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Families covered: Mitford of Seghill

Michael Mitford of Seghill (b c1578, d 22.11.1637)
m1. (before 03.1611/2) Elizabeth Whittingham (d 01.12.1613, dau of Sir Timothy Whittingham of Holmside)
1. Robert Mitford of Seghill, Sheriff of Northumberland (bur 05.12.1640)
m. Mary Delaval (d 02.1649/50, dau/coheir of Robert Delaval of Cowpen, m2. Edward Grey of Cowpen)
  A.+ issue - Robert (bpt 14.05.1640, bur 28.04.1641), Mary (bur 12.07.1639)
m2. (05.09.1615) Jane Delaval (dau of Sir Robert Delaval of Seaton Delaware)
2. Ralph Mitford of Seghill (bur 17.02.1660/1)
m. Barbara Heron (dau of Richard Heron of Bockenfield, m2. Robert Johnson)
  A. Robert Mitford of Seghill (bpt 18.09.1645, bur 09.11.1713)
  m. (22.11.1669) Christian Blackett (d by 1716, dau of Sir William Blackett of Newcastle, Bart)
  i. Michael Mitford of Seghill (bpt 08.07.1675, d before 1717, MP, 3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth Blake (dau of Sir Francis Blake of Ford, m2. Edward Digby Gerard Hungerford of Black Bourton)
  a. Robert Mitford, last of Seghill (b 23.01.1698/9, a 1723)
  m. Mary (a 01.17220/1)
  b.+ other issue - Francis (bpt 18.01.1699), Nathaniel (a 1717)
  ii. Blackett Mitford, later in Bombay (bpt 07.07.1681, d before 09.04.1759, 6th son)
  m. Susanna (m2. Thomas Redshaw of Bombay then Soho)
  a. Susannh Mitford (a 1759)
  m. John Spring of Brigg
  iii. Elizabeth Mitford ( bpt 11.07.1673, bur 12.1735)
m. Robert Lillburn of Sunderland, Kenton & Gunnerton
  iv. Margaret Mitford (bpt 24.07.1676, a 1723)
  m. (c07.1695) Richard Carr of Newcastle
  v. Christian Mitford (bpt 20.04.1680, a 1720)
  m. (c10.1707) John Laidman (vicar of Mitford)
  vi. Diana Mitford (bpt 05.11.1689, a 1723)
  MGH (NS4 vol 2 (1908), p302) shows that the Diana of this generation (b 01.09.1688, bpt 13.09.1688, d 24.08.1741) m. (29.04.1708) Stephen Watson of North Seaton (b 1684, d 1739) - ## see here ##. Provisionally, we follow Craster in giving her dates as shown and her husband as ...
  m. Thomas Billings of Heighington
  vii.+ other issue - William (bpt 11.04.1671, d 06.03.1681/2), Robert (bpt 11.04.1672, d 04.03.1681/2), Ralph (bpt 12.02.1677/8), Timothy (bpt 04.03.1678/9, bur 27.09.1679) ,William (bpt 11.09.1683, a 05.1695), Robert (bpt 16.09.1684, bur 07.06.1723), Christopher of Newcastle (bpt 30.01.1685/6, d by 1650), Julia (bpt 05.09.1687, bur 26.09.1688), Mary (bpt 18.12.1690, bur 26.06.1714), Barbara (bpt 25.04.1692, a 1723)
  B. Anne Mitford (bpt 26.09.1650)
m. (23.08.1670) Gawen Preston of Newcastle
  C.+ other issue - Michael (bpt 31.05.1647, bur 09.10.1647), Barbara (bpt 09.11.1648)
3. Thomas Mitford of High Heaton (bur 25.10.1672)
  m. Mary Anderson of Newcastle
4 A. Michael Mitford (d 1706)
5. Alison Mitford (bpt 06.07.1622, bur 19.07.1622)
6. Jane Mitford
  m1. (09.02.1642/3) George Milbourne of Chirton
  m2. (01.01.1651/2) Ralph Fenwick
7. Dorothy Mitford
  m. John Humphrey Proctor of Shawdon

Main source(s): 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 9, H.H.E. Craster, 1909, 'Mitford of Seghill', p66+)
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