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Families covered: Medlicott of Medlicott (Modlicott of Modlicott), Medlicott of Moorhouse, Medlicott of Nurton, Medlicott of Wentnor
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The manor of Modlicott or Medlicott was in the parish of Wentnor in co. Salop (Shropshire).
Sir Roger de Meldron (a c1200)
1. Llewellyn de Modlicott
  BLG1952 reports that Llewellyn was ancestor not only of the later Medlicotts of Medlicott, reported in the section below, but also of the Medlicotts of Dunmuury and of those of Ven House. It refers to the work of Col. H.E. Medlicott of which we found a copy of online as reported below.
  A. Leonard de Modlicott
  i. Kenarde de Modlicott
  a. Eynian de Modlicott
  (1) Llewellyn de Modlicott
Wholly arbitrarily, we speculate that this was the generation from which branched the line that eventually led to the Medlicotts of Dunmurry from the senior line of Medlicott of Medlicott. BLG1952 indicates that some of the lands held by the above "are still in possession of the family" so we presume that the family reported in BLG1952 as 'Medlicott of Medlicott' was indeed descended from this senior line.
  (A) ?? de Modlicott or Medlicott
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  (i) ?? Medlicott of Medlicott
  (a) John Medlicott of Medlicott (d 1592) - continued below
  m. Eleanor Thin (dau of William Thin of Botefield)
  (b) Edward Medlicott of Moorhouse, Wentnor
  ((1)) Thomas Medlicott of Moorhouse
  (B) Medino de Modlicott
  (i) Hugo de Modlicott of Whitley Hill
  m. Alice Dodd (dau of John Dodd)
  (a) John de Modlicott (2nd son?)
  m. _ Vernon (dau of John Vernon)
  ((1)) Richard Modlicott
m. Jane Boycott (dau of _ Boycott of Eye (Edge?))
  ((A)) Thomas Modlicott
  m. Joane Whitgone (bur 21.04.1577?, dau of William Whitgone of Beswick)
  See note just below.
  ((B)) Thomas Modlicott 'of Shrewsbury?' (2nd of the name)
  H.E.M. shows that this Thomas had issue but confuses the tree with a possibility of those children being the children of a Bartholomew (1586-1626) son of a Thomas of Harwood (bur 17.02.1614) with that Thomas being shown underneath but not actually connected to the Thomas above who m. Joane Whitgone. It may be that the matter is clarified within the text but a brief attempt to obtain clarification was not successful so this has been left as something to investigate further in due course. [Note. There is no obvious overlap between the issue shown for this Thomas (or the above-mentioned Bartholomew) with the issue found for the below-mentioned Thomas of Longden.]
  m. Jane Mitton (bur 29.08.1585, dau of Sir Adam Mitton)
  ((C)) Eliza Modlicott
  m. Hugh Willcocks
  ((2)) John Medlicott (a 1569)
  m. _ Lecke of London
  ((A)) William Modlicott of Shrewsbury (a 1628)
  m. (11.12.1587) Eliza Prowd (bur 1604, dau of George Prowd)
((i))+ issue - John (bpt 1577), Mary Martha, Judith
  The following connection is speculative & presumptious! However, BIFR1976, which supports the above descent to the John de Modlicott who m. a dau of John Vernon, reports "it is from this line that the family we treat claims descent" and then notes "For further details see The Family of Medlicott by Col Henry Edward Medlicott" which we have done (and have used for this page). However, despite a brief look at that work, we have yet to find clarification as to exactly how the following Thomas (shown by BIFR1976 as the earliest connected ancestor of the later generations) was descended from the afore-mentioned John de Modlicott and there are not many alternative generations that he could have been of. This has been left as something to investigate further in due course.
  ((3)) Thomas Medlicott of Longden in Pontesbury, Salop (bur 10.02.1550-1)
  m. Joan
2.+ other issue - Lynnard, Hugh



John Medlicott of Medlicott (d 1592) - continued above
m. Eleanor Thin (dau of William Thin of Botefield)
1. Edward Medlicott of Medlicott (d 1634)
  m. Alice Chapman (dau of John Chapman of Stanway)
  A. Thomas Medlicott of Medlicott (b 1570, dvp 1633) shown by H.E.M. as d 1675
  m. Anne Philips (dau of Thomas Philips of Hope Bowdler)
  i. Edward Medlicott of Minton then Medlicott (b c1630, bur 1703)
  m. Isabell Minton (d 1697, dau of Richard Minton of Minton)
  ii. Jeremy Medlicott of Medlicott (d 1688)
  m. Elizabeth Everall (d 1681?, dau of William Everall)
  a. Edward Medlicott (b 1661, d 1730)
  m. Elizabeth
  (1) Edward Medlicott of Medlicott (bpt 16.06.1693, bur 05.04.1739)
  m. Catherine Adney
  (A) Edward Medlicott of Medlicott (bpt 15.02.1727, bur 24.03..1795, 2nd son)
  m. Anne
  (i) Edward Medlicott of Medlicott (bpt 04.01.1763, d 16.05.1837)
  (a) John Rogers Medlicott (bpt 15.05.1791) had issue
  (b)+ other issue - Edward of Aldon Court (bpt 25.06.1796, d 07.05.1855, had issue (1 dau)), Charles (b 28.11.1800), 2 daughters
  (ii) James Medlicott of Wentnor (d 1844) this line followed by BLG1952
  m. Mary Cartwright
  (a) Thomas Medlicott of Edgton, Salop (b 1794, d 1853, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (1822) Mary Shaw of Birmingham (d 1872)
  (b)+ other issue - Edward, Richard, James, 2 daughters
  (iii) Thomas Medlicott (bpt 09.03.1768, d 18.03.1830, bailiff & recorder of Bishops Castle)
  (a) Mary Medlicott (b/d 1797)
  (iv) Richard Medlicott (bpt 05.10.1771, d 02.09.1843) had issue
  (B)+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 1723), daughter
  (2) Samuel Medlicott (youngest son?) probable duplication ## below
  (A) Anne Medlicott
  m. William Sneade of Wentnor
  (3)+ other issue - Thomas (bpt 03.12.1695, d 1738, curate of Wentnor then Chirbury), Benjamin (bpt 04.09.1701)
  b. William Medlicott
  (1) Jeremiah Medlicott of Medlicott (bpt 24.01.1697, 3rd son) presumed father of ...
  (A) William Medlicott of Medlicott (bpt 06.07.1725, bur 02.01.1776, 2nd son)
  (i) William Medlicott of Woolston (bpt 06.01.1761, d 11.06.1840)
  (a) William Medlicott of Medlicott & Caynham (bpt 09.12.1780, d 24.05.1848) had issue
  (b) Robert Groves Medlicott (bpt 1785)
  (ii)+ other issue - John (bpt 04.01.763), 4 daughters
  (B)+ other issue - Richard (bpt 1723, bur 1734), George (bpt 1727), Jeremiah (bpt 1730), Thomas (bpt 1733), 3 daughters
  (2)+ other issue - Thomas (d young?), William (d young?), John (bpt 1704)
  c. Samuel Medlicott probable duplication ## above
  (1) Anne Medlicott
  m. William Sneade of Wentnor
  iii. Sarah Medlicott
  m. John Okeys of All Stretton
  iv. Alice Medlicott
  B. John Medlicott of Moorhouse (d 1670, 5th son) presumed father of ...
  i. Edward Medlicott of Moorhouse (d 1694) presumed father of ...
  a. John Medlicott of Wentnor (bpt 1676, d 1716?)
  (1) William Medlicott of Overs, Wentnor (bpt 1700, d c1776)
  (A) John Medlicott of Nurton, Salop (d 12.12.1800)
  (i) John Medlicott (bpt 1780, d 17.05.1845) had issue (4 daughters)
  m. Martha Medlicott of Horbury
  (ii)+ other issue - Samuel (dsp), William of Richolds (bpt 13.06.1794, d 17.07.1858, had issue), Thomas (bpt 1796, d 1831, had issue (1 dau)), 7 daughters
  (B) Jeremiah Medlicott (bpt 1745, d c1804?, youngest son?)
  (i) John Medlicott of Nurton (bpt 07.09.1770, d 31.01.1851) had issue
  (ii)+ other issue - Jeremiah (had issue), Edward (bpt 22.04.1780, had issue), Elisa (bpt 16.01.1785, d 26.01.1846, had issue), 2 daughters
  (C)+ other issue - Edward of Church Stretton (bpt 1736, d 1796, had issue in London), Thomas (dsp), William (dsp)
  (2)+ other issue - John (bpt 06.11..1714, dsp, to Wiltshire?), 2 daughters
  b. Elisha Medlicott of Moorhouse (bpt 1688, d 1764)
  (1) Edward Medlicott of Norbury (bpt 03.01.1736)
  (A) Richard Medlicott of Bridgnorth (3rd son?) had issue
  (B)+ other issue - Edward of London (bpt 28.12.1774), Samuel (bpt 1778)
  c.+ 4 daughters
  ii.+ other issue - Jeremiah, 5 daughters
  C.+ other issue - Samuel, Isaac (of Pulverbatch?), William of London
2. Jane Medlicott
  m. _ Bright
3. Elizabeth Medlicott
  m. _ Wellings

Main source(s): 'Record of Medlicott History' by Col. Henry Edmonstone Medlicott (1938), found online here, with some support for the lower section from BLG1952 (Medlicott of Medlicott)
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