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Families covered: Macleod of Lewis, Macleod of Raasay, Macleod of Rigg

Torquil MacLeod of Lewis (a 1306)
m. Dorothea (dau of William, Earl of Ross)
1. Norman Macleod of Lewis
  A. Torquil Macleod of Lewis (d Temp Robert II who r. 1371-1390)
  m. Margaret MacNicol of Assynt
  i. Roderick Macleod of Lewis (a 1449)
m. Margaret (Macdonald) (dau of the Lord of the Isles)
  a. Torquil Macleod of Lewis (a 1461)
  (1) Roderick Macleod of Lewis (d 1498)
  m1. Margaret Macleod (dau of John Macleod of Harris & Dunvegan)
  (A) son (dvp)
m2. Agnes Mackenzie (dau of Kenneth Mackenzie of Kintail by Agnes Fraser)
  (B) Torquil Macleod of Lewis (a 1506)
  m1. (sp) Catherine Campbell (dau of 1st Earl of Argyll)
  m2. ?? Macdonald (dau of John Cathanach Macdonald of Islay & Glynns, widow of Donald (Macdonald) of Sleat)
  Torquil and his son forfeited their estates after rebellion against King James IV.
(i) John MacTorquil Macleod (d 1532)
  (a) Margaret (Mary) Macleod
  m. Donald Gorm (Macdonald) of Sleat
  (C) Malcolm Macleod of Lewis (a 1532)
  m. Christian Urquhart (dau of Thomas Urqhart of Cromarty)
  (i) Roderick ('Old Rory') Macleod of Lewis
m1. (div) Janet Mackenzie (natural dau of John Mackenzie of Kintail, widow of Mackay of Reay, eloped with John MacGillechallum (brother of Alexander of Raasay))
  (a) Torquil 'Conanach' Macleod of Lewis
  m. Margaret Macdonald (dau of Angus Macdonald of Glengarry, widow of Cuthbert of Castlehill)
((1)) Margaret Macleod
  m. (1605) Sir Roderick Mackenzie of Tarbat (son of Colin Cam of Kintail)
  ((2)) Elizabeth (Elspeth) Macleod
  m. Duncan Bain of Tulloch
  ((3)) Catherine Macleod
  m. Colin Mackenzie (son of George, 2nd Earl of Seaforth)
((4)) Janet Macleod
  m. John (probably not Roderick) Mackenzie of Fairburn (d 1645)
  ((5)) Florence Macleod
  m. Neil Macleod of Assyynt (son of Donald Ban Mor)
  ((6))+ other issue - John (dvp), son (dvp)
  m2. (1541) Barbara Stewart (dau of Andrew, Lord Avandale)
  (b) Torquil 'Oighre' Macleod (dvp)
m3. ?? Maclean (sister of Lachlan Maclean of Duart)
  (c) Torquil Dubh Macleod (dvp 07.1597)
  m. (Christina) Macleod (sister of Sir Rory Mor Macleod of Harris & Dunvegan)
((1))+ issue (dspl) - Roderick, William, Torquil
  (d) Tormod Macleod (dspl)
  (ii) Malcolm Garbh MacGillechallum Macleod of Raasay - continued below
  (iii) Norman Macleod ancestor of Macleods of Eddrachilles
  (D) daughter
  m. Allan Macleod of Gairloch
  b. Tormod (or Norman) Macleod of Assynt (d temp James I who r. 1406-1437)
  c. Margaret Macleod
  m. William Mackintosh of Mackintosh
2. Finguala Macleod (b 1304)
  m. Kenneth Mackenzie of Kintail



Malcolm Garbh MacGillechallum Macleod of Raasay (d temp Queen Mary who r. 1542-1567) - continued above
1. Alexander MacGillechallum Macleod of Raasay (d temp James VI who r 1567-1603)
  A. Malcolm or MacGillechallum Garbh Macleod of Raasay (d 1611)
  i. Malcolm or MacGillechallum Og Macleod (dvpsp 08.1611)
  ii. Alexander Macleod of Raasay (d before 1643)
m. _ Macleod (dau of John Macleod of Drynoch, m2. Thomas Graham of Drynie, m3. Alexander Mackenzie of Hilton)
  a. Alexander Macleod of Raasay
  m. Sibella Mackenzie (dau of Roderick Mackenzie of Applecross by Florence, dau of Murdoch Mackenzie of Redcastle)
  (1) John Garbh Macleod of Raasay (b c1667, dsp 1688)
  m. Janet Macleod (dau of Sir Roderick More Macleod of Dunvegan)
  (2) Janet Macleod
m. Duncan Macrae of Inverinate
  (3) Giles Macleod (d unm)
  b. John Macleod
  (1) Alexander Macleod of Raasay
  m. Catherine Macleod (dau of Sir Norman Macleod of Bernera (by Catherine Macdonald), m2. Angus Macdonnell of Scotus)
  (A) Malcolm Macleod of Raasay
  m. Mary Mackenzie (dau of Alexander Mackenzie of Applecross by Anne, dau of Alexander Fraser (Tutor of Lovat) by Sibella, dau of Kenneth Mackenzie of Kintail)
  (B) John Macleod of Rigg
  The following comes from 'History of the Macleods' (p391+).
(i) Malcolm Macleod (b 1711, a 1773, d unm Captain)
  (ii) Norman Macleod of Rigg
  (a) Norman Macleod (Captain) had issue (2 daughters who d unm)
  m. Mary Campbell of Scalpa
  (b) John Macleod of Ollach (Captain) had issue
  m. Janet Macdonald of Dunskellar
  (c) Murdoch Macleod of Kilpheder, North Uist (Dr) had issue
  m. Mary Maclean of Borreray
  partner unknown
  iii. Murdoch Macleod
2. John MacGillechallum (Ian na Tuaghie) Macleod
  p/m. (div) Janet Mackenzie (m2. Roderick Macleod of Lewis, Ian's uncle)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : 'History of the Macleods' (Alexander Mackenzie, 1889, p286+)
(2) For lower section : 'History of the Macleods' (Alexander Mackenzie, 1889, p344+)
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