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Families covered: Molineux of Hawkley

Allan Molyneux of Raynhill, Lancashire
1. Sir John Molineux
  Flower shows Sir John as father of Richard with Roger being John's younger brother. Provisionally we follow Dugdale in showing Roger as Sir John's younger son.
  A. Richard Molineux (dsp)
  B. Roger Molineux of Hawkley, Lancashire
  i. Thomas Molineux of Hawkley
  m. Maude Pemberton (dau of William Pemberton of Pemberton)
  a. Roger Molineux of Hawkley
  m. (c1400) Alice Standish (dau of Raphe Standish of Standish)
  (1) Raphe Molineux of Hawkley
  m. Helen Burgh (dau/coheir of _ Burgh of Burgh)
  (A) John Molineux of Hawkley
  (i) Roger Molineux of Hawkley
  m. _ Lancaster (dau of _ Lancaster of Raynhill)
  (a) Richard Molineux of Hawkley
  m. Catherine Orrell (dau of Piers Orrell of Orrell)
  ((1)) Roger Molineux of Hawkley
  m. Elizabeth Gerard (dau of Thomas Gerard of Ince)
((A)) Thomas Molineux of Hawkley (a 1567)
  m1. Elizabeth Boteler (natural dau of Sir Thomas Boteler of Beausey)
  ((i)) Richard Molineux of Hawkley (d 04.1664)
  m. Anne Astley (dau of George Astley of Eawood (Stakes))
  ((a)) Thomas Molineux (dvp)
  m. Ellizabeth Brooke (dau of Hugh Brooke of Sotheridge)
  (((1))) Richard Molineux of Hawkley (b 1623-4, a 03.1664)
  m. Anne Barrow (dau of Hugh Barrow of Wigan)
  (((A)))+ issue (a 1664) - Hugh (b 1632-3), William, Reginald, George, Elizabeth, Anne, Abigall, Rachel, Martha
  ((b)) Elizabeth Molineux
  m. Lawrence Bryers of Walton
  ((c))+ other issue - Richard, Gilbert, Roger, James, John, William, Cathgerine, Anne, Mary
  m2. (by 1567) Sibella Newton (dau of William Newton of Pownall)
  ((B)) Jane Molineux
  m. ??
  ((C)) Margery Molineux
  m. John Standishe of Ecclestone
  ((D)) Catherine Molineux
  m. Henry Lyon of Ecclestone
  ((2)) John Molineux
  ((3)) Margery Molineux
  m. Rauf Howghton of Kirkbys in Ince
  ((4)) Grace Molineux
  m. Richard Garnett of Raynell
  ((5)) Helen Molineux
m. Hugh Arrosmythe of Pemberton
  ((6)) Jane Molineux
  m. Rauf Wodwarde of Shevington
  (b) Elizabeth Molineux
  m. _ Blondell of the Ince
  (c) daughter
  m. _ Molyneux of Mellynge
  (d) Eleanor Molineux possibly of this generation
  m. William Ireland of Garston & Lydiate (b 1519-20, d 1569)
  (e) other issue - Piers, Edward

Main source(s): Visitation (Flower, Lancashire, 1567, 'Molineux of Hawkley'), Visitation (Dugdale, Lancashire, 1664-5, 'Molineux of Hawkley')
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