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Families covered: Maxwell of Auldhouse, Maxwell of Blawerthill, Maxwell of Carnwaderick, Maxwell of Cowglen, Maxwell of Dalswinton, Maxwell of Pollok, Maxwell of Springkell, Maxwell of Twyning

Thomas Maxwell of Pollok (a 1440)
1. John Maxwell of Pollok (d c1490)
  m. Margaret Borthwick ??
  A. John Maxwell of Pollok
  m. Elizabeth Stewart (dau of John Stewart, 1st Earl of Lennox)
  i. John Maxwell of Pollok (d 1517)
  m. Margaret Blair (dau of John Blair of that ilk)
  a. John Maxwell of Pollok (d before 1521)
  m. Elizabeth Houston (dau of Patrick Houston of Houston)
(1) Elizabeth Maxwell (b 1523, d 17.02.1592)
  m. Sir John Maxwell of Cowglen (b 1524, d 20.02.1577) @@ below
  b. Katherine Maxwell
  m. (1515) John Fullerton of that ilk
  ii. Robert Maxwell, Bishop of Orkney (a 1536)
  iii. George Maxwell of Cowglen
  m. Janet Maxwell (d c1546, dau of ? Maxwell of Tinwald)
  a. Sir John Maxwell of Cowglen (b 1524, d 20.02.1577)
m. Elizabeth Maxwell (b 1523, d 17.02.1592, dau of John Maxwell of Pollok) @@ above
  (1) Sir John Maxwell of Pollok (d Lockerby 07.12.1593)
  m1. (1569) Margaret Cunningham (dau of William Cunningham (5th?) of Caprington)
  (A) Sir John Maxwell, 1st Bart of Pollok (d 01.11.1647)
  The baronetcy passed to his kinsman below.
  m1. Isabel Campbell (dau of Hugh Campbell, 1st Lord of Loudoun)
  (i) Isobel Maxwell
  m2. (before 1615) Grizel Blair (dau of John Blair of that ilk)
  (B) Margaret Maxwell (d unm)
  (C) Agnes Maxwell
  m. (mcrt 09.03.1611) John Boyle of Kelburne (b c1585, d 05.1650, Rector of Glasgow University)
  m2. (mcrt 17.09.1592) Marjory Edmonstone (dau of Sir William Edmonstone, 5th of Duntreath)
(2) William Maxwell of Cowglen (dsp 1625, 3rd son)
  (3) Walter Maxwell (d 1593, 6th son)
  m. Elizabeth Jack (dau of Rev. Thomas Jack)
  (4)+ other issue - George (d unm 28.08.1581), Robert (d unm), Patrick
  iv. William Maxwell of Carnwaderick
  m. Janet Culheart
  a. John Maxwell of Carnwaderick
  v. Janet Maxwell possibly of this generation
  m. Hugh Montgomery of Balgray & Hessilheid
  B.+ 2 sons and 1 daughter
2. Hugh Maxwell
  A. ?? Maxwell
  i. ?? Maxwell
Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  a. ?? Maxwell
  (1) John Maxwell of Auldhouse (a 1572)
  m. ?? Dunlop (dau of Robert Dunlop of Hapland)
  (A) George Maxwell of Auldhouse (d 11.1648, minister of Mearns)
m1. Janet Miller (dau of John Miller of Newton)
  (i) Sir George Maxwell of Auldhouse, later of Pollok (d 04.1677)
  m. (1646) Annabella Stewart (dau of Sir Archibald Stewart of Blackhall & Ardgowan)
  (a) Sir John Maxwell, 1st Bart of Pollok (b 1648, dsp 04.07.1732)
  m. (23.02.1671) Marian Steuart (b 1645, d 1706, dau of Sir James Steuart of Coltness & Kirkfield)
  (b) George Maxwell
  (c) Marian Maxwell (b 08.08.1649)
  m1. (12.1674) James Stewart of Rosyth (dsp)
  m2. (c1706) Sir Charles Murray, Bart of Dreghorn
  (d) Annabella Maxwell (bpt 24.05.1657)
  m1. (mcrt 28.11.1679) John Cathcart of Carleton
  m2. (mcrt 01.1686, sp) Sir Robert Pollok of Pollok, 1st Bart of Nether Pollok (d 1736)
(e) Margaret Maxwell
  m. (mcrt 30.09.1684) Alexander Maxwell, younger of Calderwood (dvsp 1685)
  (ii) Zacharias Maxwell of Blawerthill (d 04.1698)
  m. Jean Maxwell (dau of John Maxwell of Southbar, cadet of Nithsdale)
  (a) Sir John Maxwell of Blawerthill, 2nd Bart of Pollok (d 24.12.1752)
  m1. (08.04.1709) Anne Carmichael (dau of John Carmichael, 1st Earl of Hyndford)
  ((1)) Sir John Maxwell of Blawerthill, 3rd Bart of Pollok (d unm 14.09.1758)
  ((2)) Beatrix Maxwell (d unm)
  m2. (08.1727) Barbara Steuart (dau of Walter Steuart of Steuart Hall)
  ((3)) George Maxwell of Blawerthill (d unm 1758)
  ((4)) Sir Walter Maxwell, 4th Bart of Pollok (b 15.02.1732, d 29.04.1762)
  m. (19.02.1760) D'Arcy Brisbane (d 02.07.1810, dau of Thomas Brisbane of Brisbane)
  ((A)) Sir John Maxwell, 5th Bart of Pollok (d infant c07.1762)
  ((5)) Sir James Maxwell, 6th Bart of Pollok (b 26.03.1735, d 03.05.1785)
  m. (mcrt 11.1764) Frances Colquhoun (d 21.03.1818, dau of Robert Colquhoun of St. Christopher's)
  ((A)) Sir James Maxwell, 7th Bart of Pollok (b31.10.1768, d 30.07.1844)
m. (1788) Hannah Anne Gardiner (d 21.074.1841, dau of Richard Gardiner of Aldborough)
  ((i)) Sir John Maxwell, 8th Bart of Pollok (b 12.05.1791, dsp 06.06.1865)
  m. (14.10.1839) Matilda Harriet Bruce (d 31.08.1857, dau of Thomas Bruce, Earl of Elgin)
  ((ii)) Harriet Anne Maxwell (b 26.03.1789, d unm 18.10.1841)
  ((iii)) Elizabeth Maxwell (b 1793, d 05.09.1822)
  m. (01.06.1815) Archibald Stirling of Keir (d 09.04.1847)
  Their son William Stirling-Maxwell became the 9th Bart.
  ((B)) Robert Maxwell (b 17.07.1770, dsp 1796, Captain)
  m. Margaret Cunningham (dau of Sir William Cunningham, Bart)
  ((C)) Frances Maxwell (dsp 10.05.1797)
  m. John Cuninghame of Craigends
  ((D)) Barbara Maxwell (d 14.09.1828)
m. (1802) Rev. Greville Ewing
  m3. Margaret Caldwell (d 25.03.1758, dau of John Caldwell of Caldwell)
  (b) Elizabeth Maxwell
  m. (c1714) John Bryson of Craigallian (d c1749)
  (c) Grizel Maxwell probably of this generation
  m. (1714) James Hamilton of Barns & Cochna
  Presumed to have been by this marriage was ...
(iii) Grizel Maxwell
  m. Robert Pollok, later Hutcheson of Auchengray (d by 1667)
  (iv)+ 4 sons and 2 daughters
  m2. Jane Mure (dau of William Mure of Glanderston)
  (x) William Maxwell of Kirkconnel and Springkell (d c1695)
  m. (mcrt 20.05.1637) Jane Stewart (d c1683, dau of Patrick Stewart of Roslane and Balshegray)
  (a) Sir Patrick Maxwell, 1st Bart of Springkell (d 04.1723)
m1. ?? Appleby (dsp, dau of Joseph Dacre Appleby of Kirklington)
  m2. Mary Gordon (dau of Alexander Gordon, 5th Viscount of Kenmure)
  ((1)) Sir William Maxwell, 2nd Bart of Springkell (b 10.08.1703, d 14.07.1760)
  m. (11.10.1725) Catherine Douglas (d 29.09.1761, dau of Sir William Douglas, 2nd Bart of Kelhead)
  ((A)) Sir William Maxwell, 3rd Bart of Springkell (b 01.12.1739, d 04.03.1804)
  m. (26.03.1764) Margaret Stewart (d 03.1816, dau of Sir Michael Stewart, 3rd Bart of Blackhall)
((i)) Sir John Shaw Maxwell, later Heron-Maxwell, 4th Bart of Springkell (b 29.06.1772, d 29.01.1830, Lt. General, 4th son) had issue
  m. (04.01.1802) Mary Heron (d 18.06.1856, dau of Patrick Heron of Heron)
  ((ii)) Helenora Maxwell (b 13.12.1765)
  m. (28.01.1788) Claude Alexander of Ballochmyle (b 1752, d 1809)
  ((iii)) Catherine Maxwell (b 07.01.1767, d 10.05.1849)
  m. (24.09.1787) Sir Michael Shaw-Stewart, 5th Bart of Blackhall
  ((iv))+ other issue (dvp unm) - William (d 19.08.1784), Michael Stewart (b 21.07.1768, d 19.10.1803, Col.), Patrick (d 10.07.1790)
  ((B)) Catherine Maxwell (d unm)
((2)) Grace Maxwell (d 19.05.1788)
  m. John Henderson
  ((3)) Mary Maxwell
  m. James Douglas in Carlisle (of Kelhead family)
  ((4)) Henrietta Maxwell
  m. William Douglas of Dornoch (?)
  ((5)) Charlotte Maxwell
  m. _ Lyon
  ((6)) Elizabeth Maxwell (d unm)
  (b) Elizabeth Maxwell probably of this generation
  m. (mcrt 27.11.1665) George Scott of Gibleston (b 03.05.1644, a 1690)
  (c)+ 2 sons and 2 daughters
  (xi)+ 4 sons and 1 daughter
  m3. Janet Douglas (dau of _ Douglas of Waterside)
  (xvi) Hugh Maxwell
m. (1670) Marion (or Elizabeth) Maxwell (dau of John Maxwell of Dalswinton by Jane Nisbet)
  (a) George Maxwell of Dalswinton, Dumfriesshire
  m. (1700) Jane Campbell
  ((1)) Hugh Maxwell of Dalswinton
  m. (1727) Jane Douglas (dau of Sir William Douglas of Kelhead)
  ((A)) William Maxwell, last of Dalswinton (b 1728, a 1786, dsp, Major)
  m. Mary Boscawen (dau of Viscount Falmouth)
  ((B)) George William Maxwell
  m. Ann Handcock (dau of Peter Handcock of Twyning Manor)
  ((i)) William George Maxwell of Twyning (d unm)
  ((ii)) Anne Maxwell (dsp)
  m. Rev. W.J. Young of Birmingham
((iii)) Jane Charlotte Maxwell
  m. Henry Fowke of Tewkesbury
  ((a)) Ann Rachael Fowke
  m. (1823) Richard Gumbleton of Glanatore (d 1849)
  ((b)) Jane Mary Fowke (dsp 08.08.1881)
  m. _ Stocker (Captain RN)
  ((iv)) Helen Frances Maxwell of Twyning (d unm 14.07.1858)
  ((C)) Helen Maxwell (d 24.09.1801) probably of this generation
  m. Benjamin Roebuck of Sheffield then Bath (d 10.09.1796)
  ((D))+ 4 sons
  ((2))+ 3 sons and 2 daughters
  (b) James Maxwell (d unm)
  (xvii)+ 4 sons
  (B) Patrick Maxwell (a 1585) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Boyd (dau of James Boyd of Trodrig, Archbishop of Glasgow)

Main source(s): BP1952 (Stirling-Maxwell of Pollok), Crawfurd's Renfrewshire, BP1934 (Heron-Maxwell of Springkell) with input (on Dalswinton branch) from BLG1886 (Gumbleton of Glanatore)
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