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Families covered: Macleod of Eyre, Macleod of Morven, Macleod of Raasay, Macleod of Swordale

Malcolm Macleod of Raasay
m. Mary Mackenzie (dau of Alexander Mackenzie of Applecross by Anne, dau of Alexander Fraser (Tutor of Lovat) by Sibella, dau of Kenneth Mackenzie of Kintail)
1. John Macleod of Raasay (a 1779)
  m. Jane Macqueen (dau of _ Macqueen of Rigg)
  A. James Macleod of Raasay (d 1824, Lt. Colonel) had issue
  m. Flora Maclean
  B. Flora Macleod
m. (1777) James Muir Campbell of Lavers, later 5th Earl of Loudon
  C. Margaret Macleod
  m. Martin Martin of Bealach
  D. Janet Macleod
  m. Archibald Macra of Ardintoul ## see here ##
  E. Anne Macleod
  m. Valentine Chisholm (Captain)
  F. Mary Macleod
  m. Stewart Chisholm (d 1862 in Inverness)
  G. Catherine Macleod
  m. John Macleod of Eyre (cousin) @1@ below
  H. Isabella Macleod
  m. Thomas Ross (Major)
  I. Julia Macleod
  m. Olaus Macleod of Bharkasaig
  J. Jane Macleod
  m. John Macleod of Colbecks (cousin) @2@ below
  K. Anne Macleod
m. Donald Mackenzie of Hartfield (Captain)
  L. Mary Macleod
  m. Donald Campbell (minister of Kilninver)
  M. Christina Macleod
  m. Alexander Macsween ("an Indian judge")
  N.+ other issue - John (d young), Malcolm (d unm, Captain)
2. Murdoch Macleod of Eyre
  m. Anne Macdonald (dau of Alexander Macdonald of Boisdale by Margaret (Mary) Macdonald)
  A. Malcolm Macleod of Eyre (d unm, Captain)
  B. John Macleod (dsp, RN)
  m. Catherine Macleod (dau of John Macleod of Raasay, cousin) @1@ above
  C. Margaret Macleod
  m. Kenneth Macleod of Swordale, later of Ebost @3@ below
  D.+ other issue (d unm) - Norman, Anne |(d 1849)
3. Norman Macleod (a 1773, d unm)
4. Janet Macleod
  m1. John Macleod 'of Colbecks' (d 12.05.1775, "of the old Macleods of Lewis")
  A. John Macleod of Colbecks (Colonel) who had issue by ...
  m. Jane Macleod (dau of John Macleod of Raasay) @2@ above
  m2. (1743) John Mackinnon of Mackinnon
p. Janet Macleod ("a crofter tenant's daughter on the island")
5. Alexander Macleod
  m. Elizabeth Macdonald
  A. Malcolm Macleod had issue (1 son who d young)
  m. _ Macdonald
  B. Charles Roderick Macleod had issue
  m. Elizabeth Vanreney
  C. James Macleod had issue
  m. Catherine Vanreney
  D. Elizabeth Macleod
  m. _ MacHardy
  E. Christian Macleod
m. Brian Hodgson
  F. Jessie Macleod
  m. _ Alexander
  G. Mary Anne Macleod
  m. _ Cuthbert
  H.+ other issue - Alexander, John
6. Malcolm Macleod (d 1832, minister of Snizort)
  m. Mary Macleod (dau of Donald Macleod of Swordale) @4@ below
  A. John Macleod (d 20.01.1845, Captain, 2nd son) had issue ("several daughters")
  m. Anne Nyinsis
  B. Roderick Macleod (b 1794, d 1867, minister of Bracadale, Moderator of the Free Church General Assambly) had issue
  m. Anne Robertson Macdonald (d 1857, dau of Robert Macdonald of Skaebost)
  C. Anne Macleod
  m. M. Cordonniere ("a Frenchman", later in Russia)
  D. Isabella Macleod
  m. John Finlayson (minisetr of Bracadale)
  E.+ other issue - Malcolm (d young), Christian (d unm), Donald, Charles (d unm), 2 daughters (d young)
7.+ other issue (d unm) - Roderick, Charles, Margaret (d unm?), Janet



Probably related to the family of Assynt were 2 brothers who we show as sons of ...
?? Macleod
1. Neil Macleod (a 1747, d 1780, minister of Lagan)
  A. Alexander Macleod, later in New York (d 1833, minister)
  i. John Neil Macleod in New York (a 1852, minister)
  B. Mary Macleod in Tobermory (d 1852)
2. Donald Macleod of Swordale
  m. Anne Campbell (dau of Kenneth Campbell of Scalpa, sister of Colonel Donald of Glensaddell)
  A. Norman Macleod (b 1745, d 05.03.1824, minister of Morven)
  m. (22.07.1777) Jean Morrison (dau of John Morrison of Achnaba (Morven) (son of Rev. William by Jessie Cameron of Glendessaray) by Jessie, dau of John Campbell of Barnicarry by Grace Neil of Colonsay)
  i. Norman Macleod (b 02.12.1783, minister in Glasgow, Moderator of the General Assembly, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (02.04.1811) Agnes Maxwell (dau of James Maxwell of Aros)
  ii. John Macleod (b 31.03.1801, d 1882, minister of Morven, 4th son) had issue
  m. (1834) Margaret Maclean (dau of Donald Maclean of Borreray & Drimnin by Jessie, dau of Donald Macleod of Bernera by Margaret Macleod)
  iii. Jane Macleod
m. John Neil Argyll Maxwell (son of James of Aros)
  iv.+ others issue - Donald (b 27.02.1782, d young), Donald (b 328.01.1798, d unm), Ann, Janet, Ann, Margaret, Grace, Archie, Elizaeth, Jane, Mary, Janet, Catherine, Archie
  B. Kenneth Macleod 'of Swordale, later of Ebost' (4th son)
  m. Margaret Macleod (dau of Murdoch Macleod of Eyre) @3@ above
  i. Norman Macleod (minister of North Uist) had issue
  m. Julia Macleod (dau of Alexander Macleod of North Uist)
  C. Mary Macleod
  m. Malcolm Macleod (minister of Snizort) @4@ above
  D. Margaret Macleod
  m. Hector Maclean (d 17.07.1781, tacksman of Vatten)
  E.+ other issue - John (d young), Donald (dsp)

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(1) For upper section : 'History of the Macleods' (Alexander Mackenzie, 1889, p371+)
(2) For lower section : 'History of the Macleods' (Alexander Mackenzie, 1889, p433+)
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