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Families covered: Meares of Meares Court

Commoners reports that the following family came from Corsby, Wiltshire, "where the family had been settled from the year 1341. The name, orginally Delamare, became, in process of time, Le Meares, and Meares. The Le was first omitted by" ...
Lewis Le Meares or Meares
Commoners reports that the above Lewis's eldest son m. Mary Rochford of Killbryde (of the family of which was the Earl of Belvedere) and was grandfather of Lewis (b 1625) who m. Mary Palmer. BLG1886 & BLGI1912 start with the parents of that Lewis (b 1625), identifying him as ...
1. John Meares of Whitbourne, Wiltshire (b 1560)
  m1/2. Mary Rochford of Killbryde
  m2/1. Eleanor
  A. ?? Meares
  BLG1886 & BLGI1912 report that the elder son's "representative" in 1614 was Robert Meares of Hackney, Middlesex. To have been a representative in 1614, that Robert must have been of age and so must have been born by 1593 so his father was probably born no earlier than 1577. Given that the following Lewis was born in 1625, it seems unlikely that Robert of Hackney could have been son of Lewis's elder brother.
  B. Lewis Meares of Rowlandstown (aka Meares Court), co. Westmeath (b 1625, a 1699)
m1. (1648) Mary Palmer (dau of Samuel Palmer, widow of Capt. Smyth)
  i. Lewis Meares of Meares Court (b 26.05.1651)
  m. (27.01.1678) Thomasine Jones (dau of Capt. John Jones (son of Henry, Bishop of Meath), grand-niece of Sir Theophilus Jones)
  a. John Meares of Meares Court (b 07.08.1682, d 1742)
  m1. (17.12.1705) Katherine Wakely (dau of John Wakely of Ballyburly)
  (1) John Meares of Meares Court, Sheriff (b 28.05.1709)
  m1. (11.1729) Sarah Magan (d 1762, dau of Morgan Magan of Clonearl & Togherstown)
  (A) John Meares of Meares Court, Sheriff (b 04.06.1742, dsp1790)
  m. (30.05.1771) Mary Vandeleur (dau of John Vandeleur of Kilrush)
  (B) Katharine Meares (b 17.10.1720?)
  m. John Devenish of Portlick
  (i) William Devenish, later Devenish-Meares of Meares Court (b 22.07.1759, d 1842, 3rd son)
  m. (21.09.1791) Deborah Coghlan (d 1834, dau of Joseph Coghlan of Kilumney)
  (a) John Devenish, later Devenish-Meares of Meares Court, Sheriff (b 12.10.1795, d 1876) had issue
  m. (07.1831) Maria Kelly (dau of Charles Kelly of Charleville)
  (b) Matthew Devenish or Devenish-Meares (cleric)
m. (1821) Augusta Devenish (dau of Charles Devenish)
  (c) Catherine Devenish or Devenish-Meares
  m. (1813) Frederick A. Potter (rector of Rathconrath)
  (d) Mary Anne Devenish or Devenish-Meares
  m. Robert Sandys of Crevagh
  (ii)+ 7 sons and 5 daughters
  (C) Susanna Meares
m. Rev. William Fleming
  (D) Mary Rose Meares
  m. Anthony Lennon
  (E) Thomasine Meares (d 1809)
  m. Rev. F.H. Goldsbury of Boyle
  (F)+ other issue (d unm) - Thomas (b 07.1732, d 1734), Henrietta (b 06.08.1719?), Elizabeth (d 1806), Jane
  m2. (sp) Elizabeth Meares (dau of Rev. Robert Meares of Almorita) @@ below
  (2) Peyton Meares (3rd son)
  (A) Blacket Meares (dsp, Captain 1796)
  (B) Katherine Meares
  m. Henry Brooke of Rantavan House
  (3) George Meares
  m. _ Jones
  (A) Jane Meares
  (4) Elizabeth Meares (b 02.10.1706)
m. _ Crofton
  (5)+ other issue - Charles of Dalystown (dsp), Edward, Lewis
  m2. (14.05.1726, sp) Margaret Eyre (sister of Edward Eyre of Eyre Court, widow of Hon. Charles Annesley)
  b. Robert Meares (b 18.09.1688, a 05.1738, rector of Almoritia, 3rd son)
m. Anne Wakeley of Ballyburly
  (1) William Meares of Togherstown (b 08.02.1732, d 10.1801)
  m. (1768) Katherine Martha Piers (dau of Rev. Fletcher Piers)
  (A) George Galbraith Meares of Millgrove, co. Roscommon (b 27.11.1783) had issue
  m. (04.1805) Mary Elizabeth King (dau of Robert, 2nd Earl of Kingston)
  (2) Charles Meares (b 26.02.1734, cleric)
  m1. (sp) Katherine Hamilton (widow of Rev. Francis Goldsbury of Larkin)
  m2. (10.1774) Elizabeth Nixon (dau of Andrew Nixon of Cavan)
(A) Robert Meares (dsp 1795)
  (B) Lucinda Meares
  m. Rev. Thomas Conolly Coane of Clifton
  (3) Clementina Meares
  m. (1744) John Martley of Ballfallan
  (4) Arabella Meares
  m. H. Kelly
  (5) Anne Meares
  m. (1739) Rev. Currell Smyth
  (6) Elizabeth Meares
m1. _ Ormsby
  m2. (sp) John Meares of Meares Court @@ above
  c. Edward Meares (b 04.01.1702, youngest son)
  (1) Margaret Meares
  m. William Granger
  d.+ other issue - Lewis (b 10.1684, a 02.1713), Peyton (b 14.1.1694, dsp 1722)
  ii. Richard Meares (b 12.03.1654) had issue
  m. Katherine Jones (dau of William Jones of Rathcondra)
  iii. John Meares (b 24.12.1657)
  m. Katherine Vandeleur (dau of Giles Vandeleur of Rahaline)
  iv. Ann Meares
  m. Francis Conduit
  v. Elizabeth Meares
  m. Robert Conduit
  m2. (sp) Elizabeth Large

Main source(s): BLG1886 ('Meares of Meares Court'), BLGI1912 ('Meares of Meares Court') with some support from Commoners (vol 3, 'Devenish-Meares of Meares Court', p533)
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