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Families covered: Mayo of Avebury, Mayow of Bray, Mayo of Cheshunt, Mayowe of Dinton, Mayo of Hereford, Mayow of Looe (Lowe)

BLG1886 starts its article on the family shown in the lower section with "This family is of Wiltshire origin, and the name written indifferently Mayow, Mayo and May, has prevailed in many parts of the country."
Philip Mayow of Lowe (Looe), Cornwall
m. Margaret Smith
1. Philip Mayow of Looe (b 1517-8, d 24.08.1590)
  m. _ Webb of Tavistock
  A. John Mayow of Looe (dvp?)
  m. (05.02.1570) Joane Rashleigh (dau of John Rashleigh of Fowey)
i. Philip Mayow of Bray in Morval, Cornwall (b c1572, dsp before 08.12.1659)
  m1/2. Edith (or Judith) Vivian (dau of Haniball Vivian of Trelowarren)
  This is probably the Philip of Bray who (also) married ...
  m2/1. Alice Calmady (dau of Richard Calmady of Farwood)
  ii. John Mayow (a 1658)
  BLG1886 shows the following Philip of Bray as son of the above Philip Bray. We follow Vivian which shows the younger Philip as the elder's nephew.
  a. Philip Mayow of Bray (d 10.1679)
  Both BLG1886 & Vivian identify Philip's wife as Frances, dau of John Stukeley of Affton by Frances, dau/coheir of Sir John Leger (by Katherine, dau of George Neville, Lord Abergavenny). However, his wife was of a later generation, being ...
m. (08.12.1659) Frances Stukely (dau of John Stukeley of Affton by Honor Hals)
  (1) Philip Mayow of Polgover (bpt 01.1639, d 31.07.1710)
  m. (1669) Ursula Rolle (dau of Alexander Rolle of Parkgate)
  (A) Philip Mayow of Bray (b 1670, d(sps) 1749)
  m. (1700?) Mary Burthogge (d 1732, dau of Richard Burthogge of Totnes)
  (i) Mary Burthogge Mayow (dvp 1741)
  (B) Thomas Mayow (b 10.1682, dsp 1766)
  m. Anne Croker of Fowey
  (C) Susannah Mayow
  m. (1710) Philip Wynell (cousin, brother of John)
  (D) Ursula Mayow
m. (1710) John Wynell (cousin)
  Their elder son assumed the name Wynell-Mayow.
  (E)+ other issue - Jeremy of Trebrown in St. Germans (dsp 1782), Aleaxnder 9dsp, rector of Mary Tavy), Philip (bpt 12.04.1670), Frances (b 1693-4, d unm 27.02.1717)
  (2) Edith Mayow
  m. (1663) Nicholas Leigh of Quethiock
  (3) Frances Mayow
  m. (1671) Philip Wynell (vicar of Landrake)
  (4)+ other issue - Lewis (b 1644), John of Bath (b 1645, d 1679, physician), MAry (d 1708)
b. Edith Mayow
  iii. Stephen Mayow (bur 1668)
  iv. Anne Mayow (a 1658)
  m. Godolphin Fletcher
  B. ?? Mayow of Borringdon
  BLG1886 identifies the following Jeremy as first cousin of the above-mentioned Philip of Bray (son of John of Looe) and as "last of the Mayows of Borringdon".
  i. Jeremy Mayow of Borringdon
  a. Frances Mayow
  m. John Parker of North Moulton
  C. Margery Mayow
  m. (03.06.1572) John Coode



Symon Mayowe of Dinton, Wiltshire
1. Robert Mayowe of Dinton
  m. Joane Bridmore (dau of John Bridmore of Tisbury)
  A. John Mayowe of Dinton
  m1. Joan Hannam (dau of Raph Hannam of Everich)
  i. Matilda Mayowe
  m. Thomas Parker of Barford
  ii. Alice Mayowe
  m. John Walker of Barford
  iii.+ other issue - Henry, Ralph
  m2. Jane Preist
  v. John Mayow (youngest son)
  a. Dorothy Mayowe
m. Thomas Blake near Andover
  b. Maria Mayowe (b c1603, a 1623)
  vi.+ other issue - Cuthbert, Robert
  B. Edward Mayowe of Fonthill Bishop, Wiltshire
  m. Agnes Kinge (dau of William Kinge of Segehull (Sedghill?))
  i. Johanna Mayowe
  m. Thomas Mompesson of Corton
  ii. Thomazin Mayowe
  m. (c1563) William Grove of Gray's Inn & Ferne (a 1578)
  C. Walter Mayowe of Cilmarke, Wiltshire (younger son)
  m. Agnes Code (dau of William Code of Chilmarke)
  i.+ issue - William, Johanna, Cicilia, Jane, Anna, Alice
  D. Anne Mayowe
  m. Edward Coles of Cucklington
  E. Cicilie Mayowe
  m1. John Plimpton of Wincanton
  m2. Nicholas Swankton of Wincanton
  F.+ other issue - Edward, Thomas, Walter, Henry



Possibly connected to the above family, given the commonality of name and his location in Wiltshire, was ...
John Mayo of Devizes, Wiltshire (bur 04.09.1692)
m. (25.04.1671) Joane Hayes (dau of William Hayes of Devizes)
1. John Mayo of Hart Hall, Oxfordshire (b 1673, d 10.12.1752, vicar of Avebury)
  m. Mary Hayward (dau of William Hayward of Calne)
  A. John Mayo (b 1713, d 1779, rector of Beechingstoke, vicar of Wilcot)
  i. Charles Mayowe (b 1750, d 1829, rector of Beechingstoke & Huish)
  B. James Mayo (b 1716, d 1788, vicar of Avebury, rector of Ditteridge)
m. Mary Blanchard
  i. James Mayo (b 1755, d 1822, vicar of Avebury, headmaster of Wimborne Grammar)
  m. (1783) Jane Barfoot (dau/heir of John Barfoot by Mary, dau of Thomas Bastard of Blandford)
  a. James Mayo (b 1784-5, dsp 18.08.1851, vicar of Avebury, headmaster of Wimborne Grammar)
  b. John Mayo of Stoke near Guildford (b 1786, d 1866) had issue
  m. Matilda Horsley (dau of Major _ Horsley)
  c. Charles Mayowe (b 1788, d 1876, surgeon in Winchester) had issue
  m. Jane Dennis (dau of Rev. Thomas Dennis)
  d. Jane Mayo
  m. Robert Druitt of Wimborne (surgeon)
  e. Barbara Mayo (d 18.05.1886)
  m. (21.09.1818) Rev. Humphrey John Hare of Docking Hall (d 30.04.1856)
2. Charles Mayo of Hereford (b 1685-6, d 1741)
  m1. (07.05.1710) Anne Alderne (dau of Thomas Alderne of Herefordshire)
  A. son (d unm 1741-2)
  m2. (24.04.1714) Ann Prichard (dau of Rev. Benjamin Prichard of Ledbury)
  B. Charles Mayo (b 1715, d 1760, rector of Castle Frome (Herefordshire) & Corringham (Essex))
m. Anne Taylor (dau of Richard Taylor)
  i. Charles Mayo of London (b 1754, d 1814)
  m. Elizabeth Knowlys (sister of Newman Knowlys (recorder of London))
  a. Charles Mayo (b 09.06.1792, d 23.02.1846, master of Cheam School) had issue
  m. Mary Shepheard (dau of Edward Walwyn Shepheard)
  b.+ other issue
  C. Herbert Mayo (b 1720, d 05.01.1802, rector of St. George's Middlesex)
  m. (15.01.1765) Mary Coldham (dau/heir of George Coldham (surgeon) by Rebecca, dau of Sir John Shaw of Altham, 2nd Bart, by Sarah, dau/coheir of William Paggen)
  i. Paggen William Mayo (b 11.01.1766, d 06.07.1836, surgeon)
  m. (08.02.1798) Charlotte Buckle (d 07.01.1828, dau of Rev. Stephen Buckle of Norwich)
  a. William Herbert Mayo of Cheshunt (b 1799, dsp?)
  b. Herbert Mayo of Cheshunt (b 30.05.1803, d 16.05.1886) had issue
  m. (16.03.1830) Sarah Herman (dau of Ezekiel Herman of Cheshunt)
  ii. Charles Mayo of Colesgrove House, Cheshunt (b 24.03.1767, dsp 10.12.1858)
  m. Louisa Landon (dau of James Landon of Cheshunt & London)
  iii.+ other issue - Rebecca Mary Anne, Jane Gertrude
  D. Thomas Mayo of Hereford (b 1723, d 1779)
m. Deborah Watkins (dau of James Watkins)
  i. John Mayo (b 1761, d 1818, physician)
  m1. Jane Cock (dau of Thomas Cock of Tottenham)
  a. Thomas Mayo (b 24.01.1790, d 13.01.1871, physician) had issue
  m1. Lydia Bill (d 1859, dau of John Hill of Farley Hall)
  m2. (sp?) Susan Mary Briggs (dau of Rev. John Briggs, widow of Rear Admiral Sir William Symonds)
  b. John Mayo (b 1792, d 1827) had issue
  m1. Marianne Frances Mantell (dau of Edward Reginald Mantell, dean of Stamford)
  m2. Mary Hunter Ogilvie (dau of John Alexander Ogilvie)
  c. Herbert Mayo (b 03.04.1796, d 15.08.1852, surgeon) had issue
  m. Jessica Matilda Arnold (dau of Samuel James Arnold)
  m2. (12.09.1812) Frances Lavinia Fellowes (dsp 31.05.1837, dau of William Fellowes of Ramsey Abbey)
  E. William Mayo (b 1726, dsp 15.05.1800, rector of Wootton Rivers)
  m. Dorothy Adeane (dau of Simon Whorwood Adeane)
  F. Joseph Mayo of London & Windsor (b 1728, d 22.10.1789)
  m. (14.04.1763) Mary Hutchinson (dau of Rev. John Hutchinson of Aldgate)
  i. Joseph Mayo (b 15.06.1764, d 30.12.1851, rector of Ozleworth)
  m. (02.03.1789) Mary Jane Gibbes (dau of Rev. George Gibbes of Woodborough, sister of Sir George of Bath)
  a. Joseph Mayo (b 30.03.1793, d 03.09.1859, cleric) had issue in Illinoiis, USA
  m. (03.08.1819) Mary Browne (dau of Rev. William Browne)
  b. William Mayo (b 24.11.1801, d 29.03.1881, rector of Folke) had issue
  m. (29.01.1835) Charlotte Dyer (dau of Robert Dyer of Didmarton by Mary, sister/heir of Rev. Robert Trotman Coates)
  c. George Mayo of Adelaide, South Australia (b 08.01.1807, d 16.12.1894) had issue
  m1. (07.07.1840) Maria Gandy (dau of George Gandy)
  m2. (19.02.1852) Ellen Anne Russell (dau of Henry Samuel Russell)
  d.+ other issue (dsp)
  G.+ other issue

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