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Families covered: Macdonald of Bohuntin, Macdonald of Dalchosnie, Macdonald of Inveray, Macdonald of Sanda, Macdonald of Tulloch

Angus Slach MacDonnell or MacDonald of Sanda, Kintyre
1. ?? MacDonald
  A. Archibald or Gillespic Mor Macdonald of Sanda (d 1647)
  i. Archibald or Alastair Mor Macdonald (d 1647)
  a. Ranald Macdonald of Sanda
m. Anne Stuart (dau of Sir Dugald Stuart, Bart, sister of John, 1st Earl of Bute)
  (1) Archibald Macdonald of Sanda (b c1647, d 1681)
  (A) Archibald Macdonald of Sanda
  m. (1697) Helen Cunningham (dau of John (probably not David) Cunningham of Caddel)
(i) John Macdonald of Sanda (d 1786)
  m. Penelope Mackinnon (dau of ?? Mackinnon of Mackinnon, sister of Flora)
  (a) John Macdonald of Sanda (d 1796, 2nd son)
  m. Cecilia Douglas Kinneir (dau/heir of William Douglas by Cecilia, heiress of Kinneir)
  ((1)) Sir John Macdonald Kinneir (b 1781, dsp 1830, Lt. Colonel)
  m. Amelia Harriet Campbell (dsp 16.10.1860, dau of Sir Alexander Campbell, Bart)
  ((2)) William Macdonald (b 10.08.1783, Archdeacon of Wiltshire, Canon of Salisbury, Vicar of Bishop's Canning) had issue
m. (16.06.1810) Frances Goodman (dau of Maurice Goodman of Oare House, Wiltshire)
  ((3)) Archibald Macdonald (b 13.11.1786, Captain RN) had issue
  m. Harriet Cox
  ((4)) Douglas Macdonald
  m. Patrick Hadow of Colney House, Hertfordshire
  ((5))+ other issue - David (Captain), Alexander (b 25.11.1815, Captain), Cecilia, Flora, Penelope
  (b)+ other issue - Archibald (dvp unm), Robert
  (2) Ann Macdonald probably of this generation
  m. (1686) John Hamilton of Coats (b 1658)



Ian Dubh (John) Macdonald of Bohuntin (a 1592)
m. ?? (niece of Mackintosh of Mackintosh)
1. Alastair Macdonald of Bohuntin
  m. _ Cameron (dau of _ Cameron of Strone)
  A. Angus Mor Macdonald of Bohuntin had issue
2. Angus Macdonald of Tulloch
  m. _ Macdonald (dau of _ Macdonald of Sithean (cadet of Glengarry))
  A. Alastair Macdonald of Tulloch
  m. _ Macdonald (dau of Macdonald of Acha-nan-coichean)
  i. Donald Macdonald of Tulloch
  m. ?? (niece of Macdonald of Glencoe)
  a. Angus Macdonald of Tulloch (a 1714) had issue ("believed to be extinct in the direct male line")
  m. _ Macdonald (dau of Macdonald of Killichonate)
  ii. Allan Macdonald of Inveray (in Glenlyon), Dalchosnie & Tulloch-croisk (in Rannoch) (a 1689)
  m. _ Roy (dau of William Roy of Mulroy)
  a. John Macdonald of Inveray & Dalchosnie
  m. _ Stewart (dau of John Stewart of Camach)
  (1) Alexander Macdonald of Dalchosnie (b 1696, d Culloden 16.04.1746, Captain)
  m. Janet Stewart (dau of James Stewart (progenitor of Stewarts of Tulloch-croisk, Lassentullich & Temper))
  (A) John Macdonald of Dalchosnie (b 1721, d 1809, 2nd son)
  m. Mary Menzies (dau of Robert Menzies of Glassie)
  (i) Alexander Macdonald (b 1762, dvp 1808, Major)
  m. (1787) Elizabeth Menzies (dau of Alexander Menzies of Bolfraiks)
  (a) Sir John Macdonald of Dalchosnie (b 1788, d 24.06.1866, General) had issue
  m. (12.09.1826) Adriana McInroy (dau of James McInroy of Lude)
  (b)+ other issue (d unm) - Alexander (d 05.10.1813), William of Sunnyside (d 1839), Donald of Sunnyside (d 1835, Captain), James (d 1840, Captain), Mary Anne (d 1807)
  (ii) John Macdonald (dsp, 3rd son)
  m. _ Gordon (dau of _ Gordon of Wardhouse)
  (iii) William Macdonald in Jamaica (d 1829, Lt. Colonel)
  (a)+ issue - William (d unm, Captain), Allan (d unm), Alexander (d unm), 2 daughters
  (iv) Robert Macdonald (d 1842, cleric, 11th son)
  (a)+ issue (d unm) - John, Alexander, Mary
  (v) Julia Macdonald
  m. Alexander Macdonald of Moy (Captain)
  (vi) Janet Macdonald
  m. Alexander Cameron of Cullevine
  (vii)+ other issue - Allan in Jamaica (d(sp?) 1825), others (d young)
  (B)+ other issue - Allan (d unm c1745), Donald (d unm, WS), Barbara (b c1727, d 1819)
  (2) John Macdonald (d Culloden 16.04.1746, 3rd son) had issue
  m. Cecilia Camphell (dau of _ Campbell of Glenlyon)
  (3) Angus Macdonald
  m. (sp) Margaret Stewart
  (4) Barbara Macdonald
  m. Neil Stewart of Crossmount (d Culloden 16.04.1746)
  (5) Catherine Macdonald
  m. _ Macdonald of Laggan
  (6) Isobel Macdonald
  m. Alexander Stewart
  (7)+ other issue - Allan (d 1715), Donald (a 1745, d unm)
  b. Donald Macdonald of Tulloch-croisk (d 11.1715)
  m. _ Robertson (dau of John Robertson of Drumachewan)
  (1) Archibald Macdonald (d unm)
  iii. John Macdonald ancestor of Macdonalds of Murligan ("extinct in the male line")
  B. Donald Macdonald ancestor of Macdonalds of Moy & Lassentulloch
  m1. _ Macdonald (dau of Macdonald of Macduie)
  m2. _ Macdonald (dau of Macdonald of Tirnadris)
  m3. _ Macdonald (dau of Macdonald of Bohuntin)

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(2) For lower section (uploaded 31.10.17) : 'History of the Macdonalds and Lords of the Isles' by Alexander Mackenzie (1885, p505+)
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