterel or Luttrell)
(2) For Luttrells of Chilton and Dunster Castle : BLG1952 (Fownes Luttrell formerly of Dunster Castle), BE1883 (Luttrell of Carhampton)
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