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Families covered: McCulloch of Ardwall, McCulloch of Cardoness, McCulloch of Hills, McCulloch (MacCulloch) of Myrtoun (Myretoun)

As with many other families, there are various stories (legends) about the origins of the McCullochs. A popular one is that the family descended from Gillecomgan, Mormaer of Moray, possibly through his son Lulach who became King of Scots after the death of Gillecomgan's cousin (and Lulach's step-father), Macbeth.
Godfrey McCulloch (d 1358)
1. Alexander McCulloch (d 1399)
  A. Norman McCulloch (d 1445)
  i. Eleseus McCulloch (d 1448)
  a. Sir Alexander McCulloch of Myretoun or Myrtoun (b c1440, d 30.08.1532)
  m. Marion or Marjorie Sinclair (dau of William Sinclair, 2nd Lord)
  (1) Margaret or Marion McCulloch
  m. Henry McCulloch of Killasser (d c1545) @1@ just below
  (2) Agnes McCulloch
  m. Fergus MacDowall
  (3) Catharine McCulloch
  m. (before 1494) Patrick MacDowall of Logan



Henry McCulloch of Killasser (d c1545)
m. Margaret or Marion McCulloch (dau of Alexander McCulloch of Myretoun) @1@ just above
1. Sir Godfrey McCulloch of Myrtoun father of Agnes, possibly fits here
  A. Agnes McCulloch
  m. John Maxwell of Monreith (d before 1605)
2. Simon McCulloch of Myrtoun or Myretoun (d 1592)
  m. Marion Gordon
A. William McCulloch of Myrtoun (d c1626)
  m. Marie McCulloch (dau of Thomas McCulloch of Cardoness) @2@ below
  i. Alexander McCulloch of Myrtoun (d 1642)
  a. Sir Alexander McCulloch or MacCullochs, 1st Bart of Myrtoun (d before 1678)
  Sir Alexander and his son and grandson successor are mentioned in TCB (vol iii, MacCulloch of Myrtoun).
  (1) John McCulloch (dvp)
  (A) Sir Godfrey McCulloch, 1st Bart of Myrtoun (dspl 26.03.1697)
(B) Jane McCulloch possibly of this generation
  m. (1632) William Maxwell of Monreith (d 1670)
  (C) Elizabeth McCulloch possibly of this generation
  m. (05.1641) Sir David Dunbar,1st Bart of Baldoon (b c1610, d 12.12.1686)
  (D) Grizel McCulloch possibly of this generation
  m. (15.06.1649) John Vans of Barnbarroch (b before 1634, d 29.08.1696)
  b. William McCulloch of Randalston, Ireland
  (1) James McCulloch of Crogan
  (A) Mary McCulloch
  m. Henry McCulloch (d 27.10.1755 in Canada)
  B. Jane McCulloch possibly of this generation but dates look odd
  m. John Vaus of Barnbarroch (d Pinkie 1547)
  BLG1952 (McCulloch of Ardwall) starts with William, 1st of Nether Ardwall, who "obtained a feu charter of that property, 1587, from his cousins, William McCulloch of Myretoun, Wigtownshire, and his wife Marie McCulloch of Cardiness". We presume (provisionally) that the Ardwall branch connect to the Myrtoun family as follows ...
  C. ?? McCulloch
  i. William McCulloch, 1st of Nether Ardwall (a 1587)
m. Margaret Muir (dau of Alexander Muir of Cassencarrie)
  a. Thomas McCulloch, 2nd of Nether Ardwall (d 1638)
  m. Agnes Geddes (of Kirkurd?)
  (1) William McCulloch, 3rd of Nether Ardwall (d 1682)
  m. (1642) Isobel Crawford (d c1675, dau of Duncan Crawford of Nether Skeldoun)
  (A) William McCulloch, 4th of Nether Ardwall (d unm c1686)
  (B) David McCulloch, 5th of Ardwall
  m1. (1690) Isobel Maxwell (dau of Edward Maxwell of Hills)
(i) Edward McCulloch, 6th of Ardwall, 1st of Hills (d 1756)
  m. (1732) Janet McCulloch (dau of William McCulloch of Kirkclaugh)
  (a) David McCulloch, 7th of Ardwall, 2nd of Hills (b 1740, d 1794)
  m. (1761) Janet Corsane (d 1824, dau of Robert Corsane of Meikleknox)
  ((1)) Edward McCulloch, 7th of Ardwall, 3rd of Hills (b 1764, d unm 1796)
  ((2)) James Murray McCulloch, 8th of Ardwall, 4th of Hills (b 13.04.1768, d 1857) had issue
  m. (09.1803) Christian Robison (d 1853, dau of Walter Robison of Leddigreen)
  ((3)) Penelope McCulloch (b 1765, d 1794)
  m. (1791) Johnston Hanny of Torrs (d 1801)
  ((4)) Elizabeth McCulloch (d 1848)
  m. (1799) Thomas Scott (d 1823, brother of Sir Walter of Abbotsford)
  ((5))+ other issue (d unm) - Robert (b 1767, d 1772), David (b 1769, d 1826), Ross (b 1770, d infant), Alexander of Kirkclaugh (b 1772, d 1843), Robert of Kirkclaugh (b c1774, d 1855), John (d ), Agnes (b 1763, d 1840)
  (b) Elizabeth McCulloch (b 1738)
  m. (1762) Alexander Gordon of Campbeltown (d 1799)
  (c)+ other issue including Janet (b 1749, d 1829)
  (ii) David McCulloch of Borness
  m1. (1715) Jean McCulloch (d 1723, dau of John McCulloch of Barholm)
  (a)+ 1 son and 1 daughter
  m2. Euphemia Brown
  (iii) Henry McCulloch (d c1720)
  (iv) James McCulloch (b 1696, d 1782)
  (a) Robert McCulloch of Jamaica (d 1749)
  m. Charity Steevens
  ((1))+ 1 son and 2 daughters
  (v) Isobel McCulloch
  m. (1732) William Crichton of Dumfries
(vi) Agnes McCulloch (d before 1724)
  m. (1719) John Muir of Craig
  (vii) Margaret McCulloch
  m. William Rae of Cumnock (schoolmaster)
  m2. (1710) Elizabeth Veitch (dau of Rev. William Veitch of Dumfries)
  (viii) William McCulloch (d infant)
  (ix) Ebenezer McCulloch (b c1716, banker)
  m1. (1744) Isobel Hairstanes (dau of William Hairstanes of Craigs)
  (a)+ 1 son and 2 daughters
  m2. Penelope McDowell (dau of John McDowell of Freugh)
(C) Agnes McCulloch (d 1695)
  m. (1672) William McClellan of Borness (d 1694)
  (D) Marion McCulloch
  m. (1672) James Bell of Arkland
  (E) Margaret McCulloch
  m. (1684) Charles Herris in Milnbank
  (F)+ other issue - James, Jean
  (2) Marion McCulloch
  m1. (1648) John Bell of Whiteside
  m2. Alexander Gordon of Pennygame, 5th Viscount of Kenmure (d before 07.09.1698)
  (3)+ other issue - John, Barbara, Margaret
  b. David McCulloch
  (1)+ issue including Anthony (had issue)
  c. Elspeth McCulloch
  m. Archibald Hannay
  d. Jean McCulloch



Gilbert McCulloch of Cardoness (a 1466)
1. James McCulloch of Cardoness (d 1500)
  m. Elizabeth Lennox
  A. Ninian McCulloch of Cardoness (d 1508/9)
  m. Agnes
  i. Thomas McCulloch of Cardoness (d young before 1516)
  ii. Alexander McCulloch of Cardoness (d c1543)
  m. Elizabeth McClellan
  a. Thomas McCulloch of Cardoness (d c1570)
  m. (mcrt 29.03.1560-1) Katherine Gordon (dau of James Gordon of Lochinvar)
  (1) Marie McCulloch
  m. William McCulloch of Myrtoun (d c1628) @2@ above
  B. ? Sir Alexander McCulloch (d Flodden 1513)
  C. daughter
  m. Alexander MacLellan

Main source(s):
(1) McCulloch of (Nether) Ardwall : BLG1952 (McCulloch of Ardwall)
(2) Other lines : various web sites
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