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Families covered: McCarthy (MacCarthy) of Blarney, McCarty (McCarthy or MacCarty) of Clancarty, McCarty of Cork, McCarthy (MacCarthy) of Muskerry

(1) Commoners spells the name of the family of Carrignavar as 'McCarty' but that of its branch of Dishane as 'McCarthy'. BE1883 uses both 'McCarty' and 'MacCarthy'. TCP used 'Maccarty'. We use McCarthy for the page titles, as that appears to be the most common spelling nowadays, but try to follow the relevant source as applicable.
(2) Commoners commences its article on this family as follows: "Few pedigrees in the British empire, if any, can be traced to a more remote or a more exalted source than that of the Celtic house of McCarty; and, making every allowance for the exaggeration of Celtic descents generally, it cannot be contested that, when reduced to fair and admissible limits, they, as comprising the very oldest deducible family records, command a prominent, perhaps the most prominent, place in European genealogy." The article later reports that the McCartys trace their origin to Heber, the eldest son of Milesius, King of Spain, through Oilioll Olium, King of Munster, in the third century". Commoners reports that "the first who bore the appellative of McCarty, or son of Cartagh, was the grandfather of" the undermentioned Diarmod. See also the note at the top of OCallaghan1.
(3) Note that "succeeded by" leaves open the very real possibility (probability?) that at least some of the successors were not the sons of their predecessors. Until (roughly) early Stuart times, succession amongst Irish lords often followed the laws of tanistry rather than those of primogeniture.
Diarmod McCarty More, lord of Cork (d 1186) succeeded by ...
1. Donald McCarty More succeeded by ...
  A. Cormac Fionn McCarty More succeeded by ...
  i. Donald Roe McCarty More succeeded by ...
  a. Donald Oge McCarty More succeeded by ...
  (1) Cormac McCarty More succeeded by ...
  (A) ?? McCarty
  (i) ?? McCarty
  (a) ?? McCarty
  ((1)) ?? McCarty
((A)) ?? McCarty
  ((i)) ?? McCarty
  ((a)) ?? McCarty
  "seventh in descent from the eldest son of the last mentioned Cormac" was ...
  (((1))) Donald McCarty More, Earl of Clancare (d before 12.02.1596/7)
  m. Honora Fitzgerald (a 08.1598, dau of James FitzJohn, Earl of Desmond, by More O'Carroll)
  (((A))) Tiege McCarty (dvpsp)
  (((B))) Helena McCarty
  m. Florence MacCarthy
  ((ii)) Katharine MacCarty dau of Telge MacCarty More, possibly of this generation
  m. David Roche, 3rd Lord of Fermoy (d before 09.09.1539)
  ((2)) Katharine MacCarthy dau of Telge MacCarthy More, possibly of this generation
  m. Patrick FitzMaurice, 7th Lord of Kerry (d 1410)
  (B) Dermod McCarty or MacCarthy of Muskerry (d 1367)
  Dermond was succeeded by Teige, Cormac (d 1374), Teige (d 1448) then Cormac (d 1494). However, Commoners notes that the succession was following the laws of tanistry rather than primogeniture. BE1883 identifies the Cormac who died in 1494 as Dermond's great-grandson. TCP (Desmond) identifies the father of Shela (Gille) as Cormac Laidir McTeige MacCarthy.
(i) ?? MacCarthy
  (a) Teige MacCarthy
  ((1)) Cormac 'laidhir' (stout) MacCarthy of Muskerry & Blarney Castle (d 1494)
  m1/2. Sarah O'Carrick (dau of Mulroony Ballogh O'Carrick)
((A)) Cormac Oge 'laidhir' MacCarthy of Muskerry & Blarney Castle (d 1536) - continued below
  m. Catherine Barry
  BE1883 mentions only one wife for Cormac, the above Sarah O'Carrick. However, it appears that he also married ...
  m2/1. Mary FitzMaurice (dau of Edmund FitzMaurice, 9th Lord of Kerry)
((B)) Shela or Gille MacCarthy (a 1505)
  m. Thomas FitzThomas, 11th Earl of Desmond (b 1454, d 1534)
  Probably also of this generation, but (if so) by which wife is unknown, were ...
  ((C)) Grany MacCarty
  m. Maurice Roche, 4th Lord ('Viscount') of Fermoy (a 1559)
  ((D)) Ellen MacCarty
  m1. James Barry of Ibawne
  m2. Donal McCarthy Reagh
  ((2)) Dermot MacCarthy of Drishane Castle apparently of this generation



Cormac Oge 'laidhir' MacCarthy of Muskerry & Blarney Castle (d 1536) - continued above
BE1883 identifies Cormac's wife as Catherine, dau of Rt. Hon. John, Viscount Buttevant, and sister of Elizabeth, Countess of Desmond. We have not worked out how that could be so just show her as ...
m. Catherine Barry
1. Tiege MacCarthy of Muskerry & Blarney (d 1565)
  m. Julia (dau of Donall MaCarthy Reagh)
  A. Sir Dermot MacCarthy of Muskerry & Blarney (d 1570)
  m. "the Lady Fitz-Gerald" (dau of Maurice FitzJohn of Desmond)
  i. Cormac MacCarthy of Muskerry & Blarney (d 23.02.1616)
  m(1). Mary Butler (dau of Sir Theobald Butler, 1st Lord Caher)
a. Cormac Oge (Charles) MacCarthy or Maccarty of Blarney, 1st Viscount Muskerry (d 20.02.1640)
  m1. (c1590) Margaret O'Brien (dau of Donough, 4th Earl of Thomond, by Ellen Roche)
  (1) Cormac MacCarthy (d young)
  (2) Doough MacCarthy or McCarty, 1st Earl of Clancarty (b 1594, d 04.08.1665)
  m. (before 1648) Eleanor Butler (sister of James, 1st Duke of Ormonde)
  (A) Charles McCarty, 'Viscount Muskerry' (dvp 03.06.1665)
  m. (after 02.03.1659/60) Margaret Burke (d 08.1698, dau of Ulick, Marquess of Clanricarde)
(i) Charles McCarty, 2nd Earl of Clancarty (d 22.09.1666)
  (B) Callaghan McCarty, 3rd Earl of Clancarty (d 16-21.11.1676)
  m. Elizabeth Fitzgerald (bur 15.02.1697/8, dau of George, Earl of Kildare, by Joan Boyle, m2. William Davis)
  (i) Donough McCarty, 4th Earl of Clancarty (b c1668, d 01.10.1734)
  Donough supported the cause of King James II and was attainted with his estates forfeited.
  m. (31.12.1684) Elizabeth Spencer (b c1673, d 06.1704, dau of Robert Spencer, 2nd Earl of Sunderland)
  (a) Robert McCarty or MacCarthy, 'Viscount Muskerry' (b 1685, d 19.09.1769)
m1. (14.12.1722) Joanna Player (b 17.10.1693, d 13.01.1759, dau of Captain Henry Player of Alverstoke by Joanna, dau of William Benett of Fareham)
  ((1))+ 2 sons (dsp)
  m2. Elizabeth Farnelly (d 1790, m2. Charles Caliste Anselme Maccarty-More of Cambray)
  (b) Justin McCarty or MacCarthy who married ...
  m. Elizabeth Davys (dau of 1st Viscount Mountcashell)
  (c) Charlotte McCarty (d 07.02.1735)
  m. (25.05.1721) John West, 7th Lord Delawarr
  (ii) Catherine McCarty (bur 19.04.1738)
  m. (by 1705) Paul Davys, 1st Viscount Mountcashell (d 05.08.1716)
  (iii)+ other issue (dsp) - Margaret, Elizabeth
(C) Justin McCarty, Viscount Mountcashell (dsp 01.07.1694, Lt. General)
  m. Arabella Wentworth (dau of Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Stafford)
  (D) Helena McCarty
  m. William Burke, 7th Earl of Clanricarde
  (E) Margaret McCarty
  m. (before 1666) Luke Plunkett, Earl of Fingall
(3) Mary MacCarthy
  m1. Sir Valentine Browne, 2nd Bart (d 25.04.1640)
  m2. Edward FitzGerald of Ballymallon
  (4) Eleanor MacCarthy
  m. Charles MacCarthy Reagh
  (A) Ellen MacCarthy
  m. John DeCourcy, 21st Lord Kingsale
  (5) Eleanor MacCarthy (2nd of that name)
  m. John Power
  (6) Sheely or Julia McCarty (d 21.01.1633) probably of this generation, presumed of this marriage
  m. Sir Valentine Browne, 1st Bart (d 13.09.1633)
  m2. (by 1599) Ellen Roche (dau of David, Viscount Fermoy (by Joan Barry), widow of Donell Maccarthy Reagh, m3. Thomas Fitzmaurice)
  b. Donald or Daniel MacCarthy or McCarty of Carrignavar, co. Cork
2. Cecilia or Gille MacCarthy probably of this generation
  m. (before 1551) Sir Edmund Butler, 1st Baron of Dunboyne (d 05.1566/7)

Main source(s): Commoners (vol II, McCarty of Carrignavar), BE1883 (MacCarthy of Clancarty), TCP (Clancarty)
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