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Families covered: Maunsell of Eddison, Maunsell in Gower, Maunsell of Missenden
[This page was first prepared using BP1934 & BEB1844. On 05.07.09 it was redone to take into account BIRF1976 & BP2003.]

(1) BP2003 mentions that this family's name "is spelled variously MANSEL, MANSELL, MAUNSELL and even MANSFEELD well into the 17th century".
(2) BP2003 starts its article on this family with: "The origins of this family ... are not easily pinpointed." BP2003 leaves out the first few generations shown here which come from BIFR1976 & BP1934. BEB1841 identifies the following Sir Philip as progenitor of the family through his eldest son Henry but then jumps several generations to Sir John (a 1247). BIFR1976, which provides more detail on the early generations than the other sources, shows no such uncertainty. Nevertheless, in case its compiler was too hasty in assuming the connection between later generations and earlier ones (through Sir John), we show the first few generations in italics.
Sir Philip de Mancel or Maunsell, later of Oswick (Osmuche) in Glamorganshire (a 1066, came to England with the Conqueror)
m. (c1067) Agnes (dau of Hugh Mountsorrel or de Montsorrel of Leicestershire)
1. Henry Maunsell (b c1068)
  m. Emma de Lucy (sister of Sir Richard de Lucy, Chief Justce)
  A. John Maunsell (b c1090, eldest son)
  m. Ellen de Luttrell (dau of Philip de Luttrell of Irnham)
  i. Ralfe Maunsell of Buckinghamshire (b c1113)
  m. (c1135) Cecily Pagnell (dau of Gervaise Pagnell of Dudley)
  a. Sir Robert Maunsell of Chicheley (Buckinghamshire) & Sedgeway (Sussex) (b c1136)
  m. (c1165) Joice Dauney (dau/coheir of Sir William de Alneto or Dauney of Turvey)
(1) Walter Maunsell of Soulbury, Ingepenne, etc. (b c1166, d c1250)
  m. Hawise de Somery (dau of John de Somery of Dudley (by Hawise, dau of Gervaise Pagnell of Dudley), m2. Roger de Berkeley of Berkeley Castle)
  Walter is the first mentioned by BP2003, being shown as possibly father of ...
  (A) Sir John Maunsell (d 1263, Chancellor of London, Provost of Beverley, Lord Justice)
  BP2003 suggests that the Sir John who held many senior posts under Henry III was a clerk (cleric) "who is therefore unlikely to have married". BP2003 does, however, support the view that the John who married Joan Beauchamp was father of Sir Thomas. Only BIFR1976 reports that Sir John was first married to ...
  m1. Seraphina Long (dau/heir of Sir Philip Long)
  (i)+ issue - Thomas (d young), Henry (d infant)
  m2. Joan Beauchamp (dau/heir of Simon Beauchamp of Bedford)
  (iii) Sir Thomas Maunsell (a 1264) - continued below
  m1. Hanna Grey (dau of Sir Henry Grey, son of Sir John the Justice of Chester)
  m2. Joanna de Winchesham (a 1298, dau/heir of Walter de Winchesham)
  BP1934 & BP2003 show John 's younger sons as ...
  (iv)+ other issue - Walter (a 1251, Governor of Occonath), Richard, Robert (Sheriff of Tipperary in 1304), Philip (a 1307)
  BIFR1976 shows John 's younger children as ...
  (iv) Walter Maunsell (d 1318, Governor of Occonath, 4th son of this marriage)
  (a) Robert Maunsell (dvp, Sheriff of Tipperary in 1304)
  ((1)) John Maunsell in Tipperary (a 1346)
  (b)+ other issue - Philip in co. Kilkenny (a 1307), John, Thomas
  (v) Richard Maunsell (youngest son)
  (a) John Maunsell of Brudeford (a 1312)
  m. Isabella (dau/coheir of Richard de St. Dyonysio of Hempstead)
  ((1))+ issue - John (d unm 1362), Walter (d unm 1365), Alicia (a 1335), Mariota (a 1347)
  (b) Walter Maunsell of Hoton, Cumberland
  ((1)) Patrick Maunsell (b 1275)
  (c) Adam Maunsell (d 1280)
  (vi) daughter
  m. _ Gyrlington (Girlington) of Gyrlington Hall
  (vii)+ other issue - John, Henry (d (unm? 1264), Galfrid (later a monk)
  m3. Felciia de Millers (dau of Humphry de Millers)
  (B) Clarissa Maunsell
  m. Sir Geoffrey de Childewick of Hertfordshire
  (C) daughter
  m. _ Le Norays
  (D)+ other issue - Philip (dsp), Henry, Peter (monk), Robert in Northamptonshire, Michael (a 1279)
  (2) Robert Maunsell in Leicestershire, etc.
  m. Mabilia or Matilda de Saunderville of Teignworth
  (A) Humphrey Maunsell in Devon (dsp c1254)
  m. Sibilla
  (B)+ other issue - Robert (dsp 1247), John (d unm)
  (3) William Maunsell in Leicestershire & Buckinghamshire (5th son)
  (A) Thomas Maunsell (a 1208)
  m. Margery
  (i) Alice Maunsell
  m. Robert de Vedun
  (ii) Mabilia Maunsell
  m. Rici de la Lache
  (4) Sampson Maunsell of Turvey, Bedfordshire (a 1235)
  (A) William Maunsell of Tortworth, etc
  (i) William Maunsell of Lypiate, Somerset (b 1295)
  (a) Sir Philip Maunsell of Maunsell :Place, etc, Governor of Rochelle (d 1396)
  m. _ Attnyle (dau of Sir John Attnyle of Geystwick)
  (ii) daughter
  m. Sir John Spelman of Norfolk
  (B) Beatrice Maunsell (a 1294)
  (5)+ other issue - Henry of Wexham (a 1225), Godfrey (a 1204)
  b.+ other issue (d young) - Gilbert, Roger, Simon, William, Hugh
2.+ other issue - Philip, Robert, Michael, Andrew



Sir Thomas Maunsell (a 1264) - continued above
m1. Hanna Grey (dau of Sir Henry Grey, son of Sir John the Justice of Chester)
1. Sir Henry Maunsell in Gower, Glamorganshire (b c1250)
  m. Ellina (Ellinor) (dau of Hugh Haels ap Howell)
  A. Sir Walter Maunsell of Missenden (d 1326/7)
  m. Emma Langton (dau of Sir William Langton)
  i. Sir Robert Maunsell of Missenden (eldest son)
  m. Dorothy Fry (dau of Sir Richard Fry)
  a. Richard Maunsell of Missenden, Scurlage Castle (Gower), Brocton & Britton Ferry (a 1361)
  m. Lucy Scurlage (dau/heir of Philip Scurlage of Scurlage Castle)
  (1) Sir Hugh Maunsell of Missenden, Scurlage Castle (Gower), Brocton & Britton Ferry (b c1340, a 1367, eldest son)
  m. Elizabeth or Isabella Penrys (dau of Sir John Penrys of Penrice, Oxwich)
  B.+ other issue
2. John Maunsell of Doddeworth & Eddison (a 1292)
  m. Isabella (a 1300)
  A. John Maunsell of Doddeworth & Eddison (d 1331/2)
  m. Joan
  i. Richard Maunsell of Eddison & Burbache (b 1318/9, a 1398)
3. Joan Maunsell
  m. Henry Hoese (a 1264)
m2. Joanna de Winchesham (a 1298, dau/heir of Walter de Winchesham)

Main source(s) BIFR1976 (Maunsell) with support from BP2003 (Mansel), BP1934 (Mansel), BEB1844 (Mansel of Margam)
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