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Families covered: Meoles of Meoles (Great Meoles)

John de Meoles of Great Meoles, Cheshire
m. Hawisia
1. Bertram de Meoles of Meoles (d by 1350)
  A. Fulco de Meoles (dvpsp)
2. John de Meoles of Meoles (d by 1392, chaplain)
3. Henry de Meoles
  m. Elena
  A. Bertram de Meoles
m. _ Craven (dau/heir of Sir John de Craven)
  i. John de Meoles of Meoles (d by 1417)
  a. Henry de Meoles
  (1) John Meoles of Meoles (d c1459) the first mentioned by Visitation
m. Margaret or Mary Poole (dau of Thomas Poole of Poole in Wirral)
  (A) John Meoles of Meoles
  m. _ Starkey (dau of _ Starkey of Lower Hall in Stretton)
  (i) Thomas Meoles of Great Meoles (d c1554)
m. Margaret Banastre (dau of Thomas Banastre of Bank)
  (a) John Meoles of Great Meoles (d 14.11.1591?)
  m. (05.05.1550) Katherine Massey (dau of William Massey of Puddington)
  ((1)) William Meoles of Meoles (d 1628)
  m. Ellinor (probably not Elizabeth) Bunbury (dau of Thomas Bunbury of Stanney)
((A)) Thomas Meoles of Meoles (b c1602, d 1639)
  m. Margery Gill (dau of John Gill of Pulton)
  ((i)) Thomas Meoles, later of Chester (b c1628, a 1654)
  m. Charlotte Parker (dau of Thomas Parker of Bidston)
  ((a)) Thomas Meoles of Chester
  m. Mary Bristow (dau of William Bistow)
  (((1))) Mary Meoles (dvp)
  ((b)) Anne Meoles of Great Meoles (dsp)
  ((c))+ other issue (dsp) - Henry (b c1650, a 1654), Elizabeth
  ((ii)) Elizabeth Meoles
  m. William Hough of Thornton Hough
  Great Meoles passed into the Hough family.
  ((iii)) Margaret Meoles
  m. Philip Wilson of Liseard
  ((iv)) Eleanor Meoles
  m. Joseph Gill of Spittal
  ((v))+ other issue - Willam, Susan (dsp 1663)
  ((B)) William Meoles (2nd/3rd son)
  m. Juliana Ireland
  ((C)) Bridget Meoles
  m. Singleton Goodlaw
  ((D)) Catherine Meoles
  m. William Totty of Upton
  ((E)) Isabel Meoles
  m. Edward Kniveton of Puddington
  ((F))+ other issue - Henry, Jeffrey, Bertram
  ((2)) John Meoles (dsp)
  m. Anne Ashton (dau of Richard Ashton of Croston)
  ((3)) Henry Meoles in Grasen in Zealand (Captain, 4th son)
  ((A)) Henry Meoles in Holland (a 1655)
  ((4)) Ellena Meoles
  m. John Litherland of Poulton
  ((5)) Margaret Meoles
  m. John Coventry of Newhall
  ((6))+ other issue - Thomas, Anne, Catherine
  (b)+ other issue - Thomas, Ellen, Margaret, Jane, Catherine
  (ii)+ other issue - William, Alice, Anne
  (2) Henry Meoles (d 08.04.1469, rector of West Kirkby)



Nicholas Meoles (a 1200)
m. Hawise de Newmarsh (dau/coheir of James de Newmarsh)
1. Roger Meoles of Meoles (d 1295)
  A. Roger de Meoles (a 1223! sb 1323?)
  m. Alice Prouz (dau/heir of Sir William le Prouz, Sheriff of Devon)
  i. Johanna Meoles
  Vivian shows Johanna was married to John de Winton. This was probably the same person as ...
  m. (1343) John de Northcote
  ii. Isold Meoles
  m. Oliver de Westbury
  ii. Alice Meoles
  m. John Damerell (d 1339)
  a. Sir John Damerell (b c1327, dsp 1392-3)
  m1. Johanna (dau of John de Chiverston Chivalier)
  m2. Isabella (d 28.06.1408, widow of _ Tremayne)
b. Clara (Clarisia) Damerell
  m. John Birrie (Berry?)
  (1) Alice Birrie
  m. John Carndon
  (A) Alice Carndon
  m. Henry Cokeyne
  (i) Johanna Cokeyne (d 10.09.1454)
  m. John Durnford

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(2) For lower section (uploaded 10.07.18) : Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, 'Coode of Morval', p94)
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