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Families covered: Mallock of Bindon, Mallock of Cockington, Mallock of Rousdown

John Mallock 'of Axmouth' of Rousdown & Bindon (b 1600, bur 13.08.1669)
m. (1625) Susannah Willoughby (bur 11.03.1651-2, dau of John Willougby of Payhembury)
1. Richard Mallock of Rousdown & Bindon (bur 27.11.1686)
  m1. (c01.1670-1) Elizabeth Tuckfield (bur 20.09.1682, dau of Roger Tuckfield of Thorverton and/or of Raddon & Little Falford)
  A. Richard Mallock, last of Rousdown & Bindon (bpt 27.03.1675, dsp bur 08.09.1724)
  m. Ann Donning or Dunning (a 09.1728, m2. Robert Cheeke)
  m2. (21.05.1684) Elizabeth Strode (dau of Sir Richard Strode of Newnham, widow of ?? Harben of Yeovil)
2. John Mallock in Ireland (bpt 08.08.1634, d 1706)
m. (1698) Susannah Maddison
  A. Elizabeth Mallock (b 1699)
  m. (01.02.1725) James Baillie of Dublin
3. William Mallock (bpt 20.01.1638-9, d 1693, rector of Farway)
  m. (14.02.1675-6) Frances Starr (a 05.1731, dau of Robert Starre of Seaton)
  A. William Mallock (bpt 09.10.1688)
  m. Judith Pulman (a 1731, dau of Samuel Pulman of Combe Raleigh)
  i. Samuel Mallock, later of Cockington (bpt 06.08.1728, d 1786, rector of Trusham, 2nd son)
  Samuel inherited Cockington from his distant cousin, Rawlin Mallock.
  m. (15.09.1767) Martha Davy (dau of John Davy of Sidbury)
  a. Roger Mallock of Cockington (bpt 14.02.1771-2, d 19.05.1846, cleric)
  m. (13.04.1795) Mary Mudge (d 02.1885, dau of John Mudge of Plymouth)
  (1) Rawlin Mallock (b 31.08.1800, d 1883, rector of Barwick in Somerset, 3rd son?) had issue
  m1. Harriet Croker (dau of John Croker)
  m2. (sp?) Frances Dyke
  (2) Charles Herbert Mallock of Cockington (b 27.05.1802, d 20.04.1873) had issue
  m. (08.03.1836) Maria Champernowe (dau of Arthur Champernowne of Dartington)
  (3) Zachary Mudge Mallock (b 02.10.1808, d 1866, Colonel, 6th son?) had issue
  m. Laura Lynn (dau of Rev. James Lynn of Keswick)
  (4) William Mallock (b 20.02.1810, d 16.12.1886, rector of Cheriton Bishop) had issue
  m. (21.09.1844) Margaret Froude (d 18843, dau of Archdeacon Froude)
  (5) Mary Mallock (b 03.03.1797, d 1877)
  m. (02.05.1825) C. Belfield Louis (Captain RN)
  (6) Jane Mallock (b 04.08.1799, d 1884)
  m1. James Yonge (vicar of Tor Mohun)
  m2. G. Gee (vicar of Paignton)
  (7) Augusta Mallock (b 11.12.1803, d 1884)
  m. G.H. Harris
  (8)+ other issue - Roger (b 06.01.1796, dvp unm 04.11.1828), John Jervis (b 07.06.1798, d unm 1826), Samuel (b 01.11.1806, d unm 1829), Anna Maria (d unm 1868), Emily Elizabeth (d 1883)
  b.+ other issue (d unm) - Frances (b 1770, d 1845), Judith (b 1773), Elizabeth (bpt 25.04.1775, d 1856)
  ii. Richard Mallock (bpt 17.05.1738, 4th son)
  m. (1769) Susan Bryant (d 1796, dau of Robert Bryant)
  a. Rawlin Mallock of Hill House, Axminster (b 1771, d 23.10.1854)
  m1. (01.1796) Charlotte Sobey (d 02.02.1808, dau of James Sobey)
  (1) James Mallock in London (b 1796, d 25.10.1846) had issue
  m1. Sophy Street (b c1801, d 10.1828, dau of W. Street of Bromley)
  m2. (06.08.1833) Mary Anne Houlditch (dau of Richard Houlditch)
  (2) Thomas Mallock (b 1797?, Commander RN) had issue
  m1. (08.02.1838) Edith Peterson Goddard (d 1848, dau of D. Goddard of Lyme Regis)
  m2. (sp?) Henrietta Clough (d 10.12.1875, dau of _ Clough of Oxton Hall)
  (3) John Adolphus Mallock (b 1802, d 09.03.1831) had issue
  m. (12.09.1824) Charlotte Arden (dau of George Arden of Exeter)
  (4) Charlotte Mallock
  m. (25.04.1823) Charles Bond
  m2. Sarah Williamson of Westwater (d 1861)
  b. Samuel Mallock (b 1783, youngest son?)
  m. (04.1807) _ Holberton (dau of Captain _ Holberton)
  c. Anne Mallock
  m. (1814) Charles Buckland (rector of Trusham)
  d. Mary Mallock
  m. (1802) _ Rudd (Colonel)
  e.+ other issue - John (b 1773, d unm), Richard (b 1774, d unm), Willoughby (b 1781, d unm), William Montgomery (d 1786), Harriet
  iii.+ other issue - William (bpt 19.09.1726, bur 29.11.1770), John (bpt 1734, d unm), Elizabeth (b 26.04.1730, bur 15.10.1730), Betty (bpt 21.06.1732, bur 22.04.1739)
  B. John Mallock (d unm bur 27.07.1702)
  C. Susannah Mallock
  m. John Lee of Farway
  D. Frances Mallock
  m. John Downman of Marshfield
  E. Elizabeth Mallock
m1. Rev. Robert Pinney
  m2. Nicholas Pomeroy
4. Nathaniel Mallock (bpt 03.07.1642, a 1674, 5th son)
  m. (18.03.1682-3) Martha (widow of _ Drake)
5. Susannah Mallock (a 1674)
  m. (24.05.1654) Robert Drake of Pitminster
6. Mary Mallock (bpt 16.05.1628)
  m. (27.11.1652) Charles Prouse of Old Cleave
7. Elizabeth Mallock
  m1. Nicholas Willoughby 'of Carrow'
  m2. Richard, Lord Blayney
  The Blayney page shows that Elizabeth dsp 1688 and Lord Richard later remarried. However, TCP (Blayney) records some confusion with Lord Richard's wives, including some confusion/contradiction regarding Elizabeth's parentage. This was possibly because Lord Blayney's second wife then carried Carrow into the family of her second husband, Hugh Montgomery, later Willoughby. Lodge (identified on the Montgomery page) reports that, by will dtd 19.08.1669, Nicholas Willoughby of Carrow bequeathed his estate to his wife who could then dispose of it as she thought fit as long as the recipient assumed the name Willoughby.
8.+ other issue - Gideon (bpt 26.12.1640, bur 21.01.1704-5), Joan (bpt 23.01.1647-8, d before 18.07.1674)

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, Mallock of Cockington Court) with some support from BLG1952 (Mallock formerly of Cockington)
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