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Families covered: Mainwaring of Calveley, Mainwaring of Carincham (Kirmincham or Kermincham), Mainwaring of Chester, Mainwaring (Manwaring) of Croxton, Mainwaring of Midlewich, Mainwaring (Manwaring) of Nantwich (Nampwich)

Nicholas Mainwaring of Nantwich
Visitation (1580, Manwaringe of Peever) suggests an alternative parentage for Nicholas, indicating that he may have been son of Piers Mainwaring, but Visitation (1580, Manwaring of Chester and Nantwich) ignores that and provides the connection we follow.
1. Thomas Mainwaring of Chester
  A. Thomas Mainwaring (dsp)
  B. Randoll Mainwaring (alderman of Chester)
  i. Henry Mainwaring of Chester (a 1580)
  a. Ranulf Mainwaring
2. Humfrey Manwaring of Nantwich
There were several marital connections between this family and the Mynshulls/Minshulls of Nantwich. Provisionally we have not made (or have reversed) specific connections between the families until we have researched the Mainwarings more.
  A. Oliver Manwaring of Nantwich
  m. _ Spark of Nantwich
  partner unknown
i. John Manwaring of Nantwich
  m. Margrett or Cicely Brooke (dau of Roger Brooke of Nantwich)
  a. Roger Manwaring of Nantwich
  m. Margrett Masterson (dau of Thomas Masterson of Nantwich)
  (1) Richard Manwaring of Nantwich
  (2) Margery Manwaring
  (3) Margrett Manwaring possibly the Margaret who married ...
  m. Sir Edward Dod of Edge (d 25.11.1648)
  b. Oliver Manwaring
  (1) Alexander Manwaring
  Probably of this generation, but whether legitimate or illegitimate is not known, was ...
  ii. Margaret Manwaring
  m. Ralph Brooke of Nantwich
  B. Alice Manwaring possibly of this generation
  m. John Crewe of Wich Malbank or Nantwich (b c1524, d 1598)



Randle Mainwaring of Kirmincham or Carincham
m. Margaret (or Elizabeth?) Savage (dau of Sir John Savage of Stainesby and Clifton)
1. Randoll Mainwaring of Carincham
  m. Margaret Davenport (dau of Hugh Davenport or Damport of Henenbury)
  A. Randoll Mainwaring
  m. Margaret Poole (dau of Rafe Poole of Radburne or Radborne)
i. Randoll Mainwaring of Karincham or Carincham
  m1. _ Aston (dau of _ Aston of Aston)
  a. Bridget Mainwaring
  m. John Davenport of Davenport
  m2. Anne Cholmley (dau of Richard Cholmley of Cholmley)
b. Henry Mainwaring of Carincham (a 1566, 1613)
  m. Elenor Venables (dau of Sir Thomas Venables of Kinderton)
  (1) Henry Mainwaring of Carincham
  m. Elizabeth Digby (dau of William Digby of Stokedry)
  (A) Henry Mainwaring of Kermincham (Caringham) (d 1637)
m1. Mary Kinardsley (dau of Anthony Kinardsley or Kinnersley of Loxley)
  (i) Henry Mainwaring of Carincham (b 1606)
  m. Frances Fitton (sister of Sir Edward Fitton, Bart of Gawsworth)
  (a) Roger Mainwaring (dvp)
  m. Sarah Ashenhurst (bur 15.02.1685, dau of Randall Ashenhurst of Ashenhurst)
  (b) Edward Mainwaring of Wibunbery
  m. Elizabeth Herestongue (dau of Henry Herestongue of Wesmorland)
  (c)+ other issue (dsp) - Peter (d 1607), Jane, Anne
  (ii) Anthony Mainwaring
  m. _ Venables (dau of Thomas Venables of Coton)
(iii) Roger Mainwaring
  (iv) Mary Mainwaring
  m. Henry Hardware of Peele
  m2. Felicia Baskerville (dau of Thomas Baskerville)
  (2) Peter Mainwaring 'of Smallwood, Cheshire'
  m. Jane Walch (dau of _ Walch of Smallwood)
  (A) Peter Mainwaring of Newton (b c1620)
  m. Katherine Newton (dau of William Newton of Pownall)
  (i) Henry Mainwaring (b c1639)
  (B) Elizabeth Mainwaring
  m. (1648) Henry Newcomb
(C) Dorothy Mainwaring
  (D) Eleanor Mainwaring (d 05.04.1641)
  m. (27.03.1638) Elias Ashmole (Windsor Herald)
  (E) Anne Mainwaring
  m. Arthur Mainwaring of Coton
  (3) Anne Mainwaring (d 1633)
  m1. (1574) Peter Danyell of Tabley (b 1561, d 1586-7)
  m2. Thomas Ashold of Swetenham
(4) Elizabeth Mainwaring
  m. James Manwaring of Croxton
  (5)+ other sons and daughters
  ii. Anne Manwaring possibly of this generation
  m. John Davenport of Davenport
  B. Thomas Mainwaring of Calveley
  m. Maud Smethick (dau of Thomas Smethick of Arelind or Arclued)
  i. John Mainwaring of Calveley (a 1566)
m. Jane Wright (dau of Roger Wright of Nantwich)
  a. Thomas Mainwaring of Calveley (a 1580)
  m. Ellen Vernon (dau of Robert Vernon of Haslington)
  (1) George Mainwaring 'of Calveley' (b c1579)
  m. Elizabeth Bruyn (dau of John Bruyn of Stapleford)
  (A)+ issue - Elizabeth (b c1610), Margaret (b c1612)
  (2) Henry Mainwaring only child mentioned in Visitation (1580) but not mentioned in Visitation (1613)
  m. Elizabeth Digby (dau of Kenelme Digby of Stoke)
  (3) Jane Mainwaring
  m. _ Prestland
  (4)+ other issue - Thomas, Anne, Margaret, Amy, Elynor
  b. Margaret Mainwaring
  m. Hugh Damport of Calveley
  c. Elenor Mainwaring
m. Rafe Leftwich
  d. Margery Mainwaring
  m. Randoll Prestland of Wardley
  (1) Eleanor Prestland probably of this generation
  m. (1593) William Hocknell of Duddon
  e. Jane Mainwaring
  m. Oliver Vernon of Whatcroft (a 1613)
  f.+ other issue - Katherine, Prudence
  C. Margaret Mainwaring possibly of this generation
  m. Randolph Grosvenor of Bellaport or Belliport
  D. Katherine Mainwaring possibly of this generation
  m. William Hassal of Hankelow
2. Roger Mainwaring ('escheator of Cheshire')
  m. (Margaret) Brook (dau of Thomas Brook of Leighton)
  A. Margaret Mainwaring
  m. John Glegg
  B. Margery Mainwaring
  m. Thomas Masterson or Mosterton
3. Robert Mainwaring of Sleape
  A. Roger Mainwaring
  m. _ Basford (dau of Edward Basford)
  i. Robert Mainwaring
  m. Jane Manwaring (dau of George Manwaring of Cotton)
  a. Arthur Mainwaring (a 1566)
4. William Mainwaring of Wichmalbanke (6th son)
  m. Margaret Tytley (dau of Humfry Tytley of Tytley Armiger)
A. Humfrey Manwaring of Nampwich
  m. Alice Salder (dau of Randell Sadler)
  i. Thomas Manwaring of Nampwich (3rd son)
  m. Margaret Crew (dau of Randle Crew of Nampwich)
  a. Thomas Manwaring of Nampwich (a 1613)
  m. Margaret Lea (dau of Richard Lea of Lea)
  (1)+ issue - George (b c1591), Mathew, Arthur, Frances, Martha
  b. Mathew Manwaring of Nampwich (a 1613)
  m. Margaret Minshull (dau of Thomas Minshull of Nampwich)
  (1)+ issue - Thomas (b c 1594), John, Mathew, Ralph, Elizabeth, Margaret, Scilence
5. Margery Mainwaring
  m. Thomas Davenport (son of Hugh of Denbury)



Hugh Mainwaring or Manwaring of Croxton
m. Margaret Croxton (dau of Thomas (sb Richard?) de Croxton, sister/heir of Ralph Croxton of Croxton)
1. Raufe Mainwaring or Manwaring
  m. Catherine Darley (dau of Roger Darley or Derby or Darby of Chester)
  A. John Mainwaring (dsp)
  B. Charles (probably not Lawrence) Mainwaring of Croxton
  m. Katherine (or Isabell) Dockenfeld or Dokensfield
  i. James Mainwaring (dvp)
  m. Margaret Fitton (dau/coheir of Thomas Fitton of Pownal)
  a. Isabella Manwaring (dsp)
  ii. Charles Mainwaring of Croxton (d 1558-9)
m. Hellen Brereton (dau of Hugh Brereton of Winslow or the Peele)
  a. Charles Mainwaring of Croxton (a 1566)
  m. Elizabeth Holford (dau of Thomas Holford)
  The following are shown by Visitation as children of Charles's brother James but by Ormerod as Charles's daughters.
  (1) Elenor Mainwaring
  m. Michael Oldfeld (son of Philip of Bradwall)
  (2) Julian Mainwaring (dsp)
  m. Philip Landen
  (3) Elizabeth Mainwaring
  m. Roger Hurleston of Chester
  b. James Mainwaring
  m. Elizabeth Manwaring (dau of Henry Manwaring of Carincham)
c. Margery Mainwaring not mentioned by Ormerod or Visitation (1580) but the only child mentioned in Visitation (1613)
  m. John Brooke of Leighton
  d. Elizabeth Mainwaring possibly the Isabella who married ...
  m. Thomas Wetenal or Wetnal of Copnal (b c1553, a 1572)
  e.+ other issue - Oliver (dsp), Randle
  iii. Hugh Mainwaring of Midlewich
  m. Anne Wright (dau/coheir of Thomas Wright of Midlewich)
  a. Thomas Mainwaring of Midlewich
  m. Anne Stanley (dau of Thomas Stanley of Wever)
(1) Charles Mainwaring of Croxton (a 1613)
  m. Elizabeth Carter (dau of Robert Carter of Croxton)
  (A)+ issue - Thomas (b c1594), George, Robert, Elizabeth, Mary
  (2) Hugh Mainwaring
  (3) Anne Mainwaring
  m. Robert Steele of Widdenbury
  (4) Jane Mainwaring
  m. John Gregory of Barton
  b.+ other issue - John, Charles
  iv. Isabel Mainwaring
  m. Ralph Thicknes (a 1422!)
  v. Anne Mainwaring probably the Anne who married ...
  m. James Ashton of Chadderton & Shuttleworth (b c1484, d 1549)
  vi. Elenor Mainwaring possibly the daughter who married ...
  m. Thomas Fitton of Pownall

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (Nantwich) : Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Manwaring of Chester & Nantwich)
(2) For middle section (Carincham and Calveley) : Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Meinilwarin or Manwaringe of Peever), Visitation (Cheshire, 1613, Mainwaring of Nantwich+Calveley+Kermincham), Visitation (Cheshire, 1663, Newton)
(3) For lower section (Croxton) : Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 3, 'Croxton and Mainwaring of Croxton', p114) with support/input from Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Meinilwarin or Manwaringe of Peever), Visitation (Cheshire, 1613, Mainwaring of Croxton)
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