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Families covered: Martin of Gibliston, Martine of St. Andrews

Thomas Martin (a temp King James I of Scots, 1406-1437)
1. George Martine (a 1457)
  m. Helen Martine
  A. John Martine
  m. Janet
  i. John Martine
  m. (before 1513) Beatrice Methven (dau of Thomas Methven)
a. John Martine (Dean of Guild of St. Andrews 1557, Bailie 1563)
  m. Margaret Ramsay (d 1601, dau of Richard Ramsay, Bailie)
  (1) John Martine (d 1608, Bailie of St Andrews)
  m1. (1567) Catherine Clephane (d 1609 plague, dau of Alexander Clephane of Carslogie)
  (A) Margaret Clephane Martine
  m. David ('Gado') Carstairs
  (B) George Martine (Provost of St. Salvatores in St Andrews)
  m. (1608) Catherine Scheves (dau of Patrick Scheves of Kemback)
  (i) James Martine (b 01.04.1614, d 04.02.1684, minister)
  m1. (06.1634) Janet Robertson (d 01.1646, dau of Thomas Robertson, Dean of Guild in St Andrews)
(a) George Martine (b 05.08.1635, d 26.08.1712)
  m. (06.1668) Catherine Winchester (dau of James Winchester of Kinglassie)
  ((1)) daughter (d infant)
  ((2)) Janet Martine (b 16.06.1670, d 04.1672)
  ((3)) James Martine of Clearmont (b 12.10.1671) had issue
  m. Margaret Makgill (dau of Arthur Makgill of Kemback)
  ((4)) William Martine (b 13.09.1675)
((5)) many children (died at birth)
  (b) Janet Martine (b 03.1643, d 17.10.1692)
  m. (01-2.1669) Robert Carstairs (d 02.03.1693, Town Clerk of St Andrews)
  ((1)) Margaret Carstairs (d 1695)
  m. Robert Wood (Doctor)
  ((2)) Katharine Carstairs (b 14.02.1682, d 06.05.1752) --
  m. (01.1713) William Carstairs of Radernie (b 1689, d 1751) --
  ((3))+ other issue - James (b 1677), Marie (d 1680), James, Helen
  (c)+ 8 children (d young)
  m2. Jean Muir (dau of Patrick Muir & Elizabeth Crawfurd)
  (k)+ many children including James, Mary, Anne and Helen
(ii) Thomas Martine (3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth Martine (dau of John Martine of Lathones) @@ below
  (iii)+ other issue - George, John, David, Grissel, Eupham, Janet, Catherine, William, others (d young)
  (C)+ other issue (d 1609 plague) - Christine, daughter
  m2. Sibilla Wardlaw
  b. Thomas Martine (d by 1540, Bailie in St. Andrews)
  m. Janet Wauch
  (1) Thomas Martine of Lathonis
  m. Margaret Heriot (dau of Walter Heriot of Burnturk, Lathonis & Ramornie)
(A) James Martine
  m. daughter of George Martin (of Cardross ?)
  (i) son (d young)
  (ii) John Martine of Lathones
  m. Isabel Balfour (dau of William Balfour of Nydie & Elizabeth Scheves)
  (a) Elizabeth Martine
  m. Thomas Martine @@ above
  (iii) Susan Martine (d unm)
  (iv) Margaret Martine
  m. William Bowan
  (v) Janet Martine
  m. John Morris (minister)
  (B) Beatrix Martine
  m. George Nairn
c. Margaret Martine
  m1. (c1540) William Arthur of Cairns or Cairnes (d 1550?)
  (1) Katharine Arthur
  m1. James Rutherford (son of David of Boniton)
  (A) Margaret Rutherford (a 1614)
  m. Alexander Carstairs (d 1614)
  (B)+ other issue - David, Elspeth
  m2. (before 1572) Hew Lindsay
  (D) Hew Lindsay (d by 1642)
  m. Janet Auchmowtie
  (i) David Lindsay
  m2. (1557?) William Carstairs
  m3. (1567?) William Skene (d 1582)
  d.+ other issue - James, Christian, Janet, John
  ii. George Martine ('churchman')
  B. Beatrice Martine --
  m1. John Burne
  m2. (before 1474) Robert Lermonth (Provost of St. Andrews) --
  C.+ other issue - Andrew, Henry, Hugh, Alexander, George, daughter
2. Andrew Martine (chamberlain to Archbishop William Scheves)



Alexander Martin in Gibliston, Fife (a 1494, 1516)
1. Florymond Martin of Gibliston (d before 1568)
  A. William Martin of Gibliston (d before 1591)
  i. Alexander Martin of Gibliston (d before 1621)
  a. William Martin of Gibliston (d before 1627)
  m. Isobel Forrester (d 1650)
  (1) Sir Alexander Martin of Gibliston & Pittenweem (d 1670)
  m. (1661) Helen Forrester (dau of John Forrester of Strathendrie)
  (2) daughter
  m. ?? (schoolmaster of Anstruther)
  (3)+ other issue George of Gibliston (a 1627), John
  ii. Isobel Martin

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