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Families covered: Maxwell of Ardwell, Maxwell of Monreith, Maxwell of Tinwald

Sir Edward Maxwell of Tinwald
m. Margaret Munduell (dau of Henry Munduell of Tinwald)
1. Edward Maxwell of Tinwald (a 1482)
  m. Egidia Douglas (d c1509)
  A. Herbert Maxwell (dvp)
  m. Margaret Douglas (a 12.1509)
  i. Edward Maxwell of Tinwald (d before 1518)
  a. Edward Maxwell (d c1514)
  b. Elizabeth Maxwell of Tinwald
  m1. Edward Maxwell @1@ just below
  m2. Sir Robert Maxwell of Dinwiddie
ii. William Maxwell
  a. Edward Maxwell
  m. Elizabeth Maxwell of Tinwald (dau of Edward Maxwell of Tinwald) @1@ just above
  (1) Herbert Maxwell (3rd son)
  (A) ?? Maxwell
  (i) ?? Maxwell
  (a) Francis Maxwell, last of Tinwald (a c1700)
  (2)+ other issue - Edward, James
b. Herbert Maxwell
  m. (1541) Margaret Maxwell of Monreith (presumed dau of George Maxwell) @2@ below
  (1) John Maxwell of Monreith (d before 1605)
  m. Agnes McCulloch (dau of Sir Godfrey McCulloch of Myreton)
  (A) John Maxwell of Monreith (d 1670)
  m. Catherine Maxwell (dau of Robert Maxwell of Garrerie) @3@ below
  (i) William Maxwell of Monreith (d 1670)
  m. (1632) Margaret McCulloch (dau of John McCulloch of Myreton)
  (a) John Maxwell of Monreith (d 1668)
  m. (1656) Margaret Agnew (dau of Sir Andrew Agnew, Bart of Lochnaw)
((1)) William Maxwell (d 1671)
  ((2)) Agnes Maxwell
  m. Robert Gordon of Shirmers
  (b) Sir William Maxwell, 1st Bart of Monreith (d 1709)
  m1. Joanna McDouall (dau of Patrick McDouall of Logan)
  m2. Elizabeth Hay (dau of Thomas Hay of Park)
  ((1)) Sir Alexander Maxwell, 2nd Bart of Monreith (d 23.05.1730)
m. (29.12.1711) Montgomerie (b 01.12.1689, d 20.02.1745, dau of Alexander Seton Montgomerie, 9th Earl of Eglinton)
  ((A)) Sir William Maxwell, 3rd Bart of Monreith (d 22.08.1771)
  m. Magdalene Blair (dau of William Blair of Blair)
  ((i)) Sir William Maxwell, 4th Bart of Monreith (d 17.02.1812)
  m. (1776) Katharine Blair (dau of David Blair of Adamton)
  ((a)) Sir William Maxwell, 5th Bart of Monreith (b 05.03.1779, d 22.08.1838) had issue
  m. (23.04.1803) Catharine Fordyce (dau of John Fordyce of Ayton)
  ((b)) Hamilton Maxwell (d 17.06.1829, major)
  m. Mary Grierson (dau of Sir Robert Grierson, 5th Bart of Lag)
  (((1))) William Robert Maxwell (d 03.1892, General)
  m. Caroline Delacombe
(((2))) Alexander Charles Maxwell had issue
  m. Amelia Helena Porch (dau of John Elliott Porch)
  (((3)))+ 1 son and 4 daughters
  ((c)) Anne Maxwell
  m. (11.06.1799) William Murray of Touchadam and Polmaise
  ((d)) Madeline Maxwell
  m. (1801) James Du Pre of Wilton Park
  ((e)) Jane Maxwell
  m. (1802) John Maitland of Freugh (b 1779, d 1811)
((f))+ other issue - Alexander (d unm, major), Mary (d 02.1812), Susan (d 17.06.1853), Charlotte (d young)
  ((ii)) Catharine Maxwell
  m. (28.01.1767) John Fordyce of Ayton
  ((iii)) Jane Maxwell (b c1749, d 11.04.1812)
  m. (23.10.1767) Alexander Gordon, 4th Duke of Gordon (b 18.06.1743, d 17.06.1827)
  ((iv)) Eglantine Maxwell
  m. (09.1772) Thomas Dunlop-Wallace of Craigie
  ((v))+ other issue - Hamilton (d unm 1800, Lt. Col), Dunbar (d young 1775)
  ((B)) Alexander Maxwell (b 07.03.1718, dvp)
  ((C)) James Maxwell (b 31.07.1724, captain)
  m. Elizabeth Maxwell (dau of William Maxwell of Ardwell) @4@ below
  ((i)) Sir Murray Maxwell (d 26.06.1831, Admiral) had issue
  m. (09.09.1798) Grace Callander Waugh (d 23.06.1857, dau of Col. Waugh)
  ((ii)) Archibald Montgomerie Maxwell (d 21.05.1845, Colonel)
m. (30.10.1823) Mary Atlee (dau of John Falconer Atlee of Wandsworth)
  ((a)) Mary Madelina Maxwell (d unm 08.01.1907)
  ((iii)) Margaret Maxwell (dsp)
  m. Rev. W. Rose of Korkcolm
  ((iv))+ other issue (d unm) - James (b c1773, d 1837), Keith (d 15.04.1823, Captain RN), John (Captain RN), Stuart (Major), Eglinton, Eliza, Catherine, Susan
((D)) Margaret Maxwell
  m. (1731, div 1742) (Francis) Carruthers of Dormont
  BLG1952 (Carruthers of Dormont) reports that Margaret had the following daughter whose paternity was denied by Francis.
  ((i)) Elizabeth (b 28.05.1741, m. 1758, d 1768)
  ((E)) Elizabeth Maxwell
  m. John Crawford Balfour of Powmill
  ((F)) Catherine Maxwell
  m. William Booth
  ((G)) Susan or Mary Maxwell
  m. Alexander Hay (b c1750, captain)
((2)) John Maxwell of Ardwell and Killasar
  m. Mary McGhie
  ((A)) William Maxwell of Ardwell
  ((i)) Elizabeth Maxwell
  m. James Maxwell (b 31.07.1724, captain) @4@ above
  ((3)) Isabel Maxwell
  m. William Stewart of Castle Stewart
  ((4)) Elizabeth Maxwell
  m. Andrew Heron of Bargaly (d 1730)
  ((5)) Mary Maxwell (d 24.12.1767)
  m. (1708) Thomas Hay, younger of Park (dvp 1721)
  ((6))+ other issue (d unm) - William (eldest son, d 1707), Jean, Agnes
  (c) Mary or Margaret Maxwell
  m. (1674) Alexander Vans of Barnbarroch (b before 1635, d 1709)
  (B)+ other issue - Robert, Gavin
iii. George Maxwell
  The following connection is assumed and is certainly not definite although it can't be far wrong. BP1934 reports that Herbert Maxwell, son of George's brother William, married "his cousin, Margaret Maxwell, heiress of Monreith". It is presumed that her father was George. It is thought likely that she inherited Monreith through her mother who has not yet been identified.
  a. Margaret Maxwell of Monreith
  m1. (1541) Herbert Maxwell @2@ above
  m2. George Maxwell of Dumfries
  (1) Robert Maxwell of Garrerie
  (A) Catherine Maxwell
  m. John Maxwell of Monreith (d 1670) @3@ above

Main source(s): BP1934 (Maxwell of Monreith)
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