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Families covered: Maxtone of Cultoquhey, Maxton of Perth

Robert de Maxton of Cultoquhey, Crieff, Perthshire (a 1410)
1. Patrick de Maxtone of Cultoquhey (d 1487)
  A. Robert Maxtone of Cultoquhey (d Flodden 1513)
i. Alexander Maxtone of Cultoquhey (d 1546)
  m. Katherine Dowyll Gregor (d 30.04.1554, dau of Donald son of John, widow of William Robertson of Carwhin)
  a. Robert Maxtone of Cultoquhey (d before 03.09.1562)
  m. Elizabeth Ruderford
(1) Patrick Maxtone of Cultoquhey (d 1618/05.1615)
  m1. Katherine Murray (dau of David Murray, 2nd of Dollerie) not mentioned by BLG1952 so presumed sp
  m. (1587) Marjory (not Nicolas) Graeme (dau of George Graeme, 2nd of Inchbrakie)
  (A) William Maxtone of Cultoquhey (d 1646/05.1643)
  m. (mcrt 29.06.1617) Agnes Oliphant (dau of Laurence Oliphant of Bachilton and/or Forgandenny)
(i) John Maxtone of Cultoquhey (d 1658)
  m. Isabel Graeme (dau of John Graeme of Balgowan, she m2. Alexander Robertson)
  (a) John Maxtone of Cultoquhey (d 04.1687)
  m. Jean Murray (dau of Mungo Murray, son of Rev. John of Trinity Gask, natural son of John, Earl of Athol)
((1)) Mungo Maxtone of Cultoquhey (d 1763, exiled in Italy?)
  m. (29.12.1723) Christian Graeme (dau of Thomas Graeme of Balgowan)
  ((A)) James Maxtone of Cultoquhey (b 10.12.1724, d 19.06.1798)
  m. (22/4.04.1764) Marjory Graeme (dau of Patrick Graeme, 1st of Murrayshall)
  ((i)) Anthony Maxtone of Cultoquhey (b 1773, d 30.10.1846, 4th son ) had issue
  m. (17.12.1816) Alexina Graeme (dau of John Graeme of Eskbank, sister of Robert of Balgowan)
  ((ii)) Helen Maxtone (b 16.04.1769, d 11.10.1853)
  m. (08.1797) William Stewart, 8th of Ardvorlich (b 10.06.1754, d 26.02.1838)
  ((iii)) Margaret Maxtone (b 09.1771)
  m. (26.08.1797) Thomas Ramsay (b 1757, d 07.1833)
  ((iv)) Christian Maxtone (bpt 07.06.1789)
  m. (05.09.1802) Patrick Lindsay
  ((v))+ other issue - James (b 19.02.1765, dvpsp 1800), John (b 28.10.1766, dvpsp 1790), Thomas (bpt 03.02.1768, dvpsp 1798), Patrick (b 24.01.1775, d unm 1803), David (b 17.09.1779, d young), Mary (b 24.04.1778, d unm 1858)
  partner unknown
  ((xi)) Charles Maxtone (b 02.1752)
  ((2))+ other issue - (d unm) John (bpt 09.04.1684, d young), Katherine (bpt 01.07.1681), Jean (bpt 03.10.1682), Isabell (bpt 02.10.1686)
  (ii)+ other issue - Alexander, Katherine, Nicholas, Agnes, Elspeth
  (B) Katherine Maxton
  m. (mcrt 27.04.1594) Patrick Comrie, 5th of Ross
  (C) Nicholas(s) Maxton
  m. (by 07.06.1625) Peter Murray
  (D)+ other issue - Henry (d young), Christian, Agnes, Isabel
(2) Alexander Maxton
  (3) Anthony Maxton of Perth (d c1610)
  m. Margaret Stobie
  (4) David Maxton of Perth (d by 1611)
  m. Christina Anderson (dau of Andrew Anderson of Perth)
  b. George Maxtone of Perth had issue
  m1. (23.11.1561) Margaret Peebles
  m2. (17.12.1564) Janet Fleming
  c. Christian Maxtone
  m. Anthony Murray, 1st of Dollerie
  d. daughter
  m. Jmes Drummond (son of David, 2nd of Milnab)
  ii. Isabella Maxton
  m. James Learmonth
  iii.+ other issue - George, David
  B. Patrick Maxton (d 1527) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Masterton
  C. Charles Maxton of Culfrieff had issue
  m. Janet Buchanan
  D. Roland Maxton
  E. William Maxton (d c1524) had issue
  F. Margaret Maxton
  m. (c1476) John Comrie, 5th of that ilk
  G. ? Janet Maxton
  m. Andrew Murray, 1st of Dowald
2. ? Andrew Patrick de Maxtone, Constable of Perth (d by 1495) had issue

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Maxtone Graham of Cultoquhey) with support/input (particularly on daughters & younger sons) from RedBookScot (Perthshire, Maxtone of Cultoquhey)
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